Is Being Gay Innate?

The Book of Truth



Updated June 21


   All the rage as you state that being gay is not a choice. Make no mistake; the Almighty who created all life gave you as a human, a child of God free will. That which makes sexual actions that is homo sexual, is against the laws of the Almighty and you know this as a fact. Donít fool yourself. Now you have a choice, lie and say you were created as gay or face the Truth. If same sex is against the laws of the Almighty, then your choice in life was not created as part of your being. The Almighty does create that which embraces sin. There is another influence. You made a choice to look at same sex as to be accepted as normal under the new rules of humanism. Is it? Can you procreate as a couple to perpetuate the human race? You made a choice to love the same as some have acceptance to your physical flaws or perfection. You can face the Truth now or at the warning with its repercussions. The choice is yours. Children do not change the rules that God has set. At the Warning all of you will be told the Truth. The goal is to save your soul as Jesus loves you, but despises the sin of homo sexuality. To the children of God, it not your place to chastise or condemn for this right has been given by the Father only to His Son to judge the living and the dead. Do not judge or you shall be judged by the same distain. All of you sin and this is just another sin, which Jesus shall forgive when asked.


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