God is Love



Written July 22


   There are many mysteries surrounding your Father, God Almighty and He has given Divine authority to reveal select pieces of the Truth to bring you closer to Him. So let’s bring some light into your world.

   The Almighty before time or change was and still is a spirit form that dominated a spatial area by His design. A spirit composed of an essence we can not understand, but your soul has bits as His children. His primary life force is composed of pure love which produces a blinding pure white light; a light no earth man’s eyes can gauze upon. His existence was always here a concept beyond human comprehension, but time did not exist. Perfect in form, perfect in thought, perfect as he is existence. As the Creator, His mind draws on a power of energy emanating from Him and changes it to matter by mere thought, but allows transference back and forth to energy. So what changed before the creation of the universe? Be careful as this is not heresy, but the Word of God authorized from the Heavens and these Words are Holy.

   The Almighty speaks, “Even though these words are written by my servant, he conveys a message from your Father who wants to reveal to the world with the purpose, God’s Plan to bring all of you, My children home.”


You have many questions so again let’s begin.


Many ask; if You are the Alpha and You have always existed, but the universe was created in what is a finite time, how can this be?


   The Almighty speaks, “I Am and have existed before the creation of time and the universe as you know it. The spirit of love, the spirit of life, all is contained within Me. I just existed all in perfect form. I as the only power, the only life force, I projected an immediate perimeter about My spirit as nothing else was needed, your concept of space did not exist. My Divine Thoughts wanted something different. To where a small spark of My life force would be separated from Me by My design, the source and placed into My creation, blessed with My love upon passing a test they would return to Me with love. This is My plan.

   With mere thought, it is My power that created the universe down to the most complex interactions of matter. Then I breathe a small part of My life force creating sentient organic life. With this I created time to pass so that things would change. All that you see and don’t see as life is sprinkled all about this universe of many levels.

   I Am the source. I Am the creator of all you know. What saddens Me is when I grant pieces of knowledge of all that is created to select individuals, they discount Me. The problem occurs when they try and expand upon their knowledge and it is here they go astray. You are born with love and as you walk the earth, you learn through life lessons and it is My hope that you find Me and come home upon death of your physical body. It is your soul which is a part of Me that is eternal that needs to come back to Me. This is the purpose of your life.”


With divine respect, what were thoughts of you God, the Father Almighty before time began?


   The Almighty speaks, “I am all. I Am love. I Am the only true light. I wanted something more since I Am perfection as your one and only God composed of the Trinity. I created a plan to where all that I truly love, a part of Me is created and set free where their choices in a life I created would challenge, the goal is perfection through your actions and choices during your life on earth. So I created the universe and I allow change to occur through your concept of time.”


Explain always was and the concept of time, which has a definitive start point?


    The Almighty speaks, “I Am immortal, the source of everything. It is My thoughts and actions that create your reality. There was no need for time for I was the only life force. I did not need space as you know. If I Am perfection there is no need for change, thus no passage of time as you know. Reality of everything with all of its complexities of existence was redundant. There came a point where I wanted change, thus the need for your concept of time, became an interwoven progression of events and movement of sub atomic particles as the basic frame work or building blocks of matter once cooled of My energy created the universe you see and don’t to where one change affects another. This progression is a time line that can be accessed in what has past and as God I could see the future. As I Am time. This is why it is written that I your Father, God the Almighty know all, past, present and future, even though My angels light and dark and children has free will.

   With the power of My mind I released a small spectrum of the energy within Me, this expansion now created space with all of its layers which is infinite. Did I not tell you My house has many rooms. As there is no end to My creation.  This energy once away from the source lost that which is invisible and congealed as all that I created coalesced into what you see now the stars, planets, moons, debris and dust. This was the creation of the universe as you know it and the veil that separates My creation from Me. No creation can view Me, the creator until they pass through the veil if they are worthy.”


Why did the Universe and the life sprinkled about it become reality?

   The Almighty speaks, “You as adults dream of and can create a family; this is what I came to desire as I wanted to infuse a part of Me into all life forms. This is why you call Me Father. I as your God, the Almighty wanted to and does love My creation. Life is everywhere created from its dust as it adapts to the planet, moon or other environment created to the may live, grow, and find their purpose, true love, not your view called lust love. I infused the universe with My seeds, the animals, intelligent life and finally My children here on earth.”


If God is love, then why is there evil?


   The Almighty speaks, “I have told you I Am perfect, but My creations with free will are not. That is you My children. If you are created as perfect where is the challenge? Only when a life form is challenged does he or she move towards perfection, the source, your God Almighty. An environment needs a polarity where choices are made by you, good and evil. So when My first creation the angels through their free will rebelled and were expelled from heavens I created. I allowed them to influence all intelligent life for when you choose Me the Father is a true choice. Life does not end with physical death so the choice of evil on your earth is only a test. Only love comes from Me, evil comes from the dark angels that I expelled and their only goal is to destroy the children of God who their leader satan hates. It is not so real or clear until you cross over the veil upon death and for many; their choices in life are too late.”


As God, why would His Son need to die to save the human race?


  The Almighty speaks, “All of are so fixated with perfection in your lives, but almost all of you just about ignore love as the source. I have told you through My Divinely inspired spiritual books, The Bible and for some who can discern the Truth, the Quran given to you by My prophets to bring you the Truth and a set of laws. You were told there are many paths, but all must come through My Son, all.

   Sin is rampant on earth a there must be a balance of atonement to advance your spirituality, true love or you fail. Look around you, few of you believe truly in I your Father or My Son. Muslims you kill in My name, just like the Christians did centuries ago. Did you not learn? I do not know you and when you pass over the veil your soul will be destroyed as you took the life of one of My children, which is not your right. Few of you follow the laws I gave to Moses and Mohammad to guide you home to Me. Few of you live your lives as if I exist or gave you life, few of you.

   My Son died to give you life that you are still unaware of. What is so sad, few of you deserved to be saved. It is only My love for you as My children that I allowed you as humans to kill the Son of God while under the influence of satan. My chosen the Jews, this is the Truth. Every sin, every pain, and every tear since Jesus’ death until the Second Coming has been taken on by Him. This was the price He paid to atone for your sins in order to save humanity. Except it now or for many, it is not until the Warning, shall you know the Truth and for some, it will be too late.”


What words would deliver to your children to give hope, inspire faith, as their world crumbles around them?


   The Almighty speaks, “I Am your hope. I Am your strength when all around you looks for a leader. I Am the love you give to each other as you look into the eyes of those you care for with a gift of love from Me that slips away as your physical life comes to an end. I Am your light. Call on my Son and I through Him will take away your fears, pain and anxiety. When you cross the veil My Son will show My light, My love, My salvation and all will become crystal clear. Remember the dark side promotes fear, hate and despair. Choose Me when all crumbles around you and My Son will hold your hand.”


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