Godís Wrath

The Book of Truth




Written May 22


  Father has spoken. As the chastisements escalate it will seem still as normal on earth. How can this be? The storms no matter how severe have been at first attributed to the Sun, then global warming, but remember these affects are predicted to be 50 to 100 years in the future. This is a lie as most in government and all the elite are prepared for the end as it is today, in which they hope most of common man dies. Their best estimate from scientists and current satellite tracking paid with your tax dollars is in less than 500 days, but you wonít hear about this. All is in place so that your lives will remain unchanged as society continues for the banking industry, which influences or corrupts your governments. The earth will not end, but shall transform, the earth changes are an integral process to cleanse and to wake you from your slumber or your precious souls lost.

   The earthquakes by the command of USGS have been dumb down on the Richter scale so that few of the common man questions until it is too late as they believe what they are told in the media. Yes, in everyday American life we expect the truth, but what is to come is a mix of truth and fiction. I ask you to research the current trends of earthquakes and the new type of storms as life on earth has changed.

   At this time, your text books state stress builds along fault lines as the plates creep past each other or sub duct, and then the pressure is relieved in a break or rupture resulting in a quake. This geological process repeats over time only to build up over and over again. You will have no answer for quakes over a magnitude of 5 to 6 and above occurring continuously in the same region. You will ask; how are the plates moving so quickly when current plate tectonics speak of a crawl?  It is here that you in earth science as professors will know the Truth and there is now much to learn. There is a God no matter how you spin it or choose to go into denial.

  You have hints, which shall escalate. How can this be when Chile in the same location has major quakes one day and then next and then next at some point in early 2014? In Los Angeles the astute population is nervous has they know the rumors and the ground shakes telling all change is here as all sense it in their gut even though it has stopped temporarily. Warnings are given from the government to prepare the nation through simple commercials, only to cover their asses, but this is not the Truth. You ask why? It is because if there is a delay in the earth changes or not as intense, forced movements of populations the Obama Administration will pay the price through law suits or removal of him and the Democratic Party will suffer. Republicans tell you global warming through man made carbon increases are not the cause. This is the truth, but they hide the truth to imply something else of the world is at fault as many are still cowards in standing up for all of mankind. If they do nothing, you die when not prepared and again that, which the Republicans represent, wins in elections to solidify an organized pre-directive agenda as confusion freezes your actions, but it will be too late when you realize you have been fooled.

   The chastisements are still at a point where almost all of the many events have yet to come to pass. You can still make choices. Many signs beyond your comprehension have yet to occur as spirals appear in the skies in all areas of the world with such a frequency all will know something is wrong. Your world will lose a third of its land, for this is written. Your idols, material goods and many cities will be pulverized into dust or sink under the waters, all to have you reflect back as to what is true in life, love, family and God. Godís wrath is to destroy all who oppress His children, but still give them a chance to come home with a change of heart. Those who are killed innocently will have their souls saved. Better this fate than to be corrupted by the new world order and lose both their lives and souls. This is the Truth.

   All will change shortly. The new church combined with a pre position set of politics will cement millions to follow what is in essence the new world order. Almost all will see this abominable spirit of the dark side as the savior of mankind. Hidden behind a soft faÁade of words that brings peace to a world in turmoil and great acts of charity that cares for those in despair, he will rise as wise, elegant in humble charm, many languages to appeal to all. Many when sin is redefined will look to flee into the arms of another as they validate their actions among brethren, and this needs to be changed. Some will rebuke what is presented to the world in acclaim and seek refuge in the open arms of the Lord, who is waiting with love and a sense of belonging when you are lost. It is He that will pluck you from the depths of despair, but you must stretch out your arm and grasp His Hand of Mercy. Can you do this?

   Know this; your fleeting passion will be short lived when lives are on the line or your body shrivels due to lack of food and cosmetic care. Your perception of love from another based on the physical degrades swiftly through lack of resources as your idea of trust is only superficial, beauty is replaceable. This will be the bitter truth.

   Only when you are brought to the brink of losing all, shall most conform to change out of necessity. It is asked, why does it always have to come down to destroying parts of the earth to wake you up? You have been told those nations that disrespect life through the practice of abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, and allow suicide as a way out will suffer greatly and first. It is not the loss of life that is so important by only the hand of God, but that your soul, the true essence of you is not loss before your actions or intervention is cut short terminating a divine lesson, the Will of God.

   Now man has the right to execute or take the life of another in the name of God. This is murder no matter how you spin it. You were told not to judge, but you do by your laws made by men. You were told men and women are equal in the eyes of God, but you were assigned to protect the weaker gender and you suppress them instead. You were told by the Almighty, ďAll are equal in My eyes as all children on earth are mine.Ē

   Your money means nothing in the universe, just like the beads you gave the Indians as you defrauded them. Your education is given to you by the chosen who discover what is put into their heads by the Almighty, for He write the rules of the universe, not man and his discoveries allowed by God. Look at yourselves, do you use the knowledge to advance the weak of this world or advance your accolades and wealth? You are asked, either to advance His Word or the rewards and pleasures of your world backed by the dark side. Choose!

   Ok some state we were told to conquer in your name, and again you ask in the Bible it is stated an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It does not say a life for a life for only God creates life and only God can take it away. Jesus changed this with the new covenant of treat each other as you would treat your self. Oh, many of you do not recognize the Divinity of the Trinity, but this will change. Mankind cannot interpret all the words of the Holy Bible for he is flawed. Can you lose an eye or a tooth and live? Yes. Vengeance, anger, hatred and pride come from the darkside so when you think you are excising justice, as that is not your right as men, when you were told not to judge.

 You delivered on an action planted in your mind by the darkside to create or expand evil against the Will of God and slay others. You can remove a person in a just infraction against another through imprisonment. This is where God rehabilitates the soul through suffering first, thus creating remorse as they review the actions of their lives. Again know that it is the hearts of men imprisoned, many of whom are not guilty of their accused crime, but have created other violations against others that they suffer. This is the Will of God, who has a plan.

   By killing another, a human decision allows the darkside an opportunity to capture another child of God including your soul. You have no clue of what is of God or His Divine plan for it is a mystery still to mankind. The goal is win over the souls from the dark side at all costs, by any means necessary including death. In your short term anger, you see justice and execution against whom you judged as guilty in a court of law, but were told there is only one judge when a life is on the line. Why is this? No man knows the Truth as if he can peer into the mind of another. Only Jesus has been given right as He lived as man and walked the walk. He is the final judge.  Mankind has lawyers, which are compensated to bend the perception of reality to where you may see guilt as the truth.

   Many of see the end of life as the end and this is where there is confusion sets in when you observe the innocent being slaughtered. Does God have any mercy for vulnerable, you cry out? Why do children have to die, they never had full chance to live life? This is the wrath of God many will think, but you do not understand the Divine Plan what seems to be lost is not. For you are thinking like a human, as you cannot comprehend that which is God, who is all love.

   There is a soul, which lives forever so those you see as lost is only a temporary factor in your lives. But you do not see this yet as immature souls in the realm of a grand universe, but many soon will realize the folly of their ways. This will interfere with the long term goal, which has now been finalized, that God has for His children. For those who executed out of hate, pride, revenge will pay a price. Those caught in the deceitful web when forced or coerced will be absolved if they ask. Heed this; as when warned you have and will make a choice, remember these words as many other souls are affected by your actions.

   Your conscience does not dissipate upon death, but an overwhelming feeling of love on the light side in the presence of Jesus. Your Judge and Savior or fear and anger if rejected by your actions on earth to the dark side is realized when you pass over the veil. You ask; I do not believe in life after death? Many donít, as the invisible is not a tangible realm for most humans in your present state of development and only those who have faith believe.

   Jesus speaks, ďI say to you if there is no life after death then your existence ends. You murdered, raped, gathered wealth on the backs of others without fair compensation for what, it is not with you now. But if you are wrong what you call karma will torment you for an eternity. You do not know what becomes of you after death, but some tell you when they die, they live and do not want to come back to earth, why is this? You have no inside sources for that which is supernatural. You know mankind has little understanding of life itself and you are going to trust all that you are on the beliefs of others that are random?Ē  In your ignorance, you ask those of you who are on the dark side. Why where we allowed to be fooled, when it is the position of the good to save all?

   The Word cannot force a person change with free will, but can and does offer seeds of the Truth to cause doubt and encourage change from their present state. No sacred servant can preach to a person to believe in what he cannot see, but only offer insight revealed in the Holy Bible, which talks about how your life on earth affects an everlasting life yet unseen, but promised as the last Covenant of God. Most of all, none of you wanted to listen to a voice, the Voice of God, no matter how powerful in conveying the Truth to save your sorry asses, myself included at some points with regret.

   Again you ask; if the Truth is so powerful why isnít the world just? It is man that has to stand up for the Truth. This is your test. When you try to ascend on the educational level to where all that you are is affected do you demand the professor give you the answers so you can pass? No, on earth as it is both God and or the darkside only can guide the free will of mankind. It is man that makes a choice towards how he treats and shares with all on earth. It is man who is weak or strong in protecting their brothers and sisters. It is manís pride, the want for power and greed that will bring him to his knees and you see it today. The seed is planted. But when put in a position to where your earthly body may perish, you will call out the name of God that will save you, sweet Jesus. This is the Truth.

   For you that has no belief, a time will come shortly over the next two years when even your harden hearts will be overwhelmed with grief as the world you know is swept away and Jesus will call you. Remember these words are to inform you of what is coming as to minimize the loss of souls and in some cases life. Know this; you will feel an overwhelming need to pray, and your words will fall upon deaf ears as for many who you worship are not the true gods. In your despair Jesus will answer breaking the void that is silence, and you need make no apologies, but just accept His hand of forgiveness and the peace that will follow.

   When you are tired of the lies, tired of the fear, tired of the anger projected at you from the people and loved ones you are trying to save, as leadership in your nation has imploded and there is no guidance. Call out His name, Jesus and your burdens shall be lifted.

   As the world faces turmoil, it will first be the areas that do not believe in the Son of man, Jesus as the Savior of the world. The weak and impoverish will be removed next. For much that befalls them is caused by the greed of men outside of their power. Jesus will then spread His love among those who do not believe to enlighten their souls. But at no time allow a change to the Word to accept others as this change will come from the seat of Peter, by the antichrist. The Jews believe in the Almighty, Yahweh and the Muslims believe in Allah as they are one in the same. The division comes from the dark side as only love no matter what His name is its only source. Only man when seduced creates divisions with his inept understanding of that which is God.

   All of your religions no matter how you spin it is embroiled or has been infiltrated with the darkside and each of you says your doctrine speaks the word of God. This is true to a point.

   Jews it is time to hear the Truth or suffer a greater holocaust than WW2. This is not a point to cause fear for you are Godís chosen, but you are asleep, more important stubborn. You are asked again, when was the last time as a nation you heard the voice of God? You still have not got the message as pride a trait of the dark one, still clouds the minds of your leaders. Have you contemplated if you were wrong? Arrogance dissolves absolutely as even the prophets fall prey to the same mistakes. You are not alone.

   As war envelopes the world and many regions will be embroiled turmoil by design. In the Middle East all will point back to your nation by design. The world will be brought to the brink as millions die in a nuclear holocaust as the ďEastĒ seeks to destroy the ďWestĒ.  Agreements will be made as economic, but it runs deeper. Look deeper, to the long term affects; examine the decisions during flash points excused away as a pointer as turmoil befalls the earth. They are all connected. The point, the world will beg for peace after millions die. It will be brokered by design, again this is the plan. It will be your nation because of the actions of leaders that shall be seen as the catalyst and must be destroyed. This is a ruse as you have been caught again in the same trap. Please let some of you learn so that some can be saved. As the point again is to build hatred in the world against Godís chosen and eliminate all of them. This is the Truth. The world will sell you out to the antichrist. With a warning you can change this.

   For the Muslims, it is your lands, but it is Allah that promised the Jews and the fact that all men and women are created equal in the eyes of Allah. You have no choice as not one of will go against the will of Allah. What was given was accepted, but war was used to expand on the backs of your brothers through the illegal access of land. Jews, your Almighty gave you a nation. Do not steal on the backs of your brothers, no matter how they hate you. You were told to love your enemy; do you do this as My Messiah did when He walked the earth? This was not sanction by Allah (God the Father Almighty), but the greedy when opportunity presented itself.

 Your Allah speaks, ďYou were told to protect your women, but you subjugate them as quasi slaves or unequal. In Heaven do you think I would love a woman less than a man when both are My children? No, but I gave you the power to protect them as they are physically weak.  This was your control only. No man controls another. As all have free will that should not be suppressed by another for any reason. This is not written in the Koran, but men of influence have given you a law that does not come from Allah. Allah is love. Allah is peace. Allah shows compassion to the weak and oppressors. Allah does not command another kill in His name for any reason but self defense of your physical life only, but offers many paths to Him through wisdom of your scriptures.

   Allah does not punish those who reject the Holy Laws for all again have free will and must choose Me and My Son out of love. Many of your harden do not carry out My wishes. Know that again the dark side influences you. These words are to save you, not divide you with mankindís rhetoric. Your land is the site or Armageddon and many of you will die in nuclear war by the millions, ask why? The Jews will be blamed and the antichrist will be given control of your countries. Many of you will not make it.Ē

   Jews and Muslims when faced with death, you will call out to your established beliefs in defiance of our Lord, Jesus. It is you with your hate that has allowed war to happen as you answered the call of the darkside. Now when millions die on both sides and again you call out and hear no answer. You are asked again, which god heard your call, but now does not answer? God answers all who truly calls with a humble heart. Can you call out with a humble heart?

   Cut the carnage from the denial of the first coming and prepare for the Glory of Jesus, the Second Coming, call for the Messiah Jews, your Savior. Muslims call out to Allah and ask for guidance. He is your God, for mankind no matter what creed, race, orientation, financial class, gender or religion, he comes for all of you. Know this; those that lead all of your nations have betrayed you. This is why war will befall your lands.

   As the carnage destroys both lands you start to wonder, how would the Almighty allow this? Was this not written in the Torah? Did not your scriptures state the Messiah would be born Bethlehem? Enough of the past, as the Almighty knew what you would do for He knows past, present and the future. You have not changed as pride still prevails above humility. This is the Truth Jewish children.

   Muslims, Mohammed was one of Godís chosen to lead a vast race of people home to God. Know this; it is your leaders just like the leaders of the Jews that will betray you and mankind. War already planned and agreed to by all nations of power will allow the people of the earth to be destroyed in fear. The point is to capture souls. This you what still do not believe.

   Now reflect on those words as Jesus speaks, ďI was born into this world has a humble servant to man, but still the Son of God. Not one of you on this earth would have incarnated into an ant to save the nest. This concept is many levels beyond what I had to do to save you, My Fatherís children as I died for your sins. I gave My Body, My Blood in humility, and had no pride in the eyes of the Jews, My Fatherís chosen children. My Father, the God of Abraham allowed His children to crucify Me, His only Son, but He still loved them, no matter what their deeds as it was written and they still donít believe. I speak to one of the two witnesses who I need now more than ever stand up for Me, the Jews. I will soothe your fears. I will when all seems lost or you call, shall encapsulate you in a bubble of love so powerful you will know it is God. I will hold you in My Sacred Arms when faced with death. Trust Me, your Messiah.

   My Fatherís Wrath has been misunderstood. The purpose of these trials is the break the grip of satan who has ruled this world since Adam and Eve were exiled here. It is only when you the civilized world loses all material possessions and wealth will all cry out for change. It is only when you were fooled into believing in the new world order yet to come and it turns on the weak and the vulnerable nations of this earth will you cry out for change. If these things were not to happen most of Godís children would be lost on Judgment Day which will catch all by surprise. Is this what you want? Do you want to lose your inheritance of eternal life in paradise? Words of advice, when you see Me, Jesus descending from the clouds as the chorus of angels sing towards earth, fall on your knees and beg for forgiveness. I will always be there when you call to Me up to the last second. Know this; when I walk upon the cleansed earth it is over. This will be your only hope.


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