When Fear Confronts the Sacred Servant

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 29


   All of you sacred servants of Our Lord will be put through terrible trials, as you will be tested like the Apostles. As you watch in disbelief your leaders will move the Catholic Church in a new direction. Again some of believe these words written here are heresy, but what do you say when they ring true? When you took your vows it was to serve under the will of Jesus Christ and it is He that gave you a set of rules that no man, not even the pope can change for any reason. For man is not authorized to change what God has inspired and is written as the Word of God in the Book, the New Testament of the Bible.

   When you renew your vows as a doctrine is presented be wary and ask. Why must the mass and the sacraments change to accept the new? Should not the new accept what is written as every convert has done for over two thousand years? You will be told the church must evolve, but you were told of these times and refuse to believe. How many times in your mind you have said, “I would not deny you Rabbi”? As the church reverses the order of the Mass, all of which is a covert way to slap Jesus in the face. New gospels to inspire and include the new will be presented. The Body and Blood of Christ replaced with the bread of life cementing humanity. You will watch as the lies unfold and if you signed on, you are a traitor like Judas. This is the Truth.

 You ask how can the Moslems, other religions and secular world, all of the sudden embrace the Catholic Church? Your human mind fails to see the true threat as all hate and denial of God comes from one source. It is this subtle influence that corrupts the souls and minds of those on earth. Once the infiltration of the Vatican is complete adoration will be placed in these same minds as there are worshiping the beast. You were warned by Mary the Mother of Salvation in the third letter of Fatima which is still secret. To the world it seems like the Catholic Church with its new changes to modernize has conquered the world as all rejoice in the unification of mankind. It is here that you will know the dark one has stolen the seat of Peter. This is the Truth.

   Sacred servants you gave your lives to serve Jesus Christ and all us fight on the earth for one cause, the salvation of all souls. This is your job and let no doctrine, no change, no adaptation to include all under the guise to separate us from Our Lord impede you. Lose your soul, you lose your life. This is written and is the Word of God.

   You are to have no doubts as you know what you were taught and no man or doctrine shall change this. It your job to fight for Our Lord and some cases some of you will die. If you believe you know death is a transition and you will be free looking at us fighting the ultimate battle. You will be safe at home and you will send whispers of courage to drive us on for you have seen the future.

   I speak to all sacred servants never turn your back on the Lord. When it becomes too much call on Mary, Mother of Salvation for intervention and the power of Heaven will open up. It is better to die, than turn your back on the Lord. But if you do, death will come quickly for all to witness and this will be the least of your problems.

   The Vatican will excommunicate all those who are not on board. You ask, this is all I know? Do you have that little faith preacher? Many of you will need to serve the faithful and they will provide food and shelter in return for the true sacraments. Never let fear dictate how you will or will not love the Lord. This is your choice, courage. This is why you became a priest, faith. This is how you will serve God, devotion. Now win this battle on earth for the forces of light. And now a simple few words from your Rabbi, “I love you, your Jesus”.


Update Aug 29


   Jesus has made it known that you, sacred servants still have unanswered questions about the up coming persecution and how this Church will stand up against the false prophet, the antichrist and the spirit of evil. What is meant that the order of the Mass will be back to front?

   Satan is very cunning as he hopes to confuse you sacred servants with change seen as hope of including all. Many of you will see no harm in moving the gospel to the rear and the new offering of the bread of life to the beginning as the ceremony of the Mass is “evolving”. It is about changing that which honors God and His sacrifice to die for our sins on the cross to offer us salvation, but you don’t see this yet. That which is evil expects the same homage and emulates the mass, but reverses the order as to dishonor God. This is the Truth.

   Ok, there are rumors of change in the wind, but how can we be sure that Francis is the false prophet as this sounds like heresy?

   You can not and this is the Truth. You were told in Revelations the false prophet will fool millions and this plan has been in place for centuries, but it does not mean that you shall not get confirmation. Mary Mother of Salvation sent the 3rd Letter from Fatima to warn the Church, but already infiltrated by agents of the dark one it was never revealed as to horrible for the faithful to comprehend. Thus it ensured the Vatican would fall. He will profess unity, help for the poor, and promote humility as a façade. But look deeper when he makes changes is Christ the focus? Does the new format feel right in your soul? Gestures that don’t seem right will overcome you. The divinity of the Trinity will be questioned then discarded. They will raise the status of Mary and praise themselves as living saints. You are being told this in the hope you prepare and when you see these things you are firm and become part of the team to save this world for your Master and Teacher, your Rabbi, Jesus Christ. Time is one luxury you do not have for many will realize the Truth, but for some it will too late. Ask questions now, why the changes? Modernism and humanism are traits of the dark one as the subtle truth is that man puts himself above God and remember obedience to the laws of the Almighty never change for any reason. If you are accused of heresy by men, ignore it. There is only one judge. There is only one Master and He resides in Heaven, not on the seat of Peter as a man. Anyone one can spout hurtful words and of course have many, reflect the same views, but it does not make it right. You have witnessed this during the history of the Catholic Church. I expect you sacred servant to stand for the Truth.

   You expect us to take a stand and go against the Vatican our leaders with no one backing us? What if the parishioners believe in the changes and we are thrown in the streets, what then?

    Do you even believe what you preach to the faithful every Sunday or are you just reading words, which is it? He tells that you are greater than the birds and animals which He created and He takes care of them and now you doubt? Your choice is clear. Are you that weak that you let the opinions and anger of the parish lead you? You by your stance and up holding that which, stands up for the Almighty and Jesus, you will be seen as courageous. The Heavens and interventions will back you. Those that were cowardly will now follow you and support you. Now be that leader and never waver from that straight and narrow path. Bring His children home as you pledged when you became a priest. Fear is the other guy’s problem, not yours.

   If there are more concerns ask in prayer and we will address them in a timely fashion. Your Rabbi has a few words, “I am grateful that you are now listening and that many of you know My Voice. What you will face shall be similar to when I climbed Calvary. Almost all abandoned Me except My Mother, and in My Second Coming I hope, I pray that you My sacred servants will never leave My side, no matter what you face. No matter what you see. No matter how many you see die for those that love Me like you do. Know that they will be here with Me as you fight for Jesus in our final battle of Armageddon.”


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