As New Orleans and Haiti Flood below the Waves




Written Aug 09 9:59 pm EST


   As the earth changes increase it will start at locations that are a cesspool of sins that will be eliminated first in the America and the Caribbean theaters, as the rest of the world will already be in dire straits. I have deemed New Orleans and Haiti, which are focal points for voodoo that worship satan to be targeted again. Both suffered destruction, New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. The point is, did they learn did not learn? So what is their fate?

   For New Orleans I have something special as the earth wobble with be intensified. A rogue wave shall rise as conditions of random cancellation bouncing back and forth between Cuba and the Gulf Coast seen as extreme high tides will reinforce and move towards New Orleans with out warning. 200 hundred feet in height will drown all in the bowl with a maximum elevation near 30ft (the levies) without warning. Wave is focused and decreasing in height to the east and west of the city. The Tsunami system of buoys will show wave abnormalities within a few feet but does not account for wave reinforcement as they synchronize and rise as it approaches the Gulf coastline. Over a hundred thousand will perish in the bowl, but the true numbers suppressed as to not alarm the public. They will say many evacuated and cannot be traced as this will be a lie and close shots of floating bodies will be localized to show a house or two instead of a city wide view showing tens of thousands. Ask, with little notice in a city over 350 thousand and few homes above the water line of the storm surge as it will called, where did they go? Under the cover of darkness and the media will tell you this, you will be none the wiser.

   For Haiti the upcoming earthquakes will level almost all standing buildings that were not taken out in the first round. If you promote voodoo, that which is spawned by satan then expect to be destroyed in the End Times by the hand of God. For you also a tsunami of lesser height will hit scouring your coastal lands bare.

   Both cities were warned and there is no change. So be it. As you suffer I hope you call out for God instead of your spells.

   You ask when reading this what about the good people? They will be victim souls to balance the sins of mankind. You were told life on earth is a test and your physical bodies cannot transcend the next level. Life on earth has aspects of hell and all who pass on will see this as a blessing and they when they cross over the veil will have pity on you who are still alive on earth. These events will happen before the Warning the timing according to mankindís sins in the regional area.


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