Insight into the Fifth Law of God

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 3


   Over time, we as children of God have allowed changes to occur to the laws He, Father set down by the prophet Moses. This has been explained to you in modern society as your rights, tolerance of differences to others. Yet even the sacred servants dare not speak out, as they in their weakness to stand firm in belief allows the voice of Vatican to relay the message to the faithful from afar. While others proclaim certain segments of the law of God in order to build trust as there is another agenda that is to be achieved.

   The Commandments handed down to Moses was given to all of mankind, not just the chosen people, the Jews. Laws of the Almighty were given to guide all of his children back home. Written by the hand God in stone, there is no interpretation meant by mankind and this is the truth.

    With the warning all that is evil shall be exposed, shame and humility will encompass all and no one will ever be the same. So as not to shock the human mind already frail due the event lets plant a seed for thought. I am here to tell you the truth, although many will not be ready or willing to accept it, but it is the truth.

    Let’s start with commandment 5, Thou shall not kill. Simple words that were written and responsible for creating powerful laws; where all of mankind is familiar with as a right to life for all to live in harmony. Mankind although has weaken this law with his exceptions and over time, he has justified theses change as tolerance for the rights of others and his pride some elevate themselves over others.

    Addressing capital punishment, this is against the commandment. You have been told that mankind does not have the right to judge another man in cases that result in an execution. More than half of those executed in a court of human law were unjust. Those who did commit the crime need time to reach true remorse for their actions, which comes with age. An execution destroys the body, but the soul which needs to heal and lives forever is cut short by a sense of revenge. This is not His way and mankind does not know what he does. Jesus speaks, “When I walked this earth, it was to enlighten, you my children, did I espouse an eye for an eye or to forgive your brothers?” End. Just one taken in error by judgment wipes out generations in some cases, not one of would like to face the innocent. What if it was you?

   Let it be known, that hate and revenge from the crime is inspired by the dark one. Look at your proud history of witch burnings, lynching for mumbling a word or a just a look in the last century at a white woman from a black man by mob justice, framing a petty criminal for murder to close a high pressure case. Is this what you are so proud of in this nation of primarily Christians, I am not. Now we as a nation have evolved where the first two examples are not part of our present, but the latter still exists.

   After the warning, capital punishment in this country ends and you that are lawmakers will have that responsibility for those you serve in this great nation, which will once again be under God in the end. You will know the truth and act on it, failure to do so is not an option.

   Then there is war, surely there are exceptions here. In defending one’s nation from invasion this is true, but many wars are started for an ulterior motive. In the case of the last Iraqi war, you will find out that your last president and his inner circle, enforced by a Republican Congress, some democrats and an independent invaded a country for its resources. Was their country responsible for the attacking America, no? Did they have weapons they were going to be use to kill thousands, no? But this nation was led to believe that, as a result, over a million Iraqis and thousands of our brave soldiers paid the ultimate price. No nation can kill another in an unjust war for land or resources as this is a continuing tale in the Middle East. What about the money, it just disappeared into the hands of thieves, billions and you just sit back as if this is business as usual.

    Then there are the crimes of opportunity by soldiers influence by the dark side. An innocent civilian killed by the soldiers in any case, is murder. You will not hide behind the conflict of war to justify your actions of human indifference towards others. Here we will call you what you are, a criminal with a uniform that commits murder. Will those who perpetrated the crimes against another country for monetary gain see justice, yes during the warning? The choice of how this will go will depend on repentance or defiance, they have free will and they will be responsible for their choice.

   Abortion, which is considered the murder has been confused with the rights of woman as it is their body and consider the unborn child part of them, which is false. The spirit of life is embedded by God into the DNA of the newly formed zygote. All that will form a new human life is present and there is a separation from the mother as she provides a protective shell and nourishment for the new life.

   Preventing the female egg and male sperm from joining does not constitute murder of a life form as it has not been created by joining or infused with the spirit of life from God. Contraception is ok in the eyes of God within marriage, as the act of love is a gift from God meant to build the bond between a husband and wife. Love is meant to be shared and the creation of children is to be a blessed result, cherished. This is the word of God.

   The rule given to you by Moses, states no one shall take a life once created. An incest, rape and health issue has always been around and now that science has developed a way to terminate that which is alive, but yet cannot live outside of the mother’s body, now becomes your right to terminate an independent life. Where are the rights of the unborn, which is now your responsibility to care for, no matter how it was conceived? Your baby’s life now hangs in the balance, although you can’t bear to give birth to that which was created in incest? Because science has provided an easy way to remove what you see as a problem does not make it a right, it is a crime in the eyes of God. Does not this single cell zygote form a human being? In its basic form, this cell has all that is needed to reach an adult. Life is sacred and because you share the same space does not give you the right to terminate its existence.

   Where medically, it is determined your life is in danger. Who are you going to stand behind, a human doctor or God, the creator of all things? Medical science is a best effort with God your life is determined by Him as to when you or the baby to be dies, no man or procedure can change this. You will not sacrifice another living being on a maybe, as medical science has no control on death that is meant to be.

   Honor killings have no place in the eyes of God. You are so quick to kill a woman for adultery or losing her virginity before marriage, yet you are the same men who are sleeping with them in lust. Are you put to death by stoning or castrated for your actions of lust, what about the shame your wives feel? Should they come after you for an honor killing of a cheating husband? None of you would walk in the shoes of the woman who fell for the words of men presented as love, but was just another notch in the belt.

   If you never speak to a female relative again, that is your choice, but you do not have the right to kill for honor. There is no honor here, just your twisted version of family pride, which many of you violate behind closed doors.

   These are some of the sins you will be faced with during the warning. It is up to you to reflect on these words and start to consider change at your own pace. All of this will lessen the surprise of your life’s sins and more important if you move towards change your cleansing will be reduced as they are seen through the eyes of Jesus, your judge.


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