Looking Forward to 2012


Written April 27 2011

   As America moves forward towards the election of 2012, are the candidates listening to the voices that have been hurt by poor decisions over the past decade? We have serious Republicans like Huckabee that deliberately lied about the "birther" issue and he is suppose to be Christian, when he new the truth from insiders. All to galvanized Republican voters to make a choice on hate. The CIA and FBI meticulously checked all birth records and angles when given the task to investigate from Rove. The plan, if something was found, release the information a couple of weeks before the election, thus crushing Obama and preventing Clinton from organizing a successful replacement campaign to challenge McCain. They found nothing.

   So lets examine both sides to see how the truth was allowed to come forth. Key Republicans were baited to pursue the birther issue and by those who for the most part do not like to get their hands dirty, but initiated the plan. They offered the rising stars in the Tea Party a voice in return to exploit the issue. They infiltrated town hall meetings with paid disrupters, after the election, they simply disappeared. The goal was not to ever prove the President was illegitimate, but to convince the Republican voter he is by tapping into the emotions of fear and hate with doubt. It is here that America can see the dirt in politics and how some leaders are about manipulation as oppose to the truth to win an election.

   Now why the delay in producing the birth certificate when all insiders knew of its existence? Democrats have known, the Republicans for their crafty tactics, so the decision was to let the issue ride and see where it leads. As they knew, it one thing say a party deceives and then offer proof only to be rebutted as partisan politics, it is another to let America know and see they have deceived through their own actions. As the comments on the web state, this was a brilliant move by Obama Administration. America gets the truth, and those high profile Republicans and tea partiers now know they were used, yes that includes you Trump. You played your card as a bluff, did you really expect to find something the CIA couldn't? Now you are called, and you must fold. You cannot take credit because the opponent shows his hand and wins, but you can take credit as the loser that you are, moving on.

   We now know better and it is decisions like these, that take advantage of the weak that have no place in government. We have Boehner, who still has not learned his lesson by stating, he will look into removing tax subsidies for the oil industry. Profits are skyrocketing fueled by speculators backed with money from those who would benefit the most. The statement America needs now is, the tax loop holes will be closed and the laws on the books to stop speculation will be enforced. Boehner, can you speak those words for the good of the American people? Probably not, as you can't even control your puppies, as the tea party and their leaders still appeal to special interests and again I state, are these the people America is hoping to lead us out of this depression like recession?

   Since some in both parties are jeopardizing the future of America, the stakes are going to be raised where your actions past and present will show their true intent to the world. Although you have another choice, protect all in America where all has a chance, and nobody has a guarantee. It is a best effort. I put the ball in your court.

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2011