Father against Son

Mother against Daughter



Written Apr 4


   As the End Times now move into the final years it becomes about breaking down the love between man and woman as many couples throw in the towel. The primary goal is the break down of the family unit.

   You as the fathers and the mothers of this nation have become complacent. You refuse to believe that your politicians do not have your best interest. Baited with this is not America. It is racism to protect our borders. Immigrants have no rights above American especially illegal. Do you understand this?  We have laws and procedures and now we are not to abide by them due to a politicianís word seeking votes. Just who are you protecting Americans or the few that will slip in due to your incompetence? If one American dies or is raped, it one too many and just what are you going to say politician to a grieving family that hates the words you speak as they know you are lying.

   Your children are being given the truth even though this government has phony sites to spin opinion and block those telling the Truth. Your goal is to tell a mixture of truth with fiction as this is what is being done on the Zeta site and what is so sad the owner and volunteers believe they are saving the earth. As with any truth this will set you free. It is their future, your childrenís that is being thrown away and you donít see this.

   You have been told that what seems right is wrong and what is painted wrong in some cases is right. As this is the case in your elections. They say the right words and you hear the truth and dismiss it. No firm pays 250 thousand to a candidate that will shrink profits. You have been told in so many ways elections are arranged as the Republicans stated your vote does not count only the opinion of the hand picked delegate who is expected to deliver.

   The Super Pacs twist the minds of the weak with messages the uneducated can not tell is the truth. The media spins the truth and the polls depending upon the sample chosen project support where sometimes there is none. A Federal Reserve with its interests rates flowing to a family with the code name Rothschild (if they give you a name it is false follow the shell organizations of great power if you live) that has sucked the life blood of this nation. Wars arranged to protect Middle East oil when we do not need them. They your children are tired of the lies and they refuse to die any more in false flag wars not to protect this interest of this nation, but to protest the assets of the elite. This is the bottom line and your children see this. When we fought WW2 anyone associated with the enemy was destroyed including civilians and now you tie one hand behind your back to protect who? Those that allow anyone against this nation to hide among them, protects them and Europe allows them to hide. Now you expect us to go in and protect those nations that provide safe havens, when the natives kill each other. Your children say you are out of your minds.

   Every election the politicians state the same message and nothing changes. As the world comes under siege millions will die and the parents will continue to protect their leaders rather than listen to the concerns of their children. By the time the parents learn the truth your children are loss if they donít kill you first. This is the ugly Truth.

   Parents the Bible tells you the Truth yet you do not read the signs. Address this issue now, for soon you will not get a second chance and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.


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