God will Never Forsake You

This is not the end of an era as those in control would have you believe,

it is the end of times as you know it.

The Book of Truth



Written Nov 4


   This world will be confused very shortly as 2015 befalls earth and change becomes evident in the eyes of astute and faithful. As almost all will stick with what they know and believe what is fed to them from the media as the chastisements now in progress escalates rapidly after Dec. 2014, all will be taken a gasp. Decisions in life will quickly morph into what has allowed them to “survive” the rat race here in America against that which is the ingrain Truth, God shall take a back seat in many lives. The natural disasters will be explained away by scientists who do not have a clue as to the intensity and causes now or shortly destroying and cleansing the face of this earth. Know this; there will be little doubt and let their be no mistake as all will know this is the Hand of God and with His patience exhausted as all that could change have refused His Hand of mercy, now all that is evil will feel His wrath in order to save His children. Although many innocents will die and their souls saved, which is the ultimate goal. You men of earth will know fear beyond anything that humans have faced in recorded time. Before your disbelieving eyes the Truth shall rise when all seems lost above the lies and deceit of men aligned with the dark one.

   You cannot trust many of your leaders and the new doctrine of the Church, for it will allow the abandonment of the Laws of God. As you will be told, the rules of the past did not consider the diverse needs of today and should not and or cannot apply in today’s times. They will say the Bible was written for our ancients. That was their time. But it is our time now! God, Father Almighty wrote His words in stone, the Commandments and no man or pope will change this for He knew the future, protects the present and lets you learn from the past. Again when you abandon His Laws you put a separation between your soul and God and there is only one entity that would want this. Ask yourselves when all is said and done, do you want to be one with Satan or one with God. Make that choice, because it is forever and know every lie, temptation, coercion to make what is wrong to look right because all agree will be used to sway you. You have been warned of these times yet most sadly ignore the signs given to you in Revelations.

   In the US political arena the perfect storm was set up in midterms 2014. A perceived weak administration built up through many random events and certain scripted media outlets all designed to project failure in the eyes of the American public was just the push, as the fall was through the many mistakes that were made on their own. Few remember the successes as with anything in life when you lose. Gridlock, war, hate all orchestrated from one hidden source, but disguised through scattered and what seems random events. But you were told this you in the media here and still you at certain stations fell for the manipulated tight polls (take many sample polls and choose the one that helps your agenda) as if the Democrats had a chance. Education, inside connections, position and a network show does not give you insight as you now see, but the world knew. You think it is a lie, then, ask those retired in the small firm research businesses who conduct the polls with manipulated samples as you were told captured the true demographics with nothing to lose. It is all a lie as all information is now tweaked to herd public minds. If you say it enough times, they will believe.

   Almost all of you in America outside of the inner cities regret giving Obama a chance to lead this nation as you look back 6 years later. This was by design and this is what he accepted in order to be put on the national platform. Do you really think that the new world order would allow a person of color to derail their plans unless it was put in place to facilitate a focused agenda while he was being outside of the loop? His presidency nudged in certain predestined directions as what seemed like a decisions he thought was best for the nation aided by his turncoat advisors all led to the same predetermined point. Many paths and agendas are presented, but all designed to lead to the same destination; such is the power of the new world order.

   Those that backed your agenda, Obama have been made to look weak and you the Democrat constituents with your free choice have voted the weak out. The plan was to get certain media personalities and those willing to distance themselves from an Obama agenda to commit and then burn them with election results. But the crafty Democrats and those with power and the backing of the secret government are playing a fine line by choosing careful words and policy positions to play the game.

   You ask; how can we see past the subtle deceit? Those of the dark side appear to be who they are not. They offer a vision of hope, yet with no clear plan that raises even more questions. They offer a solutions to which is always to solve what they created, but always there is an excuse, a delay, never a solution. It is just a carrot. This is the game of politics that you see. This is the game secret societies play with mankind as they pull the strings of the puppets (world leaders). This is the Truth.

   They (the unseen new world order aka code name “Illuminati”) sacrificed the weakly backed Democrats who went against Obama publicly just to implant an element of doubt among their own. The key here is if you turn on your own, you will turn on us. This is what you are dealing with. For all them know what is coming and all in collusion to prevent you from knowing the Truth.

   Many of you expressed your anger in the only way you could at the voting booth. This time in 2014, fraud through electronic manipulation accessed by hacking the software backdoors, loss or deceiving ballots affecting of the final tallies was not needed as was used in certain Republican and Democratic races of power in the 21st century, just hate fueled what is seen in the final vote. Some recognized the suppressed polls in some areas as if you needed to get out and change the result that was sealed. All of you were herded and now there is a group of Democrats and Republicans who report to another outside of this nation. This is what you need to fear.

   Again I warn all of you, who would use the media to say what you hear on the internet, thus pointing specifically here as conspiracy theories will face the wrath of God. This is a promise if you suggest in any form or way this site promotes the work of the dark one. You need not fear me for I am human and just a tool, but He that backs me created the universe and you. Your scientists can spin their theories any way, present what they call facts as if they observed the beginning of this universe, but God did. When all that is written in Revelations unfolds there will be the feeble excuses to explain away what you are seeing, but you will be uneasy, why? You know why as you know your scientists don’t know anything about how this universe works and they will have no explanation for what is coming or the layman that is foolish. Do you follow a person into deep water who does not know how to swim or follow your gut a watch from shore?

   Fear God as He is trying to save all of you no matter who you are, but take one of His children or be the cause of their loss soul and He will take you. It is better you say nothing in public, than lie to the people and cause a loss of souls, which you think in your feeble minds is just. No one has the right to tell another soul that which is sanctioned by God, that the words spoken here and other sanctioned sites from God are false. Shortly there will be many false prophets, but instead of being suppressed they will be given a voice, as they are not sanctioned by God. Satan reigns now on earth for this is his time, but it will be short lived. Know this; Evil has existed over time and now with fleeting small grasp of time, this window of opportunity disproportionate will be match with a proportional increase of evil influence. Do the math and some of you will realize what this earth faces.

   The West is facing a new enemy prophesized from the North, the Bear. You see this every time Obama and Putin are on the same stage at first subtle, but now the sphere of influence concerning personal space projects a sense of conflict as both know the east west tensions will quickly escalate and result in nuclear war killing hundreds of millions. The warning presented is now taken seriously, but you will never be told of the real threat. Again the Russians have achieved a technological advantage given to them by the new world order, an EMP electronic shield. In the confusion, US and NATO electronic surveillance will fail in certain sectors by design as certain components put in place years to decades ago will fry as indeterminate magnetic electron flows emanating from the 12th planet (aka planet X). The Russians will send air power and intercontinental missiles many of which will be destroyed again to provide a cover that we fought for this nation, but in the end Congress will roll over to the new world order all by design. The true attract will come from the sea in short range cruise missiles 20 plus miles off the coast launched from subs with no chance of interception as the infrared satellites are knocked from orbit thus we are blind. Advanced technology, yes in theory could stop them, but the window of opportunity is too narrow and many in the US and NATO defense forces have been compromised. Defeat in certain aspects is unenviable as prophesized in Revelations. 

   All of you are seeing the Russians test the defenses or weak spots of Europe and the northwest coastlines of America, Canada and this will expand. This is not by accident as a war exercise, but a real test to exploit the vulnerability of US and NATO defenses. But it is the timing of an event you don’t see, where they will exploit mankind’s weakness as they are guided by the wisdom of the prince of darkness who knows the future and events that will affect earth. Your news networks just dismiss them away just like the quasi invasion of Ukraine as a real nuclear threat. The greatest enemy is the one you do not think exists!

    Putin has told the world he will use nuclear weapons and this is true. Arrogance, pride, over confidence in diplomatic forums will lead to a failed policy and at a flash point there will be a third world war where all major populated continents shall lose millions including the US, which has several pre-agreed “acceptable” targets all to gel Americans to join the new world order as their best hope. All that was prophesized in Revelations shall come to past. It will be here when the selected (yes your shadow leaders have betrayed this nation by giving a list of acceptable cities to be hit in order to usher in an accepted peace) American cities will be reduced to ashes. This is a 3 point plan with these focus points, undermine the Presidency and Congress as inept leaders, eliminate millions of undesirables within the cities with no means of escape (population reduction) thus creating the cause, then present on the world stage a new hope of peace under the guise of the new world order (led by a polished charismatic world politician (the antichrist)) as a one world solution where all governments and all religions shall merge into one.

   Let’s quickly shift from the world of politics to religion for both are connected. With time so short, the false prophet will move quickly to unify the religions of the world. Ask, how would one unify all faiths to become one? You shall be told; would not Jesus include all for He did go after the sinners? This is true. But watch, as this that is written in the Bible and will get twisted entwined in the benefits of humanism. Remember His words, I love the sinner, but I Jesus detest the sins. So few of you read the Scriptures, in turn, many of you will offer no challenge as Christians except the new changes promoted by Francis where this free choice may lead many down a dark path.

   The Church will soon promote removal of the concept of sin with no concern of the state of the soul of the sinner. This is flawed as it gathers those through no fault of their own to be led down the wrong path, although this will be presented as right to maximize the harvest of souls for the dark side. Focus on the goal of saving all, instead of the many intentions of self enlightenment and paths your lives will take. God is the only source of love in this universe, you need to start here.  

   Forgiveness is recognizing sin for what it is. Sin is a tool of the dark one and repentance is the consentment that a wrong has been done against another, thus spreading love, which only comes from the Divinity of God. Break one Commandment through self willingness, no matter how you spin the motivation, then you might has well have broken all Laws and Words spoken by your Father, God Almighty.

   Since when does man knows what is best for all life created by the Almighty? You were told, many would be deceived in this world and this is happening now as foretold in Revelations. They will be on the most part, Christians as their faith wanes. Then there will be the Jews, who will be blamed for every dark event of mankind. Oh how Jesus will weep for the lost ones. But the tribulations you see or suspect are only just about to escalate. The signs are there, but few heed.

   Your greatest sign will be the source that maintains all physical life on earth created by God, the sun. All of you over the age of 50 remember a yellow sun and deep red sunsets, now it is white, blinding when you as a kid could stare at what was yellow with caution, not today. The rays are intense in your skin, but this change now over the last decade has faded in your minds. All gardeners know how the leaves on their plants and trees are burning in late spring and early summer. This is new. The sun looms larger, but your scientists have never addressed this, why? They will tell you your eyes are lying to you, but when you ask others, all are in agreement. So who is lying, your eyes or the scientists the government hopes you listen to with their inept explanations in the near future?

   Watch as the sun looms larger but dulls slowly over time. Strange eruptions and surface ejections will shock the world of science who will have no explanation has changes according to them happens over millions of years, but now these changes will occur in a few. The sun will appear to spin and spit off matter at some point and all on earth will know these are the End Times prophesized in Revelations. Listen not to the words of men who would lead you astray, but believe your eyes and follow your heart as the Word of God is talking and calling you. Will you listen?

   Years of inaction and yet you as a nation refuse to look past the deceit, which is your false truth. Great change is about to affect all and certain people within the government again who answers to another. But not all of the leadership hides the Truth. Look to their body language and what they always seem to omit as a clue. If any warning is revealed, most would not want to hear it as they would go into denial while others would go on a lawless or irresponsible spree of worldly desires and lust destroying the family unit. Those seeking to solidify power would discredit the messenger and make any supporter look insane as others choose an easier path. Some will be assassinated to shut down any credible avenue of information, if released the public would never believe it anyway.

   They, the elite bankers who are one of the many tentacles of the Illuminati who promote from the shadows through the media which they own and experts who are on the inside pushing you the common man to save (Eras & retirement plans) for your future, yet they know there is less than several years left of what you would consider the present state of your planet where finances can control your destiny and wants. This is their dark truth. They will sacrifice billions in order to stay on top. This is what you must know and all who is not part of the Illuminati is exempt.

   On the internet you hear Obama wants to release a sanitized version of the truth in an announcement. You were told that the Russians and Chinese will back him. Sure, the only thing Obama will see in his back is the knife of treachery, which is already half way in unless you are blind to current events. Exactly what is he going to announce, oh by the way America, you all are going to die! Prepare, prepare for what, theft of your supplies, everyone knows about your stash as you have bragged. Rape, murder, disease, worms and insects at best for meals, confinement with others who will be insane, OK, now that is something to live for. But, you wait for what may never come. I told you this, years ago, yet you grasp for fleeting straws of hope, fools. An announcement will bring all to you and with demands, are you planning to share, “service to other”? Talk is cheap as you will have to give up your supplies to help others where years of backup evaporate into months or weeks. This is your future. Or you can hide, hoard and you become just like the others. This is the hard Truth. Not the rosy picture you painted in your minds.

   Never put your trust in anything, but the creator of all life in this universe, God the Father Almighty. They will set a date for disclosure and then an excuse will be present for the date set in stone, oh I think they meant paper, wet. The forces of evil stopped this and then a new date must be set. Dangle that carrot and they will follow as they laugh at you from their smoke filled rooms at the gullible ones. Any advanced race has the power to over come any media connection problem and specific details of the point of attacks, if asked for, but this has not occurred. The truth you have been lied to. You were presented a woman who is innocent, but used and all of you followed the alien race just to be a part, but you denied God the creator of all. You failed the test. You worship idols of the flesh because they are capable of interstellar travel. I wonder what the Indians thought of the advanced technology of Columbus and Spain as millions died, but in your case it will be the eternal soul. They told you in plain English the goal is not to excite mankind, yet an announcement in any form would. Collapse of wealth and property so that you could tell your friends you were right. This is service to self. Know this; no amount of supplies will save you. For all that you hoard will rot as pestilence envelops the world. Your health will falter and with a lack of healthcare and hospitals few of you will see the shift. You need another plan.

   All of you were deceived, and I ask you to rise for what you are about to learn is far greater than being excepted into an alien community a million years in advance with a finite life form. You are the children of God and all deceit in the universe is here to deny you your inheritance. You will walk on the greatest planet of the universe with no wants or needs. They tell you be thankful for bugs and wait for rescue. You still wait for changes and when they come 90% of the population on earth will die before the pole shift, which I told you years ago will occur. Is this what you want? All that you see and that you think is in your control is not. The new world order has herded your mentality to focus on scapegoats. This was the plan.

   This is what the politicians agreed to before they took office, hoping they could change a bargain with the devil. You have lost. The earth changes long delayed by those determined to save your sorry asses will befall the earth and not even you will believe you are safe. You have a choice. As examples are made and you the elite will be wiped from the face of the earth systematically as you are incinerated in front of your family and peers in unusual lightning storms know this was the Hand of God as destroys what is evil. Just maybe you are on the wrong side. Again when sanity encompasses your mind, politicians after decades of the fog of deceit know the hand of forgiveness will be there, but you must ask. Say this, Jesus, please forgive me for what I have done to my fellow brothers and sisters, those you entrusted me to govern and you shall be saved.

    Heed this, as many of you desire to achieve self enlightenment, peace of spirit, but refuse to acknowledge the only source of love is, God the Father Almighty. You may mediate your wishes of peace, but do you know who answers? These practices will never find solace in peace as your lives are disrupted. This is your clue. It is not God that influences you, but the dark one who answers your call.

   Now I know you are going say in the majority. How when I am told of peace, tranquility, and I can control my destiny is this wrong? This is where the dark side influences those who are looking for peace they have never had, it is to promote a new religion you as if you can lift your level of existence in this universe. Self empowerment to where no God controls your future or your past. You are in control and will be the message; again all is made to look good. This is a lie and deception if you look deeper. Does the Chi bring peace? Can you mediate your problems away or is this a carefully disguised escape from that which is God, the true source of love known by many names like Chi?

   Father would like all of you to know that you will face choices. You will hear things to bring you peace, but as He brings His wrath only to awaken you, many will feel no peace until you call out His name Jesus. All that brings mankind to its knees is to save human race from sin, but it is arrogant, pride and intelligence as if you are the center of the universe that you show God. The chastisements will show you who is God and it is He that will offer you Mercy through His Son. Mankind offers you nothing, but death of the physical body and your soul as many are under the influence of the dark one.

   The Almighty speaks, “All of you whom is in control of this world was allowed by Me, the author of life as Satan reigns now until My Only Son comes again in order to bring all of you home. Now I don’t expect you to understand all that you will face now, but remember what you read here. You are dealing with the pied piper of souls in this the only universe known to you where great wealth and power was your gifts from the dark one. This is his world, but shortly will be My one and only Son’s. All of you who are of the elite have advanced in this life on earth through connections, coercion, threats, cheating, murder, manipulation of the system and for the few hard work. There is only one God in this universe and all life was created by Me. Why do you seek that which made up by man instead of believing in Me, your Creator? You My children are My life. I as your God and Father, the ultimate power in the universe sacrificed and humbled My one and only Son to save you, but you refuse to believe and My patience is exhausted.

   You the elite of the world always hedge your bets and this time it is your life that will be on the line as this is an eternal choice. You were told the dark one rules earth, but this will change on the last day. When faced with death, don’t roll over in evil, call out in silence and say Jesus save me I am sorry for the injustices I created on earth. I don’t care what you did, what Commandments you broke, I just want My children to come Home to Me their Father. The door is open, but you must ask My Son for His Mercy. This how much I love you. Can you Christians and Jews follow My example? Can you, who follow other religions or just don’t believe in a higher power call out to My Son when you face despair or death? My Son will be awaiting your calls for help as I and through My Son shall never forsake you.”

   You say I have lost a loved one in a violent crime or by a disease, why should I believe in God? You say, my life is just misery as you question I have nothing? God, why have you not blessed me like others who have great wealth, health or love? You say look at the world, it is in chaos, murder in the Middle East and here at home in our schools. Does not God protect the innocent children? How if there was a God, He would allow this? The Almighty speaks, “Remember you were given a set of Laws delivered by Moses. You were given the Gospels inspired by life of My Son Jesus as He walked your earth. You were given free will by Me your Father and this means you can be influenced by any entity good or evil. You have the God given right to choose love or hate, life or death, to rise or apathy. All that hurts you My children is by the hands of men and this balance of right vs. wrong, I the Almighty can not interfere with as I have made you that promise, your free will shall not be interfered with. Shortly though, evil will tip the balance on earth and I will then deliver My wrath upon this ungrateful earth to save my children through intervention and the chastisements. This is My promise. This is My Love. This is what I must do to save you, My children”

   Mankind has little knowledge of that which is God and your inheritance. Few sacred servants have the courage to tell the Truth as they see hell as fictional. Although, this is changing, as many are standing up for Jesus knowing what they will face. This is the Truth.

   Sacred Servants I need you to stand up and fight for our Savior. You need to be smart as it is about change, but in a way that those who would turn on you cannot see. This is your mission. Bring God’s children home.


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