Good Friday: Let’s Reflect

The Book of Truth



Written Apr 17


   Good Friday signifies our freedom from sin by the death of Jesus to where it can be denied by revision by those who seem to be authorized but the end times state the antichrist controls the Church. Only denial of these times, allow the deception to proceed. In our world there are many who have no knowledge of our Savior. But this can and will change with your effort. You are being asked to offer the Truth when asked only, hold your tongue in the excitement. You ask; why if we have proof, why should we not spread the Good News? All of us have answered the door to be preached to. All of us have heard the speeches of damnation from the pulpit while passing the contribution plate. All of us have seen those who preach the rules, and not practice what they preach for they are men and sinners just like you. As the Holiest days come upon, us let us listen to the words of our Savior as they could have been said when He presided over the Passover table.

   Jesus speaks, “You My children will experience turmoil in your lives. The innocent will be lost in your eyes, but saved by Me. Grief and lost of those who are close to you will cause you to cry out, as the lies no longer satisfy you. The tipping point has been reached and in all of your despair call out for Me, Jesus your Savior. Listen not to the doubts of other men as there is no solace. All of you in your religions were given certain key components, but not the total Truth. You were told to meditate to clear your mind. This is true, but you were not told that the dark and light have equal access to your mind, choose.”

   “Those of you who are against Me, but do not know why, will be the first I touch. On Good Friday some of you will feel My pain. Those most in need of My love, it will peak at three in the afternoon, the point where My spirit was released from My earthly body during My Crucifixion. When you feel the pain, know it is I that calls you. You are not to speak to other, but only answer to Me. Respond to ME in this simple prayer (below) and I will save you and those you love. Your world will change shortly and the shallow words of men will not save you or protect you in the disasters, but I can if you call out in true remorse. My love is the greatest power in the universe next to My Father. Just give Me chance to show the way after so many have failed.”

   Say this with deep remorse, Jesus forgive me if I have betrayed the Body, your Church. Jesus, forgive me if the words of men are worshiped more than your Word. Jesus, forgive me, for out of ignorance I do not know you. Relieve my fears; suppress the hate I experience, restore my faith that there is only one God who cares as I realize I am His child. Save my soul and if possible my physical life when confronted by evil so I can be a part of your Remnant Army to save mankind in Your name. Answer my prayer Savoir of mankind so peace and love can be brought to my family, no matter what destruction and carnage I see in the world.


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