The Fire That Will Burn Your Soul Will either Cleanse It or Torment It:


The Book of Truth



Written Jun 6


   All of you are familiar with how fire burns the flesh as the initial burn overwhelms the body and many of the nerves just shut down or are destroyed. It is the deep tissue nerves that relay throbbing burning sensations to the physical mind and then to your conscience, which is your soul. This concept is similar to how a spiritual (not of this world) fire when in contact with an everlasting soul is not destroyed but renews itself as it affects the conscience of a collective of energy that is the non-physical individual still feels pain. So letís give some insight into the properties of a soul that which is connected and created by the Father, God the Almighty.

   Mankind has been told that a soul once created cannot be destroyed except by the Almighty. The energy that is the Almighty is separated from Him as a small seed stripped to its basic components so that this newly form pod of light energy that is life itself conscience and self aware than one based on the atomic structure is created in the image of God in the invisible world an unique entity with the ability to grow through trials. The breath of life, transcends space, multiple universes and can incarnate into the physical realm of an organic organism.

   This energy has all the senses you have presently and many unknown to humans although the basics are enhanced to a much greater range than your physical bodies can perceive presently although this will change at the Second Coming. An almost infinite amount of colors you cannot see, sounds yet heard, sensations of touch, smells and taste beyond your comprehension are all part of the soul. The soul records to its memory every aspect of physical and spiritual life during its eternal life. It never forgets.

   Questions abound and the Almighty has granted that which He deems to help humanity understand that which is the connection to Him the soul. That which composes the soul is known only to the Triune of God, but for you to grasp the concept, comparisons will be made to that which you know already in this physical life. No creation of God is allowed to know exactly what souls are composed of for that is Holy as it is a part of the essence of God the Father Almighty.

   The energy of souls shines according to its spiritual purity. When created it is pure like God, but is subject to the temptations of its realm.  In the case of humans it is here on earth. At its base all souls start as all love, which is God, but when tempted by the darkside the soul darkens as the light is lost through sin. This is what is meant that a soul is blemished or stained. When you seek reconciliation through Jesus with true remorse and penance those stains are erased the light of the soul shines again. Short live because sin is rampant

   The soul transcends all time and its passage or perception to the human mind is foreign as it does not adhere to the rules of the physical universe. Your human minds were never given the insight to understand some aspects of God only what is needed to take care of your souls. An example that plagues all of you that are nonbelievers, so many states all the time is how God created all that is in the universe in seven days. With your very limited knowledge of the universe do not your planets or moons revolve or donít at various rates? Do any of you on earth know for a fact the length of a day in Heaven in relation to the earth? No. Contradictions in the Bible are primarily from a lack of understanding as if the human conscience is at the pinnacle of the universe. You are children. Now we need to move on.

   When a soul is released from a physical body those that come back tell the same story. I rose out of my body by pure thought. Their vision was enhanced, as they could see perfectly clear even if they were blind.  They had the ability to see in a 360 degree spherical directions simultaneous. Acute hearing as the words within the field and beyond from various parties could be heard and separated with full comprehension, amazing. It is only when you start to grasp your new gifts that you are pulled away towards the light. The light for some is your eternal home, for others are taken away by the dark side while in terror. Many were caught by surprise as intellect discounted the existence of a realm where good and evil is separated and held accountable for the actions on earth.

   Questions abound with the birth of a child and the breath of life. It is here the wisdom of God transcends human intellect. Your spirit is blown from heaven from the lips of God by the same force that pulls you back upon death. Your soul attaches to the newly formed union of the sperm and egg, and then migrates to the brain stem once formed. It is not important that the body is not fully developed, but it gives the spirit of the child and that of the mother to form that spiritual bond, which would never be there if life starts once outside the womb with the first physical breath. Where is the bond? There is none. You are no different than reptiles. This is where your rights of abortion with your lack of knowledge in the universe do go so far astray. Just because your science lacks the knowledge see the conscience in the newly formed zygote because it cannot interact with the real world. Your scientists cannot even see the life force energy that pools in the brain stem and mind.

   You ask about why was I born to certain parents, a country or time period? This is Godís plan where your soul is implanted to a physical body, within a certain country, with a set of problems or lack of. It is up to you in the physical life designed for you to enlighten your soul as rise above what holds you down. This does mean being a monk in spiritual meditation or in the western world as a yoga king or queen. Finding yourself is a self interest, but putting your life at risk or educating, inventing and even just loving another to better the world without pride or arrogance is the goal. God chooses the simple, the discarded and places them where they are most effective when they are ready to change the world, but few answer the call. Can you do this? Now letís focus back on the event that will change the world, the Warning.

   One that is for certain for all of you that live through the Warning, when the Red Rays of Jesusí Mercy baths you, all will feel the pain of burning like day after deep tissue burn in a cumulative intensity proportional to the number of total affective souls and the hurt you caused while on earth. You will observe in agony at the parts of your body burning that caused the hurt so extreme some will have heart attacks and die. Your life will flash before your eyes, but this will be different. Most of you before your death in shock no matter how, the fraction of a second will be filled with the highlights of the loving parts of your life as you transcend life to death of the physical body to come home. Those that are revived as they arrived at the gates were rejected and sent back to earth to complete their mission tell us of this euphoric event many times over.

   During the Warning your life will be presented to you as Jesus sees your sins against mankind, your true brothers and sisters as it is the soul that links us. This never dies. All of you will fear or embrace what you see. All of us will fall to your knees and lay prostrate before the light of Jesus, many with tears of joy. It is true, there is a Savior. Most of us will feel a deep remorse for our actions on earth. Many of the secrets of earth, family, friends, government, science and religion shall be revealed and your eyes will open to the Truth. Jesus will then reveal to your mind His Love and Mercy and it is here that you will either accept it or reject it. These are the defining moments of your existent, pass or fail as you should never underestimate the Mercy of God.

   Reject it, and then the Red Rays will burn you relentlessly to where your mind will seemly run from the light. Accept it, and then you will welcome the pain knowing that it is burning away a life time of sin imprinted on your souls. Once cleansed, you are now able to stand proudly before your Lord and Savior Jesus and His light on Judgment Day proudly. But you have a responsibility. Until the Second Coming which will be a short time later you must not revert back to your old ways or allow those who are weak to succumb to the dark side. All of this when you come out of the warning will be remembered in your minds vividly and let no man tell you it did not happen as they lie. Remember your vision of hell? It was real. Let no man tell you sin does not count. Let know tell you that it was not important that Jesus died for your sins. Let no man take your inheritance. Know that he who seduces your soul which you now know exists, is responsible for your actions against others through hate, pride and anger and more important, it is eternal. Heed this warning.


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