The Act of Forgiveness

The Book of Truth



Written Dec 18


    Much has been written in the scriptures about turning the other cheek. But as humans, is this concept from the past leaves little meaning when applied to today’s life and reality? All look at this concept as ancient and was not meant to be a guide line for living one’s life today in the 21st Century. So what did your Savior mean by saying when some one harms you, turn the other cheek and accept the abuse in humility?

   That which is spiritual sees all life and all of its potential. The human race is just, but children as a race in this universe, although we are the true children of God. With this concept, are we influenced by outside sources due to our gift of free will? As a parent looking over your child no matter what he did, would most of you support them? Yes, even in the most heinous crimes against humanity.

   You are God’s children and He loves you no matter what you do as he has you promised everlasting life,  and no matter the doubts as to existence of God. Not one human has the wisdom of the ages that spans billions of years, just a day in the existence of God. So if your child is murdered in the end you will see him or her again in perfection? Few in their grief want to here this, but it is a better hope than they are just dead as a statistic of violence. For all is lost with that decision instead of one that encompasses some aspects of faith. Life is a test.

   Turn the other cheek means accept what has happen and move on, but it does not mean roll over and become a willing victim. Do not let hate, anger begin to fester within you, for this comes from another source. Rise above your pain as it is only temporary. Our Lord has told you in the scriptures, not a tear will flow from your eyes when the Second Coming is over.

    Yes loved ones were lost, but this is temporary and this is a promise from Jesus to all who past through the gates. They will be reunited with all loved ones. What He wants you to do is pray for those who committed the crime as this is a child of the Almighty. Look beyond what you taught on earth and merge with that of the heavens, which sees beyond hate. It sees beyond anger. The Heavens sees beyond hopelessness and despair where the future brings all of God’s children together without sin.

   Would you not go to the limit to save your child? The Almighty will do anything to save all of his children regardless of their sins against humanity. This is what you will learn as you ascend. This is what you must do if you are to move from the single entity of the whole, to one with God. Crime has always been apart of earth and over the centuries it has progressed to be worse. Do you want to follow the same path that has failed over centuries?

   When Jesus died at Calvary to free humanity from sin, this meant every injustice would be felt by His soul. Every murder, every rape, every loss of freedom and injustice to this day excised against another child of God continues give excoriating pain to Him, as Jesus has taken much of the burden from the victims when requested as this was written, even for God this is a monumental task.

   I will ask you reflect back on your injustices towards others you that have wronged. Think about how if the same situation was presented to you today, what would you have done to make it better? Apply that lesson to your life now, as you walk. Now think about those who have wronged you. It is here our Lord calls you to stand up as a disciple, His disciple and forgive them. With this true act of forgiveness and love for another, you will lessen he pain our Lord suffers due to a sin or sins against you.

   Reflect on the gift of forgiveness as in the end not only will it bring you peace, but Our Lord Jesus will no longer have to suffer for a sin against you. Do this for yourself, but more important do it for your Jesus.




  For those of you who are lost, Jesus will offer you forgiveness. This it not about confessing your sins in a church or in public as most to all would shun at this experience even if there are others confessing. Most sinners are private. Jesus wants you to know, He has seen and knows yours sins, your weaknesses, your fears. For many that have enacted terrible crimes against another and yourself,  many of you have sunk to the lowest level of human despair.

    Jesus asks you this, “You have hit rock bottom in life or hovering just above. No one knows your needs, but I do. Many have broken promises to you, I won’t. When all that is on this earth has failed you, seek Me your Jesus. You now ask how, do I need a priest, a preacher, a church or a prayer group? No you just need Me. Call Me in your mind and ask Me to forgive you for I can absolve all sins except those against the Holy Spirit and for most of your sinful lives few even know about the Holy Spirit. Few will help you, but I will. When no one listens, I will. When it seems no one loves you, I will. Call me in your thoughts, one to one as this is about you first and with this prayer, you will never look back as My love floods your soul.”




Crusade Prayer for Wretched Sinners

Dear Jesus, help me a poor wretched sinner, to come to You with remorse in my soul.

Cleanse me from the sins, which have destroyed my life.

Give me the gift of a new life free from the shackles of sin and the freedom, which my sins deny me.

Renew me in the Light of Your Mercy.

Embrace me in Your Heart.

Let me feel Your Love so that I can become close to You and that my love for You is ignited.

Have Mercy on me, Jesus, and keep me free from sin.

Make me worthy to enter Your New Paradise. Amen.

   Forgiveness only works if it is accepted, make that choice. Reach out and grasp that hand which will lift you when others have let you fall. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Look around and ask yourself, where is the help from those on this planet as the words seem to fall short when translated to actions? Reach out!


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