God Created all Life

Satanís Arrogance

The Book of Truth


Written Jan 15


   As the world polarizes, those currently hidden beyond the public eye and media whom control the world have no fear. They pray in secret to the one that has allowed them to attain almost unlimited wealth and power as they crush this world through incremental increases in percentage of debt to net worth or pay check. So subtle, but you see it as dysfunctional governments, manipulation in the housing market, cascading affects through the bond and stock markets, and predatory banking practices, but enacted by design and they see the Second Coming as just another controllable challenge bordering on fiction. Why would they think different, when primitive mankind crucified the Son of God, allegedly if youíre Jewish?

   You, the Illuminati see your power as absolute, you laugh as the minions, oh, I am sorry, the people you are suppose to serve, (laughter again) think they have control of their future, but they are nothing more than financial slaves to you. With all the power of the world, you cannot, and have not eliminated the true voices of God. This is a fact not a challenge. Suppressed access on the web through removal of links, burying, bait and switch with substitute pages as this has turned against you, as those in the media wondered if pages disappear or are buried in select search engines consistently over more than a decade then you are afraid of the Truth. So you continue suppress it, out of fear on the internet especially in America.

   You in that small circle of the elite at your ďspecial conferencesĒ have seen the power of God at your so call impenetrable locations when you mock Him. Last encounter; was there even enough dust from the bodies to fill a small vial? I thought so, as you stutter in fear trying to find any excuse other than God like aliens for the event. It wasnít them. The Almighty is the only source to create life and upon His Word can destroy it. These lessons are to bring you home or wake you out of your slumber. Only when death confronts you does the Almighty have your ear. Your leader, the dark one, aka satan, devil, antichrist uses you as a tool to gather souls, but you do not see this as you focus on lust, power, and earthly wealth. Can you take it with you? Absolute power dissolves. Beauty does age. You turn to dust and you trust a liar!

  You are asked, when honed in the skills to lie, to deceive, to take what is yours as you are human and these traits will bring into existence, a great world, a new way of life? This offer and direction to conquer this world is very powerful and is only from a source, that which is spiritual and other worldly. If you are being taught how to control by that which uses evil, then what protects you or the world? Does not the anti word teach you to lie cunningly with half truths to achieve control? Does not the anti word teach you to manipulate the capitalistic financial systems of the world to where all think the markets are fair, but will soon bow to a one world order through debt? Does not your manipulation of the Catholic Church and soon its doctrines and revelations fool the faithful? As if this scheme will prevail in the end against that which is all powerful, God?

   Illuminati fear God, but know He loves you even though you are wayward; no power on earth or from your dark side will protect you and your family. The thunder of God will shake all of your foundations and you will know with no doubt, who is Almighty. Where those you trust will flee in confusion and fear. Then what?

   Many of you are astute in this world as you play it like a chess game and have the wealth to back your successes. There will come a point where you, all powerful on earth  among men will remember these words, which are Godís Words from only a messenger as you look for hope. This is the goal.

   You are the target of God, not the chosen, for you, the Masons or Illuminati have been seduced by the dark one for Centuries. Look carefully at your path in life. Domination of the financial markets has been the goal. Where wealth and material acquisitions, has replaced what your familyís belief in what should be love, and in the one true Triune God.

   He is the essence of love and the only source of it in the Universe. Deluded, as you are trying to bring a new order to the world, but you donít see this. Yet over the centuries most of this world is still poor, still dies from curable diseases and still uneducated as greed, lust and pride have replaced common sense, compassion and love. Your sense of duty for the gifted is to elevate the needy and still excel in life. Control suppresses freedom and innovation as power supplants wisdom. Again as an infant race in the Universe you donít see this.

   You were given great technologies to destroy civilizations and conquer from the dark side, but simple diseases and anger still ravage mankind including yourselves. You were told you will rule worlds in the future greater than the one you rule now, but when one of your own dies, nothing is heard from the other side. You are asked again, despite the promises when you celebrated your dark masses; you still believe you have influence. This will be true until the Second Coming. There are powers beyond your comprehension. Your leader communicates from the other side and now from earth as he is incarnated in a man. You have no proof, but through the Scriptures, as this life is brief. Yet the simple, who experience a near death talk about seeing God and the Majesty of His Kingdom. You dare not ask about your doubts for you know death would be your best option if you go against the dark one and not one of your kind comes back to talk, again this is by design.

   Masons use common sense, God is not ineffectual as you confuse it with love or does not exist as the weak have been told, but gives certain life forms of spiritual essence a free choice outside of His influence, no exceptions. This is why He showed the world and He allowed the sacrifice of His only Son. This is why He asked Abraham to kill his son, but stopped him at the last second and replaced it with a lamb. The Almighty showed the world His ultimate sacrifice for sin, His only Son to save our sorry asses. He is God and need not bow before His creation, but His Son did for your salvation. You as human, could you let the world take your only child to save all who does not believe in you? God created all. God sent a set of rules for those He created to love him by free choice through Moses. You ask why, but this is His secret and not for us to question for the wave of His Majestic Hand, humanity, the children of God was created in His image and placed in the Garden where again there was a command and challenges.

   Satan is a spiritual angelic creation of God and was given free will. It was his choice to refuse to give all glory to God, as he thought in his finite celestial mind existing in the same realm as the Almighty, he was equal to the Creator. As a creation of God, he through now what is called the sin of pride as he is the source, thought he was now greater. For this and the refusal to repent in arrogance, satan was caste away to rule this planet earth and the dark abyss.

   With all of his powers, mankind was allowed to interact with the dark one as we were given free will as children of God in paradise that co existed in the same dimensional plane of the past earth.  The temptation excepted by a joint decision of Adam and Eve with neither owning up on the decision, but pointing fingers towards each other (Does this sound familiar?) sent the human race into exile as the Garden of Eden and was removed from planetary plane of earth. This is why mankind may look and search, but they shall not find, what was of Heaven. Yes Eve presented the apple to Adam and as the man who led the family unit, he had a choice to agree or disagree knowing the decision goes against the will of God or stand with his mate who was seduced by the dark one. This is the Truth. Immortality was removed. Thus the legends of Adam living 900 years is true due to removal; as the spiritual essence of God as His child is replaced with that of this physical earth over time. Mankind was now subject to death.

   You as children of God are being tested. Right now we are failing as you would rather take the riches of the earth, which you cannot take with you when you die. You are being asked, those who gave you conquest over this earth through murder, cheating, theft, deception, coercion and some hard work, where do you think you stand? You think after death as you enter the universe of immortality where life forms from the dark side have existed since the dawn of time you are going to rule? You are being sucked into a pyramid scheme as you are not special except in the eyes of God your Father, but just another soul to be tortured to them. Although you donít think a soul exists. If your physical body dies, then there must be an essence of your mind that lives infinitely beyond your concept of time according to the rules of the universe.

   The dark side cares nothing for the weak. There is no love, for that comes only from God. When you are removed from earth there is only the dark and there is only choice to take advantage of your own kind. This is what you fail to understand and this is why in your deluded minds, you will do what ever it takes to rise to the top. What you will find is at your top when you transcend death, you will be the bottom of the universe to your shock. You will scream for God and His mercy, but it may be too late. Let this be only a seed as you have doubts for now.

   If you live for an eternity, would not compassion, love and mercy be the essence of paradise? There would be no need for money. There would be no death or illness. All needs would be provided for. All would live greater than the greatest person on this earth with all their wealth. Do you not have more than all the kings in the past except for multiple wives? Do you live longer? Simple diseases are cured, which killed the royalty. Technology and knowledge has been revealed that is beyond any king of the past. Adventures that were not possible in the days of kings are yours. Think!

   The Kingdom of God is your home after you transcend death or for the brave after surviving the Chastisements, in the blink of an eye during the Second Coming you will transform without experiencing death. But you must make peace with your Savior at the Warning. No man has the knowledge of creation for that is only Godsí. Only the pride of scientists infused into minds by the dark one, allows man to think they have a simple handle on how life was created. Mankind is not even close to the creation of life as their theories of the Big Bang and Evolution is flawed as if they think they could grasp the knowledge of that which is Godís only in this Universe.


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