The Book of Truth



Written Aug 28


   As the importance about the impending earth changes takes center stage, word will spread quickly through established networks as coastal regions start to flood and certain areas experience constant shaking from swarm earthquakes. There is a concern of fear mongering as there is no proof. Those on the inside know and pressures from those who have a lot to lose have place a lid on this compromising the safety of your families. This is the influence and actions of the dark one as he wants no one to have the truth.

   If your building is about to blow up killing all inside as knowledge of the bomb planted is known, should we keep our mouth shut because it will raise the level of anxiety and cause fear as they try and exit? Or should you give those inside a choice?

   When a population is caught unprepared without a warning most die. If an official announcement was made, yes some would cause problems, but their threat, quickly contained, as going crazy hurts all at the moment. What is funny is that you, the elite handled the news and prepared and saw opportunities, yet you give few others the same chance. In essence it seems you are using fear as justification to withhold the truth, when your true intent is to eliminate as many of the general population as possible and blame it on nature. Those that survive will become your virtual slaves as you have the shelter and the food already stored for years. The choice given to the general population is succumb or die, a position you are in because of your knowledge.

    Every person on earth has a choice. A free choice to decide what path to follow in life and you are clouding it as agents of the dark one. It is time for the veil to be lifted and the truth will be told. Fear is planted in your mind for a reason, as the dark one wants to harvest as many souls as possible. In a panic with no preparation, sin escalates on a hyperbolic scale. Is this what you want? Know this, the dark one does, but you cannot see the forest when you gaze at the trees on the edge.

    Contrary to what you will be told, there is life after death. Many testimonials examined by professionals back by the words in the Bible. Few of you have true insight after death unless you have the gift of a near death experience and all are responsible for what you do on earth.

   Fear confuses you with doubts when you should all about protecting the souls of yourself and your family. Fear distorts your future outcome.  It paralyzes you from moving forward. How many times have you seen the traitor, the coward lose when fear moved them to become less than a man. Are you to revert to an animal just to survive for the moment as your life is not guaranteed and you pay for your actions to others?

   Events must proceed, but few understand why. All have been told what is to come in the end days through the Bible and other prophecies, this is nothing new. I ask you; if you had cancer wouldn’t you want to know so you can take steps to choose another type of treatment and live your life as everyday was your last. To show all who you know the depths of your love as this is your last chance or not be given a choice?

   The end times are a period of cleansing on a spiritual level, if you are to proceed to the next level, and to achieve this, your soul needs to be burned pure in order to walk with Jesus on His world. Wait awaits you will be beyond anything you can imagine. The new world is the most beautiful in the universe where peace and love is beyond the comprehension of mankind. Where all that is in Heaven merges with that of Earth and every detail was planned with care by the Almighty for His children.

    Many of you know from Revelations some will taken and others left in a blink of an eye and trust me you do not want to be here on earth as the plagues will start shortly after to punish those aligned with the dark one as a start. You have been told the meek will inherit the earth, but it is the new world, for this planet will perish and its Sun will die along will those left unless rescued by your prayers faithful. Those that align with Jesus have nothing to fear as each of His followers will be taken care of even in the transition of what seems like death, as you will live on with infinitely more than you have on earth.

   Fear is what the elite peddle on this earth to keep you in line. Fear to spend billions on weapons and against terrorist when most of the events are false flags to suck you further in. Fear that a leader is going to give all of your wealth to the poor, really like that is going to happen. Fear that the middle class in a nation have no ideas and we as a nation must give more to the wealthy so they can pull us up with jobs as we wait on them. Has fear crippled your thinking? Has fear increased your hate towards others as you seem to forget how you were put in this position? Has fear made you forget that which is God as most of you go about gather what you think is wealth?

   Fear is an emotion that is planted in you by the dark one to influence and it has worked. Now for those who have dished out will feel it from the Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ as He will chastise you by stripping of all world things until you are bare and hopefully when you have lost it all, you will turn to His open arms and never look back on your past as fear is just an emotion to be shed. This is the power of God. This is the word of God.


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