The Fate of Mankind

a challenge for the puppet master


Written May 10

   On May 6 the Almighty poured forth the Holy Spirit upon earth and millions were affected. The veil of deceit is being lifted for many to see the truth. Politics, laws, media, knowledge of the earth, corporations, finances even your perceived freedom is controlled. But, you say we vote, and have laws and documents to protect our freedom earned by the blood of our forefathers. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln put their lives on the line and one died for America. Financial markets seem to give an opportunity for all to achieve the dream of wealth and a sense of independence in America. The press is free. We can go and come as we please and practice any faith as part of our freedom. So you ask there must be something more and why does it carry such little weight in the eyes of society?

   Where most on earth go wrong, is that they assume evil is not organized or has spanned centuries. They saw greed as an opportunity and rarely planned in detail to span centuries and fool even the savviest. Societies spawned by the dark one himself, gave secrets to men honed over time itself in return for allegiance. In return, wealth and power was given for the initial group set up to enslave mankind. The primary group is learned many things, by applying power by presenting opportunities and obstructions to where what seems like free will in the world, is herded in a certain direction of thoughts and actions to where the desired results can be reaped as a choice of others. Presidents, elected leaders and countries come and go, but the overall direction or goal of the group pushes forward. How many times, has this been revealed in your media and print. This is not by accident.

   So how, would this be achieved? Global meetings are always arranged at closed sites where staterooms housing the leaders of the world and industry after night of heavy drinking, wakeup to naked underage girls and in many cases boys. Not knowing what they did and when somewhat coherent many not caring, take advantage of what is there. In some cases an evil rush overcomes them, their true nature, and murder is committed in vile ways all filmed. Agreements are made and no words are spoken and the perks keep coming. Not enough to change thing in the world on the surface, but allow what is unseen to continue. Now you know what happens to your missing children. This is why some heads of state and leaders are caught attacking hotel staff or run off in liaisons, thinking business as usual, as everything is always presented to them to persuade. This is the way of the dark one, temptation and lies through the sins of the flesh. And you just thought your host was showing you a good time by exploiting the unspeakable. This is the world hidden from the public. This is the world for many of your world's leaders.

   Slow changes like impeding pollution controls, opening lands for resource exploration, tax laws that would impact capital gains. Removal of financial oversight to spur the economy, painting regulations as a road block that will slow investment. Taking risk in business and transferring this as a need for growth of jobs with no accountability. The lack of controls allowed by the highest office encourages fraudulent loans on credit that did not exist. This produced a false growth hiding the tremendous expenditures of a false war for oil. All voters lost trillions in the market downturn by design of the bankers while destabilizing Europe. Property taxes based on the value of the house now forces thousands of local and state worker to the pavement. You lost your retirement and jobs on this contraction and you are so concern with the speed to the recovery, which is what if. No guarantees here check the past history of job creation in good times and you think this going to change?

    Know this consumer spending and government healthcare expenditures account for 70% of GDP. So if the republicans caused your home values, financial investments and 401s to be almost cut in half. Who is going to be spending as state and local workers are replaced by non union cheap labor? Who is going to be spending if the house many of you live in was inflated by a false market conditions and you spent and based your life around these numbers? Who are we going to sell to if the austerity programs in Europe, the same plans some want here will fail as they have in past. Does contraction spur in investment; is this a new economic plan? This country has expanded further than most western nations, yet it is presented as a failure by the same group who caused the debt. A surplus was created by financial wisdom in 2000, only to incur a massive debt in 2008 through waste; that has a carry over momentum. Debt inherited strips of many of options to help.

    Why have processes changed in government? What the public does not understand is that just because you are a democrat does make you a supporter of the people; look at vote patterns in Congress. The republicans are polarized. Where members vote as a block despite the needs of constituents, if not they resign or get a knock on the door. This is the way it is done. A majority does not count, when total needed to pass a bill without a filibuster is rarely achieved. A divided house falls and you the American voter cannot see this. Just consider this; if you vote in the same group that caused this, there will be few jobs. As the present excuse when it fails, is to blame it on the fragile slow recovery in Europe and now you know.

   All of this carefully planned as people look in terms of a half a century, but if examined the pattern over the last 500 years, a plan would emerge. This is the dark one's world and all of you underestimate what you are up against. And he accomplished this with restricted powers, but this all changes on the Galactic Alignment. His full power will be allowed on earth, God please help us.

   One family in the world houses almost all of the earth's art treasures, many never cataloged or seen outside of the inner circle. With covert control of the world's banks and setting up the public financial markets, the countries of the world could be played during predicted cycles. Through concealed collusion, manipulation is in place, as banks have no country, just the family. The goal is to put in place a set of events to where greed allows an invasion on another country and the leaders to look to the bank for financing. When you control the banks on both sides, a push or calculated event inspires a country to stand behind the war and debt is incurred by both sides. This is the transfer of wealth by free choice of the people. We saved the nation with the sacrifice of many lives, but it was by design.

   In the financial markets money is lent freely to encourage growth, but there is a point where the natural greed of mankind takes over and this is what they count on. Free will drives the market, but the flow of money provided, is the lure. The only factor was an inflection point of time for the bankers as to determine the point to pull the rug. Thus selling short driving the market down, while you implant in the investors heads average down, what fools. This has been done on so many cycles, but not one of you every considered this was arranged. The public markets allow the family to buy stock in all companies thus having a factor of influence in the world that hides behind a facade. Contracts decide who makes it unless you are private. With market recessions and depressions wealth is transferred, although controlled and arranged, the manipulation of money within the market through investment vehicles, determines this. It is the speculators that are the blame for market turn points, but it is the family that reaps the gains as most think stocks just lose value, instead there is a transfer of wealth. Then they the buy up the most valued companies on earth for pennies on the dollar under fictitious fronts. The goal is financial slavery to where most of your rights are freely given away to survive. This is their short term plans as they have up it a notch.

   Untold support from corporations under the same umbrella, candidates hand picked as if it was your choice most having the same agenda. Did not almost every republican running for office, state the same theme at one point in this campaign. Oh, they must have the same speech writer. Indeed, they do. What you need to look at is the laws and what has been changed to allow this? You have seen the Supreme Court compromised as they allowed unlimited corporate money to flow into campaign and gave the unions the same right. But you see unions as a counter are being destroyed as to costly. But, reminding you, no complaint or accountability was sent in the direction of the Republican Party for the collapse of the real estate market. All you lost 50 % in some cases or more and it wasn't the poor or middle class that took the brunt of that hit. They wasted trillions on a planned war, yes planned as 911 was allowed to happen. Why are you in denial?

   We can find a Russian MIG flying at 1200 mph at tree top level on a dark night, but a passenger plane in broad daylight at 550 mph allegedly piloted by terrorist with little training and a cockpit filled with cell phones. Not once, but three times this occurred as Cheney had them stand down and Baby Bush read a book for once. The interceptors sent to New York were not even armed as they thought this was an exercise. Now, that is republican leadership when it counts, as the fate of the free world is at stake. They wanted the oil fields going into the earth changes for themselves as greed and over a million Iraqis and untold Americans paid the price. Not for freedom, but the acquisition of the almighty dollar, has anything changed except America's debt and more important has anyone said treason based on actions instead of hate in another direction as this was planned? You have blinders on.

   We have all seen the war on terror, funny this did not exist when the real threat of the Russians were around. Teheran had American hostages, but we did not go to war over it. We would now. It took the Cuban Missile crisis to bring American to the brink of war, now false flag events and the underwear bomber who was planted and you spend a trillion dollars. Do you feel safer after you spent the money? Fools! No, every time they need some more funding, a new serious threat is presented in the news. Plastic bombs in their underwear, really as if they want them to explode. Are the terrorist supposed to invoke some type fear? Explain to me, why are you afraid of a group of men in a desert that are easy to spot and you can trace their funding? Am I missing something here? We are meant to believe this until there is no more oil. Nobody is saving the Sudan and at least a million have died there.

   Hatred in the Arab world started as BP exploited the natural resources in the early days of the 20th century. Sheiks place in power that would sign oil agreements by bribes and assassinations allowed a select group to maintain all wealth protected by the West. This is why they hate us. For all know of those nations know how the wealth of the people was transferred by word of mouth to a select group. It is your tax dollars that is used to protect them under national security, when you are going to realize the policies you vote for, protect a company from the raft of the people for exploiting its wealth, think about it. Is the wealth allowed to filter to the needs of the people, no? What would happen here if these same actions were carried out against you and this nation? All jobs and resources are shipped overseas and almost all live in poverty. Those that complained just disappeared. You have spent trillions and given the lives of your sons and daughters for what? It is about using another's, before tapping that which is at home and capped.

   Just ask yourself, if Russia destroyed the twin towers, would Cheney have given the order to stand down, traitor? Would Bush continued to read to children after being told of what happened, weak or would there have been an immediate retaliatory response?  Where the world would know, that not one person, not one group, not one nation would follow their actions?  Now ask why?

   If America was attacked, the country that harbors terrorist would have its ruling class palaces leveled and assets confiscated. It would not be up to debate, but delivered as a message to end all terrorism. But on the other side, the rights of a nation's people shall be superseded by the corporate dollar.  Relatives in all western countries held for the truth, innocents released and it would stop. In America, they flew the Arab family out before they could be questions on the basis of wealth alone, when all flights were grounded. This is better than multiple wars, thousands of American lives and millions of innocent civilians are lost, but the media twists barely a hundred thousand dead as a result of collateral damage in Iraq. This is the truth. But, who will provide stability of the oil resources, for this is all that counts?

   Energy in the last decade has been a false problem, as the blueprint for free energy is known. Wealth gathered from the general population is greater with military budgets inflated to protect financial elite, thus enslaving the population to a nation debt. In the United States, the federal reserved prints money out of thin air and charges interest near zero presently, which they keep and loans it to their banks. There are controlled outright behind a facade structured corporations or outright stock ownership. It is this capital that is used to finance the large bets in the futures and derivatives markets spiking the cost of your food and gasoline. This allows a huge spread with consumer credit card loans for even the credit worthy. When they fail, you, the taxpayer absorb the debt as if you cannot exist without them. Let the United States back our currency in freedom instead of fear of a collapse. Are the banks lending, no, to the consumer and it is there spending that drives GDP. All of you have lost more than half your savings and retirement

   The goal presently is to break down the walls of governments and inherent citizenship between countries. Where a select group under leads and you mankind becomes a commodity, currently the agenda in place is austerity. Where the planned mortgage crisis; this has allowed some banks and governments in Europe to be pushed to the brink. Other banks have lent governments funds to remain solvent, but requiring government to elect leaders aligned with the banks controlling debt. By your vote in Europe you have allowed the same people that created the problem dictate the solution. Reduction of rights, services contraction of spending and at all costs preserve debt. This will not be allowed to develop to its fullest. As the bolt of lightning that hit a newly elected leader of France plane, was no accident, thus sent a message. All leaders know what is spoken here is the truth. Did I know before the fact, no. But was given the reason why after. To all leaders in Europe, those that sell out their own people under the guise of austerity will feel the raft of the Almighty.

    In a recovery what needs to be in place is, some aspect of the group that is solvent. Consider, if all are countries are weak and expenditures contract where does that leave the people? The system will dip again for any reason. What you don't know is that if the wrong leaders, who are painted by the media as right, are elected, and most of the banks are in collusion, which are controlled by the family overtly or covertly in unison. They will sell short in the markets to scare investors to move in their direction by free choice, what a plan. They will tighten flow of capital, thus shutting down governments and riots will ensue about their streets. Just what the middle class needs fear.

   The solution is to stop the panic, a new currency, one for the whole world that transcends all countries and economies, the NWO. This is the truth.  You say it could not happen here, just how fast do you think a republican president who flips at the slightest sign of conflict, would sign away this nation based on advisors for what seem like a solution? He knows nothing in the arena where banking and big oil control the world. A political puppy ready to be walked down the path on a lease by others who control the world and then kicked to the curb and with him the American people when the nation is destroyed financially.  

   There was a conference held on of the fate of America several years ago and what should be done with her and no one at that table was American outside of one banker. The decision was to offer her a prize for the allegiance of the Russians and Chinese to subjugate the people on earth. The hardliners of Russia still have their nukes hidden in other countries and when opportunity is there, those who favor the west will be executed. This is the truth. Putin, watch your back.

   Plans are in place to enter through Nicaragua and advance up through Mexico and proceed north and east. Assault the coasts with submarines and infiltrate Canada from the Arctic and proceed south. What about satellite and electronic surveillance that is presently in place protecting America? They have a device that interrupts the flow of electrons in all conducting matter all electronics and surveillance satellites and hope to coincide this with the huge solar flares erupting in the Sun to cover its use. With all electronics down, sheer manpower will over run all if not prepared. The American soldier will think surrender to fight another day against overwhelming odds, the cavalry will save them. There will be no prisoners; they will be executed on the spot. What is so sad, it was your black projects leaders that leaked valued insight through their corporate structure to the covert organizations maintained by the family. They have siphoned off the best minds on earth in the universities they control, you know which ones as do I. Oh, you saw them as talented dropouts, but they were recruited. They are ahead of you, because you were so cocky.

   The Global has a primary agenda create fear and death so that lost souls are maximized in conjunction to reduce the population of earth by 80% via any means necessary. The problem is that the educated and millionaires assume they are included, when they are the prime target as the have the means to provide any viable threat. The family is looking for a docile, uneducated work force of a drone mentality. They have the technology at least a hundred years in front of present time and there scientific team needs no one educated with today's books. They just laugh as you publish papers filled with assumptions and guesses. Nobel prizes awarded to theories so far off, as you need to pat each other on the backs hoping, you are next. What arrogance, as those who truly deserve it, are passed over. For, they are truly humble.

   I told you, this is a sophisticated game of musical chairs, where the lives of billions of humans and country's Sovereignty are at stake. All say, if I would have known, I would have chosen a different path. You see the signs, but many are in denial as this cannot happen, someone will stand up for what is right. That is true, but we need help to save all. Consider it. 

   The family has nudged mankind into many wars where 100s of millions have died, through greed destroyed countries as we see today in Europe. All in the name to build the family trust and you are proud of this? Over 700 trillion dollars of wealth and you want and ever increasing percentage. You have shaped this world long enough and this shall change, for you will know me as the Deliverer, sanctioned by the Almighty. This is not a negotiation, for you have no power as a man against the supernatural even with your wealth and this is were we will start. You have a choice, turn your family. Do this, or subtle earthquakes will hit your precious valuables your family stole from mankind. They will be just gone or ruined. Sickness will cripple temporarily those you love for no reason. It is a warning and reversible. Return the wealth back to the United States you have stolen under the guise of the Federal Reserve System, since few politicians here have the nerve to come against the family. Order the minions who run your corporations to settle with the unions fairly. There needs to be a stable society, strong and with faith and it stars in the Empire state. Yes, you hide behind many facades, but you are not hidden in the eyes of the Almighty. You are His child, His creation, which He loves greater than you can envision, despite what your family has done to humanity, His mercy is endless. He needs you to come home, without Him using a great chastisement upon the family. Heed these words or test them, the response will be swift and sure. Know this, all will see what happens as fear which grips you will know only come from the dark one and if you delay, the many will convert as to not follow your path or be inspired for you except change. Guide them or be the example. The Almighty will provide what ever is needed to change this world.

   What you seem to think, is that you with all your wealth, you will rise above all again, so foolish for one so savvy. As if you as a man not aligned with the Almighty can truly control the destiny of this world. The Almighty will sweep all evil off the face of this planet, take the good and the undecided will die within this century. After the warning, the unstable core of the Sun will shut down. This is the purpose of the transformation separation of those who stand with the Almighty and those who fall with the dark one. You cannot just say, I did not do these injustices, but all under your control, did. This is your family heritage, not just another name, but a family that destroyed a world under the pretense of order. Order for whom, the elite, weak in morals with little respect for the essence of life? Control as you know your decisions are not in the best interest for all, so you enslave by free will. You are the buck and it falls on you.

    There will be no strong survival communities for you to exploit as the best will be taken. Opportunist shall be left to prey on each other, just like you. Sores will speckle your bodies, where no clean woman will touch you. Pain so intense with open wounds on and within private parts, sex will be non existent. If life is created through all of its pain, only those that believe will be blessed, for the others, expect horrific mutations in the image of who you believe the dark one. You will make a choice before the alignment, stand with the Almighty or perish with the other. The pampered will beg for death. This is what awaits you just before and after the shift.

   Now Almighty can promise you this, with all your wealth and power, you would throw it all away if you saw what is prepared for us after this battle. A world so beautiful the human mind can not comprehend and you have seen beauty. Scents, smells, and beauty created on a new earth, which will take your breath away. Most important, there will be a feeling of peace, love and harmony for all. You will want for nothing and you have over half the world's wealth. No illness with perfect bodies and even your darkness members of your family will be saved even if they succumb to the dark one. Change your ways and guide your family home, for we choose not to lose one soul. Not even you in your grand plans to organize earth can state that, for over the past centuries billions have died due to the family's ripples over the past 5 centuries.

   Consider your options, this is it. You are the mighty hidden puppet master, and I am the deliverer, in this battle, our team stands behind God, who is going to protect you? Only few on earth would make this challenge, and know this fear is not part of my vocabulary. Make that choice by saying these words by choice, “My Call to Jesus”. Ask to seek an answer and you will feel a pulse of energy it in the pit of your stomach every time you consider, stronger as you move towards God. You have the secrets of civilization for centuries all give you insight that the words spoken here are the truth.  So why are you so suspicious? You will get your signs, but it will cost you as your treasures vanish. Make your decision on your gut; has it failed you in the past? Rarely in the past as you second guessed; it shall not, fail you now.

If you choose correctly, you too will have to recite the decade at 3pm for your family's bloodline that has died. As the dark one, which will rise from within your own bloodline gets stronger, options come off the table and when the alignment hits, he will have full power. Those aligned if you try to turn them, will turn on you and you have no protection against the dark one. None! We do not want to let the family go as every measure is being used to save them even though this is not present your plan. You truly believe, you will ride this one out. But if it affects the balance of souls on this world from being saved, then the dark one will prey upon all of your family. Stripping you of your wealth and power just to start, for world domination will no longer be yours top own. Seek the protection and the love of Jesus, and with this the Almighty will protect your family for you will reduce the misery on earth. Little of your wealth will survive the pole shift, and if you pass through the transformation, you will not need it. So let it go to help others. Destroy greed by crushing select financial positions in the world markets. Let them, who have used your family’s money, be reduced to a level playing field of the common man and let them sink or swim based on their decisions in life. You have the true Dead Sea Scrolls, as oppose to that which your family authorized and provided parchments planted in the desert for mankind to discover. You know what is written within and that is the truth, heed it. Think, how would I know this?

   All on earth have wished they could change things that would shape the future of mankind and it is the simple things taught to you by reciting our Lord, prayer and Hail Mary. Supernatural, the pain it causes the demons from is excruciating where they scream in pain and it this that chases evil from a human soul. Those that are blacken with hate, need to be thrown a lifeline and you will fulfill this need. I am not asking you to step up to the front lines for that is for the chosen who have accepted the risk by the Almighty, but we need your prayers. Again I reinforce the Hail Mary at least a decade starting precisely at 3pm. Trust me it is working. All Jesus asks is for this to come from the heart. No lip service, like most perform in church. Can you do this for Jesus and more important, can we do this for each other? 

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