Never let the Fear of Death Control your Actions

The Book of Truth




Written Sept 23


   Do not let the fear of death control and ultimately determine your final actions in this life for it is just a transformation of your body beyond your earthly knowledge. Those with little knowledge of the invisible realm, who may be all powerful on earth, but when they face life on the brink of ending as they know it cower for the flesh as they are weak in the eyes of those they once controlled. When you stand up for justice, others and God not even death shall break your composure. For you have no fear as you know death is a passing phase, not believe. Belief is for the weak as there is doubt. When you know then you are a child of God.

   Death is the point only now occurring in the End Times where your weak flesh will be transformed in the blink of an eye to an indestructible eternal perfect body and life as you knew on earth a collage of love, happiness, family, friends, triumphs, defeats, injustices, anger, hate, murder and death horrid or peaceful are just faint memories. Death, which was spawned or carried out by evil will be quickly forgotten or just erased from your memory as you shed no more tears.

   For many, caught in the disasters or wars, few will know the point of death as your conscience transitions; it seems like a dream as your soul is alive. You wonder where the pain and fear has gone as you still look down at your body. Why can I see so clearly and seem to understand all that was life with such a keen focus. You will ponder. Why is that light drawing me? What are those whispers that bring peace to my being? The closer I come I feel so much love and happiness. What is behind that veil of what seems like mist? Wafting vapor when in contact with what seems like your exterior form transmits a strange energy stimulating what you think is a body, but does feel not wet. What are these translucent colors radiating from me? Now this is weird.

   As I am drawn by a subtle force towards the light, at first seems muted, but it gets stronger as I am pulled towards it while being immersed in warmth of overwhelming love that I have never felt on earth, but I seem to remember this feeling far into my past. The universe is so beautiful with new colors beyond my imagination as I sense abundant life, but I quickly turn away to focus on what draws me. As the mist shifts about as if alive, a voice tells me it is. It suddenly dissipates and before me I suddenly pierce a blinding pure white light and then it recedes. Adjusting, I focus on a figure and know it is Jesus and I break down and weep tears of happiness. The Son of God, my Savior is there to hug me and wipe away my tears as my family who preceded me is there to greet me with celebration. I have crossed over and it is paradise.

    This is real are we not spirit? Jesus speaks, “I promised mankind that I never forsake My children. I promised you that I died for your sins to bring you home greater that what My Father, God Almighty gave His children Adam and Eve, which spawned you. I promised you no matter what happens on earth most of you will be united with your loved ones. Look around do you see the miracle of God and the love He has for his children. Despite that which is evil? Look around! You are Mind and I am yours. This is just a small glimpse into your future. I do not worry about the believers for many of them would die for Me. I came so that all, including those that will slay millions would acquire their inheritance. They may end your earthly life, but it is I who gives you eternal life.

   All of you dream about immortality and it is this that I am offering you, My children. Just accept My Hand of mercy. You will hear the many lies. You will see My own abandon Me. You will see a break down of society. Know this. You were told of these times and they are here. I ask only for you to plant a seed. For when you realize the Truth amid the lies you will run into My sacred arms for comfort and peace in a world fill with hate, terror and murder.”

   During the End Times more than 90% of earth’s population will expire before the Second Coming. The dark side will have a total grip on politics and religion with a goal to win lost souls. I say again create the problem then offer a solution. You were told the many would be fooled and they have been. You were told society and its morals would break down as the rights of man are put above the laws of God. This is starting.

   In history there are clues as it repeats itself, exactly how many of you that control the media and governments will leap off the merry go round of evil that presents itself as hope for mankind while financially enslaving him? You have a choice.


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