The Book of Truth


Written Sept 27


   We have all heard of the sin of gluttony, but mankind does even consider this as a serious sin due to lack of understanding. But mankind has shifted the focus of its true nature to those who are fat while presenting the image of the pig as they cannot control what they eat. In this time of plenty among the Western nations of this world, gluttony as a sin is hidden through the many layers of society that seem to have a support system. This will change shortly.

   The Almighty Speaks, "Know this, many of my children have no control of their hormones as this is their battle to overcome and come closer to Me. I speak to so those who take more than they need by choice and not genetics. This is the glutton I am referring too. This is soul that takes which I give you freely and deprives another child of mind for any reason. It unfolds into the sin of gluttony."

   As the earth changes to where many know there is a change, commencing shortly after late December 2012 will set in place, that many on earth will start to lack resources to feed, shelter and the ability to clothe themselves. What will those that have the resources to change this do? Harden their positions and show no empathy for the poor and helpless as if they are now responsible for others and their positions of life. Remember, you are the same group that stole their money and savings by manipulating the markets, which they thought was fair stock market swings. Maybe we should let people hear your laughter in your backrooms with cigars, liquor, prostitutes and under age page boys. Maybe we should drop a covert video to your families. Would you then be proud of your words and actions from those who respect you, but do not know your dark side to even the scales of justice?

   Gluttony is a sin of excess to where the lives of others are affected. This was a sin in the past as the elite feasted while the peasants starved. This shall be repeated as only the rich will be able to buy food on the black market that has been diverted from the people of this nation. Farmer will be bought and corporate farms will sell to the highest bidder overseas.

   Gluttony is where you eat and drink in excess to no regard to the many that will be starving around you. Black markets, wealth spurring greed fills your coffers to excess when people in this country will be dying. Hoarding resources that are idle, which could be used due to your fears? How much is enough? Warehouses that are filled beyond the scope of the common man could help millions, just ask the Waltons. Encampments equal to that of armories to take from those who have nothing, Gluttony. All are guilty of taking more in excess than they need.

   The earth changes will bring out the best and worst of mankind and the sin of Gluttony will be that determinant when it comes to food, water and the basic supplies for survival. It is up to you to recognize gluttony for what it is and why it is a sin against another. This is the Word of God.


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