When your Faith is Threaten

The Book of Truth



Written  Aug 13

Updated Aug 14


   As the changes in our Catholic Church are introduced by some priests, an uneasy feeling will overwhelm you. This pope will promote love your neighbor and God wants to include all and the Church must change to adapt to modern times. What you will not understand is that why are the sacraments being changed to be inclusive to others?

   Why are you removing practices that have existed from the time of Jesus to admit others? If this is the Church of Christ and He is the “base”, why should we accept His future removal for the human rights of newly admitted pagans? You sacred servants do not adapt the Laws of God to show human compassion to pagans or those who do not know of God. This not a compromise, you are here to teach and save souls. This is not a game where you give up what is fundamental to our faith to embrace others as Jesus is the only Truth. Even when orders come from the Vatican know who you answer only to, Jesus, not the pope, false prophet.

   You will be told the holy sacrament Baptism is now old fashion as scares people as humans we must care about the feelings of others; we are no longer denying satan or removing original sin which is the true goal. Marriage is about the human right to love another with free choice, yet the Bible states in plain text, the sacrament of Marriage sanction by the Almighty, not man, and is between a man and a woman. This sacrament will now accept the same as love one another and a twist the Truth to where, would not God support true love? All of you will be confused as members of the “new church” as you will ask, where do these changes stop? You will not just hand over souls to the dark side, because you are confused.

   Choose sacred servants as you were taught the Truth. Your vows are to Jesus, your Savior who died for you. Now when the cowards who withheld the Truth of these times through not one but two warnings from Mary through the innocent, you want to abandon your Faith? Yes, the dark one now reigns in the Vatican, but you cannot prove it. The clues are there and when they remove Jesus you will know. Stand up as you are not like the Apostles who ran in fear when challenged. Fold and you may live a few years on this earth, but at some point because of your influence to those who do not know and trust your leadership, you will deliver a loss of souls to satan.

   If you truly believe in God, exactly how will your actions be viewed? Did you stand up? Did you respect your vows? No, you let the words of humanism cloud your judgment, and you knew this was wrong in your gut, coward. All that is flesh will be painfully removed from your bones for all to see. As, you have betrayed Jesus, just like Judas. Choice is important here as the Almighty controls all life including satan.

   At first some of you are excited the Church is moving into modern times, the few small changes at first are uncomfortable, but it seems a small sacrifice to include all of God’s children. This is seems to be “progress” as the Church is evolving and adapting to the times. This is how the Vatican and well placed media sources will promote it. Humility and self sacrifice shall be shown to the world by the pope. A soft voice, an absence of pride, help the poor, champion of the people will seduce millions as all just see the surface facade. With momentum, change will swiftly remove that which is so important to every Catholic the Mystical Body of Christ. Look closely as many of the changes soon to be adapted are about man and his needs. You will be asked, and then told this is your “new” Church. At this point you have a choice, follow the crowd out of fear and loss of acceptance or stand up for your Savior. You were told of these times. You knew history would repeat itself. Now what are you going to do?

   They may call you a fool. Backing the old ways, you may cause too much trouble, the priest may make an example out of you, heretic. State your case, but do not incite an argument leading to hate or defend the Lord. It is they, who will change the rules and sacraments. It is they that will remove Christ to be all inclusive. It is they that presents to the world, a new world religion that was changed by man, not Christ. Just because someone calls you a heretic to make you an example to put others watching in line, does not make it the Truth. It is how you carry yourself after the attacks. Remain dignified, do nothing as you walk and talk, as it is Christ that you represent. Again it is so important, never defend the Lord as you are not authorized, but stand by the Truth as all will be watching.

   Our Lord Jesus speaks, “My children, what you will face is the greatest deception that will befall man. Sin is at its worse since your original parents walked this earth. My Father has laid waste to this planet for less, but God the Almighty, My Father, your Father wants to save all. Either you are for Me or against Me. There are no excuses as you have read the scriptures. It is only through fear, hate and the suffering of your loved ones that you that you will be seduced. You have been warned. As all who choose the dark side, shall be removed from this earth in searing pain and fear before My foot touches the new earth at the Second Coming, all.

   You will not abandon Me, your Jesus as I died for you. This is no myth. This is your history and now you will allow men to change what has existed for centuries on the opinions of men cloaked in robes that seem to represent Me? Faith when you are challenged does not waver. Faith is a part of life, your life. Faith is a belief, which does not shatter with change. Faith is the Truth and does not just go away. It represents you and your connection with ME. Let no man, no priest, no pope change this. No matter what you see in the world. No matter how fall into seduction and except what you will not believe. You will not forsake Me, your Jesus. My Church will never be destroyed or fall to the dark one as I am God and this can not be. Never lose hope. Never let fear dictate your decisions. Never forget when all seems lost call on My Mother Mary in My Name. Now get out there and fight My battle and save this world and its souls. I love you, your Jesus.”

   As the world takes notice with earth changes and events seem to support the end times, those behind the deception will unleash the usual debunking and character assassination of those in the forefront of change, but promote their own, be prepared. Without real evidence they sit on the sidelines behind global warming. With little visible changes to the public inside of the Vatican, support will build to discredit God’s true prophets as the Truth rises.

   Look back over time; you will see no wavering from the Truth presently from 2 sites. Again, all in public science presently are behind the curve. When or if the truth is released, point is to maintain control. Experts, how when they are now presenting what was already written, the ploy is to maintain the trust of the people who did not follow events until the changes became serious, and now dictate the voice of the elite. They all lied. They all hid the Truth. They all hoped you will die confused as you trust the voice of the establishment. Not until you face death for will you realize the Truth and then, it will be too late.

   All that is asked is for you to meditate and for once ask a second opinion from the Heavens, Jesus. I hope you have time, as most you face death when you decide. The smart angle, ask now, you have nothing to lose as the connection is silent to all around you. Call on Him and save your life, your soul and your family or remain the same.

   Those nations that back the new changes from the Vatican and put in peril the salvation of innocent Christians will be destroyed. It is written that this must pass, but when you see a nation suffer, then change your path or suffer the same fate.


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