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Written: Aug 30 2010

   So what is the true intent of Fox News and how are the Republicans using this media platform to influence the American people as they hope to going into the Pole Shift, which still held as closely as Earth' greatest secret. Murdock sympathetic to the Bush-Cheney Administration maintains a tight media spin to counter any threat of their planned agenda to sculpt the population to their making. Decades in the making from the days of Prescott Bush to be in control before and as the shift hits, thus solidifying power for centuries due to the disorganized human turmoil during the aftertime. The stakes are high as conquest of this world is on the line in their view. Land, resources, were to be divided among the select few as agreements among the weak will not be honored, but would have been targeted for elimination after the fact. Enter Fox News to provide the spin views on pivotal events, selected omissions, to present a view that contains enough truth from an angle that few will dare to counter, and political personalities pulled from the ranks into the media spotlight with their own shows. There is no better advertising campaign than being a host. But best of all, a portion of the American sees this as absolute truth. So what was in it for Murdock, ask him. But this sounds like just another conspiracy story, although it becomes the truth as Indonesia and Malaysia sink as waves assault the nations and millions perish in a human tragedy never seen on Earth. The event will be witnessed by all as many lose their lives helplessly, but still this can be seen as a normal disaster for those still in denial. What you need to realize is this was and still is the plan for you. When reality hits you and the veil drops and the stark life of how you was just another number on path by a certain groups of people you trusted, but used, the true cost in this time for most is death.

   The job of Fox News is portray a problem that can excite the base through hate, envy and greed, for this is the source of your problems. Allow the spin, to point the finger of blame to a sympathetic administration giving away your tax dollars. Reinforce idea that they help those who take from you. So lets look at immigration and then the Iraqi War which has just ended combat operations.

   The basis for this problem is deeply established in the Republican camp and some corrupt long established Democrats. Years ago, agreements were made with business owners in the Western and Southeastern parts of the United States where cheap labor was needed. Marginal land sponsored by government funded irrigation projects could transform the land into a fruit and vegetable farming windfall. Household labor and factory workers jobs filled here in the US instead of overseas. Tax revenues and power on the line, the missing link in the West was cheap farm laborer. So their was a silent agreement acknowledged by looking pass opportunities thus covertly allowing the Mexicans to cross the border and in some cases, assisted when needed, but still seen as migrant workers who over stayed thus becoming by default, illegal. The plus for the businesses was control and wage suppression of the work force or a voluntary slave labor force based on fear of deportation. No benefits, workers rights or the expense of payroll taxes and best of they all are expendable. This silent agreement never expected the transient work force to build permanent homes in the US as all should have taken the dollars home were life would have been good due to the economic inequalities between the United States and Mexico.

   It was this policy of exploitation that quietly transferred the burden of government support to the Democrats and their policies of giving assistant to the less fortunate. What was started by Republicans to help businesses with cheap labor became a political win as all short comings in Social services and budget deficits were transferred to their opponents. Thus, those who cheated the system caused an untaxed public burden on education, health, transportation and welfare systems. Now out of control, the Republicans, the original source of the problem, now blame porous borders, which they created in greed. They talk about walls to be built so that their associates will profit knowing we have the technology to lock the borders from space and on the ground. Could anyone approach Area 51 undetected, no. Do we not have satellites with infrared that track any living organism from space. The military has detectors in the field to detect heart beats and the public still believes the Mexicans are that ingenious to cross the border of a nation, technologically the most advanced on Earth. You need to come to terms, all of this is by design.

   So how come the current administration does not change this? For the powers to be, the Obama administration are a few voices among the many, who were placed into power over time for continuity and this administration is seen as one of many administrations passing along, so subtle blocks are put into place until the next favorable transition is in control. But where racial hate can be exploited, the opposition accelerates as the economy falters and more lose all hope. As few consider who and what was the true cause of there problems, this is where Fox News steps in to fill in the blanks. Again the public of the United States are none the wiser as they see it as partisan politics or gridlock and some cases an inept administration again all by design.

    How does the idea that many who did the jobs many Americans would not do as a right to stay vs. those who want to rewrite the 14th Amendment play out? The various people who crossed the border did it to escape poverty as all were aware of the risk for an opportunity. A nation and its borders are sovereign and no one who breaks the law has a say so after the fact as time does not diminish a violation. All came here for money, all excepted exploitation and were paid for jobs Americans would not do for the same compensation, which is below the legal minimum wage in most cases, but as the American nation this does not make this behavior right on both sides.

   If we as a nation consider changing the 14th amendment, you need to think again. A baby is not responsible for the actions of their parents, it is your job to prevent the flow across the borders, not after the fact by deporting a legal American based on hate and fear as this is one source of the problems that the weak minded face today. Greed caused this, yet you hide these facts in the shadows. Remember, if this so called revision was law and retroactive, how many of all those who came to and built this country from over seas would be deported. Many ports were unguarded and countless arrived without passing through legal immigration avenues. Some of you who want to pass this law would be guilty of the same violation, so when they go so shall you. Now are you still willing to change an amendment that grants a basic right, when this may affect family and friends?

   When the disasters increase many of you who voice these same opinions, will be looking for hope, shelter and a safe place to stay, but some harden hearts will treat you just like an illegal alien as you do not belong. Scarce resources and efforts should not be wasted on transients, be careful of the seeds you sow.

   This country was built by immigrants of all nations on Earth, all assimilated, but retained their particular cultural flavor and this is welcomed. This is what America is about, diversity, where a fair chance is given to all who work for it. The current situation will be resolved as quickly as the country can absorb without diluting the services of citizens already here. This is the reason for quotas, which will not be exceeded due to personal financial wants by skirting the system. All will not be a burden to any social or government program, but will pay their fair share. If unable a sponsor will absorb all of the debt if you want them to stay. Otherwise, you are returned and can enter through normal channels. It will be your community that determines the fate and support of those who are here illegally. You have strong voices, on the other side I hope you have deep pockets, because the taxpayer will not pay 1 cent to those exploiting an opportunity that cost costs those who are here legally. Where the life of the illegal is at risk the U.S. will do all for humanitarian reasons until safe return to country of origin at no cost. Repetitive violations, outside of extreme natural disasters will be hard labor camps in Alaska. America welcomes all those who will be a contributing part of its future, but will not except a situation where a few enrich themselves on cheap labor while passing on the social costs to the general population.

  It is current consensus that the present administration is responsible for not doing enough, inexperienced, overwhelmed, just out of touch with the American people as presented by Fox News. Is there some truth, yes, but for the most part this was caused and maintained by a few trusted inside advisors with a double agenda. They smile, and present what seems the best options for the administration to take, in most cases when you pass a major piece of legislation, it is tweaked in the fine print the regulations so that distribution of wealth improves or remains the same, but the public perceives a win. Good chance you didn't get the memo on the change. The present administration based a large part of policy and decisions based on trust, new to the intense Washington scene where the hidden influence the leaders of both parties shows itself in subtle ways, only now once inside as a need to know, does Obama truly realize the depth of deception by those looking beyond the present.

   As almost all are setting up alliances that will bring future political and personal benefits, all at the expense of the present direction of the administration and America. Allies in meetings and in front of the cameras, backstabbing in the smoke filled backrooms as side agendas are planned. The political process in Washington for the present  administration is compromise between the parties and a steep learning curve as you go. The former Bush Administration and their well placed moles in government offices knowing what is at stake, have set up many programs and redundant processes deeply embedded in present overall government operations. Most taking many years to unravel and the leadership of the Republican party know as both sides of the political process had a fix. A process put into place just in case McCain lost the election, which in their minds and his was a can't lose scenario.


  Now that combat operations in Iraq have come to an end, why were we there? The Bush administration intent was to displace the Rothschilds as the elite family of wealth on Earth in a post disaster world. With advanced knowledge of the incoming 12th from NASA and verified from astronomical observatories back in the early eighties all funded by government tax funds, it entered the solar system in early 2003, there was a need to incite conflict. Through crafted manipulation of events and media, the designed war was initiated where past aggressions of the Iraq could be used to present a fear of WMD to sign off as a need to contain a potential enemy. It has always been the plan of those in control to present an event to solidify the population against a common cause. Look at the history of this world, the fault of most is that they have learned and the same twist of fate will never happen again. Yet again it has, as the history will record these events as the common man again trusting the words of the few. With control of the media, a cause like 911 to spark the American public to sign off on war with little oversight was accomplished. There is little doubt that an overwhelming portion of a patriotic population would follow without question. Their goal was to maintain control of the oil fields going into and after the shift, with control of the gold at Ft Knox and the NY Federal Reserve, possession of most of the known oil reserves coupled with US military would have given this group a conquered world. Corporations got rich, like Halliburton as lives were lost. Did they rebuild the infrastructure or just give the appearance as if the would never be held accountable for the results? Where did the money go? We rebuilt Japan in a few years and provided a foundation a world economic power to develop, not in the Middle East, because it was never the true goal of the Bush Administration. Years later what do you your own eyes see or are you like Fox News commentating on Iraq with their heads in the sand?  Had the shift occurred in 2003, those behind the invasion would have eliminated the surviving indigenous population in what they thought would be the oil rich middle east, as all deaths would have been covered by the pole shift and the survivors in the West none the wiser. This was the plan.

   All were told to support the war and those opposed, your patriotism challenged as a threat. It worked, as even some long term Democrats hedging their bets joined the wall of silence voicing support for the former president. All were securing a place in the protected bunkers, what about the abuses of power and position for personal gain now in the news that seems to target African American congressman and women? As the financial housing bubble was put in place by allowing collusion and little oversight abuses for all in agreement were overlooked. Partners in crime tend protect each other when there is little scrutiny of their past actions. Fast forward to present day politics Rep Maxine Waters states her actions were allowed by the Bush Administration, but all are responsible for choice in their actions. So what is going on in the minds of some Republicans and followed through by actions with Waters, Rangel and others? They hope to play on the hate in America by putting high profile African American politicians in the media and paint them as corrupt, which is for ethic's committees to judge. Was there poor judgment in the actions of the Congressmen yes, as the same people who looked away in good times now turned in bad times they need scapegoats of the many hidden guilty of similar crimes. They hope America associates being African American in politics goes all the way to the President, the true objective, while those playing the race card in defense are dismissed if there are guilty in the eyes of the public, which can be arranged through the media. All that has taken place over the past 10 years was to solidify power in America by those controlling the Republican Party and America is now just scratching the surface of how deep and well planned this agenda is.

   All this will change when the American population realizes the decisions of those they placed in power under the Republican agenda and a few long term Democrats expects them to die in the disasters. As superficial rescue attempts are put into action with little real support given to the true American rescuer, who is in the trenches risking it all to save a neighbor. There presently are no plans for the injured and weak to be a part of the future when politicians allegedly emerge from the bunkers as the predicted. Although, there is a predicted 90% death rate is overall, but even greater in industrial countries as few have the skills or the will to live off the land devastated in what seems a no hope situation, this is not firm. It is your actions that can change this. No one needs to accept a fate until you are dead, there is always hope, but none when through lack of effort.

   Contracts, alliances, military contracts all in place to provide a just in case. If the shift is delayed and the Republicans lose in 2008 and they did, 2010 & 2012 will be a point of return. As what is in place will not be unwound in time to present a positive public view for the party in power. The American people will look for an alternative as salvation, not knowing the same group was the cause, put into place safeguards to maintain their return as those who try to undo will not have enough time to correct the general condition of the common citizen and with given a chance, cannot place blame.

   If Republicans are expecting the disasters to be common knowledge and their plans to be revealed in the near future, why the push to win Congress? Fear of not being in control is now greater than the unknown reprisals from the public. In their minds, the plan is to win control of Congress first and foremost, no potential lie or deception is too great, when all is at stake. Those in control now plan to retire quickly after the election as victorious, although there is great hidden infighting about who and how many has to go last in order to maintain the facade. Appointed replacements eager for power, will jump at an offer as the leadership needs to maintain the power base, all the while those in control knowing those that out of the loop will take the fall while the leadership associated with former active party members who hid the truth and allowed the injustices are seemingly safe in the bunkers.

   The appointees brave enough to stay at their posts will take the brunt of the public raft as those who are best at using their friends and the public will fall short when put to the test of leadership during the disasters. It is easy to look good when resources and help is available, but when all are under siege and sharing of resources stops, what will be their answers, when consultants have none? Promises of safety for the Republicans that stayed when they flee, will be ignored when the time comes, how can they open the doors with crowds outside watching all? Did you really expect honor among a group that wrote off the public as planned space was for the few? Don't worry the bunkers safe from people may have a flaw, in that life forms unknown to mankind in some areas will be disturbed and forced near the surface to escape the vibrations caused by tectonic stress. As cracks develop in the deep portions of the underground bunkers and progress upwards, these life forms with there natural food cut off, will find a new source.

   Control of the media is foremost, this is why Fox News is so important, as it provides a controlled source of information. But, you say there are other sources like the internet that allows the truth to flow freely. There are some in Congress now pushing the internet kill switch, although, they have an ulterior motive. Where the goals of those pulling their strings are of hidden prime importance and the excuse of safeguarding the net to protect the nation, a guise to push it through as law. Passage, they want as assured by what they think is a gullible public. They expect you to believe the safety of the nation is at stake, as high tech rogues have the knowledge and education to crack our network of supercomputers. Are we concerned with the Russians, Chinese or North Koreans with far more resources and talent?  Are we to assume, our best effort after the fact is to turn off the network for up to 4 months and this makes sense. As senators are you giving a roadmap to the enemy that critical  aspects of our society are at risk so they can plan an attack? Why would critical network servers even be connected to the public network, one of the primary goals for all security is self containment.

  Safeguarding the network is not the goal, but the administration, again through advisors and the public are to believe so. The plan is to use an event, real or false flag to control access to internet preventing the public from researching knowledge relating to the upcoming disasters as all sites related to the pole shift go dark with those that are suppose to stop a threat, which will coincide with a great Earth change that does not pass as normal even with the usual spin. The current executive branch did not consider this angle as they were being led astray, with confusion and overwhelming events anticipated to cover their motives. It will be Fox News used broadcast to the public where content is strictly controlled and filtered. The goal, no knowledge is the be given to the public otherwise they will know they have been betrayed by some of those who elected them, while the most of the rest are going along with the program as they want to live.

   What is sad is that the world had to come this for a majority to see that everything must change. All will be thrown away in disgust, as the veil of deceit is lifted, all shall be rebuilt on a new foundation. It is not about the words, but actions, passion from the soul to include all. We will need this if we are to survive. This is not a movie and you get one chance to make it right. You are being given a chance to change the way of the World before God changes it for you and you do not want that path, where the innocent suffer because of the crimes of the few. But, God is all good so why does the innocent suffer? You were given free will, now you can get on your knees and pray, which is good for the soul, but it is those pushed into action to deliver on those prayers that count. Which are you? Are you going to roll over and accept the lying words of those who hope to keep you in the dark, or protect your loved ones by preparation, cooperation, sharing and finally on Earth a group that believes in the truth. This is the time to change for you may not have this opportunity again for a long time. This is not about the counter opinion of lock and load, for that path is for the weak minded as the strong continue to eliminate the expendable when resources are limited.

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