The 3rd Fatima Secret will now Unfold


Written Jan. 23, 2012

Update Jan. 24 & May 2  

   God the Father has sent many messengers to inspire His faithful, none greater than the mother of His Son, Jesus. A warning was sent through three innocent children, those who would not lie, but the faithful overall refused to embrace. At Fatima, Mary now known as Mother of Salvation, appeared in spirit with a message to save the Church that Peter built. The Vatican already infiltrated by high advisors loyal to the dark one, convinced sitting Popes to not reveal the contents of the 3rd message inspired by Mary to the world. Those who refused suppression and stood by their beliefs were killed, thus the premature deaths of certain Popes. These actions all known within the inner circles caused fear and doubt in their beliefs, yet all preach the afterlife, cowards.

   With centuries of planning, cunning replacements within the Vatican, changes in the doctrine of the Catholic Church weaken by Vatican II where do we stand today? The sacred servants of the Almighty has  include you, the faithful as part of the Mass. The Eucharistic ministers including woman as a way to involve members of the Church to distribute the Holy Host to cut time on the Mass. Women are equal and loved in God's eyes, but was not allowed to be a priest, this was sanctioned by the Almighty, which shall not be questioned. Women, you have been given the greatest gift, the bearer of life, do not look to take another's gift. You see the importance of fasting taking on a lesser importance in the Church during Lent and Fridays with no meat as evolving. Simple concepts from the time Peter built the Church now has been changed? By who's authority has this occurred, a council of men! As the rituals of the Lord were given from Heaven and no man shall change them. These are the influences of satan.

   Jesus speaks, "You the sacred servants, who do you adore, Me, your Savior or the faithful that fills your Church? So why do you turn your back to Me and My Altar? When you speak to Me in Mass, it is to remember the last supper that I had with my disciples, do you truly convey that message?  I died for all of you, and for centuries My Mass in remembrance of your Savior was in the language based in My Vatican City, Latin. Did I ask you to change this, or did members within aligned with the dark one, spin you a tale, that this is modern. When you prayed at night, not one of you asked if this offended Me. It has."

   " The Host, the most sacred sacrament as it contains My spirit, why did you allow others to soil with their hands as they are not my sacred servants to assigned distribute. I did not authorized this and no man shall. You cheapen a sacred gift, all to save time. Return to the way I instructed, where the host is placed in the mouth, so that no soiled hand shall touch that, which is of God. "

   " I fasted for 40 days in the desert and I am God. I expect you my faithful servants to follow what I did to give strength when I was tempted. Not with words, but actions of fasting during Lent and Fridays for a start. During these coming times, I will provide you with the guidance to pass through the tribulation. No one else will. You are all my children as all of you were given a part of My spirit, this is why, we are all connected."

   " You are so proud of your children created from the sacrament of marriage and for almost all, will give anything to save and protect them. I have given all humans on Earth a piece of my spirit, which will last forever and I will do everything to save and protect all of you, My children. Do you turn your backs on a child that violates the law? No, you do everything to save him or her, no matter what the cost. This is how I, Jesus feels about each and every one of you on Earth, even those who offend Me and destroy my other children on Earth. Know this, the Almighty is My Father, just as I am the Father and Savior of the human race. Come Home."

   " I am just and will forgive all who are truly repentant, as a lamb. If you do not change your ways, then I don't know you and I, Jesus Christ who died to protect all of mankind, will protect all who believes in Me and God the Father as the lion."

End of Jesus speaks

    It is time to reveal disturbing news for all people of Earth imparted by God the Father with sadness. The spirit which is of satan will very shortly incarnate in an adult human man who has volunteered his allegiance to the dark one, fulfilling the antichrist prophecy and ushering in a new era, the Great Tribulation. This is the same person who engineered the financial collapse of the banking industry affecting the US and Europe. Those who assist him will infiltrate the Vatican with the purpose of destroying the Catholic church. All of you in the Vatican have your fears and faith. Almost all you are low in profile. What is not just, is what was wrong, many chose to look the other way, yet your prayers go to the Almighty. He hears your words, but sees no action to stand firm when confronted. You are no different than Peter who denied Christ when confronted. So now what are you going to do to save the children of Earth for your Savior? You need to prepare for the time has come. Let the world see that you will protect the Church and the Pope, Benedict. For he is the last to be sent by God to Rome and the keys have returned to Peter.

   Lets start with what you won't do as sacred servants. As the spiritual battle initiates on Earth, martyrdom is out as an easy option, protect those you love. There are no cowards in this Army. Fear of the dark one shall not confuse your mission, for your armor is strong. Nothing is greater than the power of the Almighty, God the Father. You will not be turned by those cardinals who are lost, but you must bring them back to be saved, that have infiltrated Rome over the last several centuries. Had the 3rd letter from Fatima been revealed, the seat of Pope would not be as threaten as it is today.

   Fear allowed what should been stopped, to fester and grow. The dark one, preys on weakness, drains the spirit of love. He will be admired by the elite as he is just like most of  them, rich, polished on the outside, arrogant, and pride, smooth with words of love and a dark soul. All that which is not of God, due to intent. Know this, in this game all are expendable, including the elite. Like a pied piper all who follow shall never ...

   This was foretold in Revelations, how all would fall prey to the charm of the antichrist and the false prophet that takes Peter's seat. Stand strong sacred servants, remember who you are fighting for. Remember that you here to save the faithful. Remember He died for you, so that this day would arrive. Let not one of the faithful fall to dark one. This is your mission. This is why you are here. Now deliver on your word with penance, prayer and prepare for the second coming.

   All, shielded by the Almighty, shall choose by free will to destroy that which is the antichrist as one human against another human when satan the dark one incarnates with all of his powers to produce what seems to be miracles, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am asking all of you, who have faith to help all of mankind. Recite the Rosary given for all, save your Bibles. You will need as a source of inspiration. Before reading it, hold it high, open with reverence, for this is His Holy Word.

   As the Earth changes intensify, know this must past to destroy all that is evil on this Earth. When you walk with God, fear is not in your vocabulary, stand strong in the army of God. You will not waver not matter what you see or hear. For this is the test. When you stand strong, all who depend on you, will stand strong also by your example. You were told the path would be straight and narrow and it shall. It is about perseverance and patience. Remember it is mankind that trusted those in power, because of money. Blinded as many do not see the truth behind the facade. Trust your beliefs, because all else will fail. In the end there will not be a tear in you eye and you will want for nothing when the battle is over.

  They have infiltrated all walks of life presenting themselves as what is good for this planet. They have financially enslaved this civilization with laws and abuses as good, while some seen as bad are truly trying to unravel that which hurts the citizen as good. All of you, that have family incomes around 200 K in the US, do you feel well off? You make your bills, have a small vacation, but you are not wealthy and your in the top 4%. Now imagine, what the rest of America is going through? You fear your government, police, and some laws, why? Your politicians speak of morals, family, justice and hark work. Yet inside of their closets, they cheat, lie, hide money off shore, destroys lives as businesses close. Most of you believe the words with backed by your votes, but their actions are against all that you believe in, why? This veil of deceit has been lifting for all to see and it disgusts me as it should you. The spiritual battle has been waging for the past year outside of public eyes, but fear and hatred lingers in the halls of power as the untouchables fall, all for the good of mankind.

   I am calling on all of God's children to put aside differences on Earth, as we are all fighting through prayer to rid this Earth of the final evil. For the truth, true peace of the soul, and a return all that is within us, back to Jesus. He is why the billions on Earth now have a new future, and that future is bright.

Update: The Incarnation

   All of you were warned that satan would have his time on Earth through the scriptures, but few thought, he would incarnate as man and walk on Earth with all of his powers. For this is his time and this planet was created by him. He has brought his sinister fallen angel who will be the false prophet or black pope after Benedict. He will appear to be a living saint, as you were told almost all will be fooled. Look as he rewrites the foundation of God, the Trinity. This will be the clue.

   The aligned elite are stunned that news of this event, so secret and revered is known and now the date of this abomination adult birth is revealed. He which will usher in the NWO to the world and this will be celebrated with its many promises. The elite on their day will perform the ritual of a black mass with human children sacrifices, unspeakable atrocities on the day of the galactic alignment at 12am Dec. 21, 2012. For the media, stake out the private airfields and research advance helicopter bookings near the date especially in England. Plans set in place over 2,000 years ago will not be changed, as their master maintains a ruthless pecking order of control.

   I will say this, to all who are against God with a firm final choice. Expect visitors backed by the power of the Almighty at your ceremonies, maybe at the prime site or another. Personally, I would not miss this one, but it is in the hands of the Almighty. You will have 3 choices, don't go because you are a coward and your master will settle things using you as an example, show and you can roll the dice as some of you will know true fear or you can review your life and choose a different path where if true repentance is shown and the past is forgiven. Then you can join us as a welcome soul. The choice is yours.


Sacred Servants and Faithful recite this:

Oh God the Father, in the name of your precious Son I call on you to prevent the Anti-Christ from ensnaring the souls of your children

I beg you almighty Father to stop him from inflicting terror on your children

I beg you to stop him from contaminating your creation and ask you to have mercy on those poor souls who will be powerless against him.

Hear my prayer dear Father and save all your children from this terrible evil.


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