The Rise of the False Prophets

The Book of Truth


Written Oct 8

Update Jan. 15


   This has been foretold in the Bible, but just how this develops and the world follows in chaos is still to be written. The false prophets are about delivering a message that seems divine from the Lord, but builds self principles of adoration. They cannot go public too soon for without the disasters few would listen and their insight would be just another voice lost in the static. It is when the world witnesses the catastrophes in disbelief, and then the false prophets will rise in confidence.

   The goal is to offer a false path to salvation. Change the laws of God given to you by Moses under the guise of tolerance of others. The false prophets will separate many from their money for promises, when you can be offered guidance by just asking, but it is your free choice that will save or damn your soul. No man can offer or guarantee you passage through the gates of Heaven.

   The false prophets will take advantage of women as think they are safe havens, only to find out they are vultures of the flesh. You will witness what you thought was the satisfaction of one; swiftly becomes one of many holding on as you think he is still the one. It is only when discarded as filth in the eyes of others, that now do you realize you have been betrayed and he was just another lying man.

    The false prophets will offer hope and direction as fear drives their disciples. Pompous flare and focus on elevating self towards the level of God, this will be the focus towards the end. The false prophets will prey on the weak in faith, which is rampant in these end times. Confusion will reign and this is when you need to go the source with a quiet prayer and ask Jesus to guide you and your family. For only He, is the truth.

   The legendary false prophet that will sit on the seat of Peter is already as a cardinal ready to be voted in after Benedict is forced out. He will change the body of the church which represents Jesus Christ, many fooled will welcome this. Watch as the death of Jesus for sins is challenged, the Holy Trinity, the Eucharist all these and other sacraments are being planned to be eliminated.

   This false prophet along with other world leaders will announce the charismatic European leader who has brought peace and now seems to display divine powers, which are conjured from the dark side, now is Christ in the flesh walking earth as the second coming is fulfilled.

   Devout Christians who believe in the sacraments and the true Jesus Christ know He will only come again as He left from the clouds. They will be persecuted and in some cases killed as martyrs.

   The laws of God will never change from the days they were etched in stone by the hand of God and given to mankind by Moses. Anyone who comes and states these are the new beliefs and changes that are needed for the tolerance of otherís rights is a liar. This is what your Lord and Savior Jesus wants you to know. But most of all He needs you to prepare as the time has come. As the only way to lessen the reign of the antichrist is through spiritual preparation and an attention to detail of how you walk in life.

   The time to strike is now while the antichrist still has not manifested all of his earthly powers, as time is short. This is where your faith must come into play. If you want it confirmed, then it is too late. You have a choice here, volunteer or apathy for those who know the truth. Be a soldier for the Lord and defend the Almightyís children. We need every soul to be saved and only through your conviction to the Lord, actions and prayers can this be achieved where the maximum is saved. Remember when judged by Jesus and His love embraces you, He asks? You had a chance to be my soldier, do you want your eyes to look down as a coward or hold your head high because you delivered for Him? Make that choice now.


Update Jan. 15


   Only after the earth changes and signs of the end times does it become obvious or human acceptance for spiritual leadership, will the false prophets rise. Backed all of the sudden by the media, government and church leaders, it is then you should put up your walls of defense. Where were they, before the subject was safe? Remember some have already inserted a history of web pages and other stories with a click of the mouse. This is what you are up against.

   The false prophets are there to manipulate the faith you have known for 2,000 years. They will create doubt in what already has been established. But their primary goal will be to introduce a new age religion that encompasses all no matter what and how the actions of followers seen as tolerance offend Father. All are directed by the dark one and almost all will be seen as legitimate backed by the media. They will in some cases exaggerate the gloom and doom of the end times in order to promote fear as there is nothing to fear with the passing of the old earth. No man knows the date or can promise salvation of your soul; this only comes from the blessing of our Lord, Jesus. Yes His disciples walk this earth alone without fear as some may have to face the antichrist or his followers.

 So how will know? First shun those that seem accepted by all or promoted heavily by the media and the leaders in Rome after Pope Benedict flees. Look at materials associated with them, are prayers part of a daily regiment, especially the Rosary? Do they ask the faithful fold to recite it as to mitigate the earth changes and atone for the sins of mankind? Are they asking you to give up the sacraments established by our Lord like receiving the Holy Eucharist and Baptism?

   Prayers cause pain to the dark one, why not eliminate this as a useless ritual under the guise of modernizing the Church? Why not remove the celebration of the Body and Blood of our Lord as old and celebrate enlightenment of ourselves first in order to guide others? Respect of anotherís spiritual views will now be persecuted just like the days of the Crusades. Where faith was promoted at home to justify the slaughter of millions in far away lands, but the true purpose was to steal land and gold under the cloak of promoting Christianity. Converted, no, they are dead. Shortly a new faith will be promoted to replace the true faith of Christ.

   These same tactics will be used in a sophisticated way in Europe under stress will fall again to communism, go ahead laugh. But as events unfold, a sickening feeling will overcome you as it spreads across the EU, referenced in the Bible as the ten horned beast. Know this; do not let your ignorance and pride be the key to your demise, leading you do not to listen. Let these trigger points move you to action when noticed as late is better than lost. The dark one is now the ultimate dark force as he has influenced all that is ruthless among mankind. Presently he walks on this earth as foretold leading his dark forces in the epic battle of the end times against the forces of light representing the Almighty with Jesus as supreme commander, but what you think as your superior intellect and material wealth shall falter. Mental ants in the universe, as your pride prohibit you from grasping the total picture of your existence.

   I need the brave, those who donít follow the pack to stand up for civilization, the few that you are. It is not about bring unwanted attention and getting killed when unseasoned, that is a waste. Promote quietly, trust no one unless a feeling overwhelms you as they were sent by God, and listen to only one voice for the ultimate guidance, that of Jesus. You do not discuss your views in excitement as in weakness due to an unexpected rebuttal you may be swayed. You are a pup in a game of pit bulls. Volunteer, you will get an answer and then get ready to change the world, stand with me in the Army that is led by Jesus Christ. You can start by reading here.


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