It is Time to Reflect on Good Friday


Written Apr. 19 2019 3pm EST


   Jesus who is God, was incarnated as a man by the Holy Spirit to balance the evil now seen during these times, through His Death. Few of you realize the gift, He has given you. You are not asked to believe this, yet you will soon find out the Truth and for some, too late. He is the author of life, and this is why, you are here, no matter what your so called scientist say. You were told in the Bible, that the dark one would have free reign, to do what ever he wants with the children of God. Look around today in 2021, and take in the truth.

   Jesus was taken by the Jewish elders as He did not fit their definition of God, a poor dark slave. Doubt this, look up the ancient pictures of Mary. Whipped until his some of His bones were exposed by relentless wounds. A crown of real thorns that pierced one of his eyes. By the way, what was saved from within Notre Dame, now a burnt shell, was not on the Head of Jesus. So Roman soldiers are going to place an ornate object, which they cannot afford on a condemned man with faint rumors of being a king? What is there, is only to attract tourists. You are fools.

   His shoulder broken and separated, when He was nailed to the cross, not a stake, as that version comes from the dark one. Then spit upon by the Jews, as He was paraded through the streets. Many weep as He passed by, and others they jeered Him. The sad part when their temples were destroyed by God the Father at 3pm time of Jesusí death, they still rejected Him as Lord and Savior. To this day the Father has not talked to the Jews, and in you arrogance, again He will allow the antichrist to bring death to your nation, worse than your time under Hitler. When the antichrist is the physical head of the new world order that controls your world, common sense states the Jews, poor people, those with genetic disorders (genetic tests you volunteered and paid for under ancestry searches of your past) eliminated. But you can change this with prayer. It does work, when it is true.

   The prophecies were fulfilled, but you as individuals need to recognize them for what they are.

   Jesus died for your sins of infanticide, same sex relationships, murder and hate. God sees all, past, present and the future. Speaking of hate, the dark one has convince you, that others that would steal the resources of your nation to skip the line is hate. No, they are seeking economic wealth, while leaving behind those they should have protected. Few are true asylum victims, but the media pushes another agenda, know the difference

   So letís reflect on Jesus, as He gave His earthly life to save your souls, which does exist. You have a choice, respect the message or caste it aside. Again this is your choice on this Holiest of days.

   For the people of France, it is great that you dropped to your knees in prayer finally as it took Notre Dame in flames to push you. Few of you protested for the several hundred Christian churches burned and desecrated in France over the last 2 years, as some of your Muslims cheer. Notre Dame is a place of faith, not a tourist attraction, this is where, you need to know the difference when rebuilding. Notre Dame was not placed there as the pride of France. It is a place where all are welcome to praise God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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