Ask for God's Mercy

The Book of Truth




Written Oct 10


   Within a few short months the world will be shocked with “climate change” and its escalation. For you will not be told the Truth for this will and shall be hidden from you by all politicians no matter who they are as they answer to another. I say this, choose now for your decisions guides millions. You were told all have to make a choice and as leaders of this world, your time is up. It is better to resign and then say nothing than stay in power under the guise of preserving the continuity of the world, now being directed by the new world order.

   Confused as to the rise of power with Isis? I told you who funds them, but you did not listen. Now as they direct your attention from the wars in the Middle East, all planned, to the pandemics will bring terror and death in the millions to your shores. The current plan is to spread Ebola in a systematic random pattern to where sources planted in the news can be traced back to. Have you asked why now? Ebola has always existed in the jungles of Africa and now it is out of control? Just what has changed, as people always come and go? Look carefully at the mistakes as no one, looked at the Liberian passport stamp. No one questioned the origin of an African looking person knowing the concerns of a potential pandemic?

   Now explain to me, the many contacts of the person of question had as reported (planted) by the media. In your own lives and how many times you shake hands or embrace with moisture transferred? With a fatal dose administered in the targeted human, the Liberian government posts they want to prosecute to the world when they know he was a dead man. He was told your infection is benign for this mission as shown by his demeanor of confidence, but we need you to test the system of foreigner coming in thee US from a questionable zone with traces of Ebola. There is a cure if something goes wrong and your money has been deposited in a special account which you can monitor, but only withdraw funds after this has passed. The family was never given the account which is now I the hands of the CIA for new black projects. This was national security issue and all in the immediate family were bound by secrecy. This is the Truth. You have been fed lies.

   Religion is not the enemy, but it is the decisions of men who under the guise of religion that are of the dark side. This is what you must realize. The destruction of mankind of by wars and pandemics will be swift and know this, initially does not come from God’s Wrath, but from another that influences your leaders.  Millions will die as you point fingers of blame in the wrong directions. This is their blueprint of operations.

   Know this; ask Jesus for mercy to dilute the destruction of mankind. For He will ask Father to dispense justice to save His children, you need to ask when the world around falls into turmoil. You may ask, why were we not warned, really? The truth will hurt even here in the US, as most will refuse to work and pay bills. Many will rape and kill as society breaks down. The degusting truth, if almost 20% of fathers molest their own daughters in secret what will happen when laws and accountability diminish? I ask you as women when you see the laws of God discarded, know that you have been kicked to the curb. In a barter society, what you offer when alone, at what price of morality, at what age, at what cost to your soul? Again call on Jesus as man shall be in disarray. Only He shall set you free.


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