The Gift of Forgiving


Written Aug 18


   All of you know that Jesus would like you to forgive others that have hurt you. So what is behind these words, when so much damage against the human spirit has been done? First the physical life is only a temporary blip in your eternal life and every single one of you has sinned against another in some form or fashion. The surprise is that you seem to discount the affects you had on others in some cases something you was a simple sin is grave in the Lordís eyes. You have to make restitution to the extent the soul that was violated was hurt. This is where most of you have a problem.

   Now that you know the truth and that the goal of this mission is to save all, let not one fall to the dark side. You ask, what can you do to further this mission? I ask you to think of every one who has hurt you, caused you pain or even violated you, look back and see the bigger picture and truly forgive them in your hearts. You cannot change the past, but you can bring about a better future. In this way during the warning this sin or sins they have committed against you, they will not feel the pain of burning and Jesus Himself will explain to the soul that hurt you, that your soul has forgiven them and happiness will overwhelm almost all. This will be one of their greatest blessings and it came from you. Can you do this faithful people? Can you do this to lessen the pain of others who may have hurt you? More important can you do this in the name of Jesus?


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