The Mystery of Grace

The Book of Truth


Written Jan. 14


   Being raised as a Roman Catholic there is the term Grace used in prayers and the Bible, but the lay people are taught little about this gift from God. Referenced in the scriptures as something that is wanted, but few know what it is? With the authority of the Almighty and the blessing of Jesus they are allowing me to explain this supernatural gift so that the layman can grasp a better understanding, but not to replace that which is written in the Bible or contradict the present established teachings of the Lord’s church. Know this, Grace is sacred and is a supernatural gift that can not be explained as a simple field of particles or energy as it transcends all levels of existence.

   From the event of Original Sin, the initial temptation this is what is embedded in every soul of every human born on earth and at some point during their life the state of their soul changes. Through a thoughtful gesture, an act of true giving or sacrifice, atonement, prayer and for some their lives even the darkest soul has a compassionate moment at one point in their lives and it lightens. When caught up in general day to day nastiness of life of distain, hate, jealousy to the execution of sin against your brethren, your soul darkens. The soul is a mystical collective of energy based on the experiences of a unique conscience life force initiated by the Father, the creator of all life. The signature of the soul although composed the same essence of that which is God is distinctive where not one in this universe or any parallel form is the same.

    As a child of God you have a choice, free will. For mankind it is both its strength and weakness as choice has repercussions. This is the dark one’s hell world to which, several thousand years ago our parents were banished. This is why the Garden of Eden was a legendary place in the Middle East that was never found. The Garden of Eden was a place He created for His children a realm all of its own. This place of beauty never existed on earth, but will at the Second Coming when Heaven and Earth merge to become one. The indigenous races, the Neanderthals and some others were allowed to die out as modern man was introduced. Genetics gave you a clue, so close, but no direct link. The problem is that you truly accept the lies of scientists to find that link. They will never.

    You have been told your destiny is not about finding other life in the universe, but to discover who you are and define your own spirituality. All other life forms would jump to take your place as the Almighty’s child, treasure it for what He has created for you; the new world is beyond your comprehension in beauty and challenges. Love that shall overwhelm you unconditionally; peace will be like the quiet evening where you hear just the soft breeze of the grass wafting. The gift of immortality will be given to all, that pass through the gates, while you are alive. You will want for nothing. When Jesus extends that hand of mercy, grasp it with all of your love and wants and you will never look back. This is why He died for you. This is what He wants to give to you.

    The soul is the essence of all that is life. It is a collective of spiritual decisions or life choices and experiences that grows and reveals its state of purity, that which is closest to God as pure white or colorless light. Think of it as a computer chip that tracks and remembers everything action or thought that has transpired throughout your life time with a virtual memory that expands as needed. When one sins against the commandments of the Almighty passed to mankind by Moses, it is like sprinkling dark ashes that adhere to the soul, thus blocking the light. This is what's referenced as the dark side. When enough sin blackens the soul thus absorbing more spiritual light in the realm that God exists than is being emitted by the soul on a whole, you are a disciple of the dark one and subject to the rules of his world.

   Grace is a remorseful connection with Jesus as He now rules this earth since the close of December 21, 2012. This is His time as the dark one enacts his maximum destruction of life and morals upon mankind. It is through prayer, penance and true confession, that these darken stains of sin supernaturally embedded within the soul are gradually removed according to the will of God. The rate determined by the atonement and prayer coupled with the severity of the sin as mortal sin takes more time to reverse the pain you inflicted on others. It is Jesus that dispenses Grace; take it with humility when offered.

   So how does the warning allow mankind to visualize their soul and see the state of grace it is in? Once the comets seem to explode in a collision giving mankind the gift of life, it will be the super natural rays representing the blood of Jesus that will permeate all on earth no matter where they hide. These rays will illuminate all related to the essence of Grace with all of its glory. In turn that which is dark, and all will know around you, your sins will glow red as they are burned away if you accept the hand of mercy from Jesus. Others will use their free will to run to the dark side as they cannot take the pain as many others people shall just die in shock as their life flashes in front of God in shame.

    When judged, it is the weight of sin countered by the Graces you earned, which determines your eternal spiritual life and whether you are fit to walk with Jesus on the New Earth. It is this that counts when you pass over the veil at death. Polarization at this point is final due to your actions during your short stint on earth.
   It here as when you die you are at the mercy and prayers of others still alive on earth. If they believe and prayers, fasting and atonement are offered for you, cleansing will pass quickly. If not, eons of time will your life on earth seem like a short break in a long day of work over many years.

   Grace is a gift from God, it is like money on this world that is earn by fair, hard and honest work. Where your sacrifices for others, respect for the Commandments of the Almighty and partaking in the sacraments can lead on the straight and narrow path. The key perseverance and be ready at all times, this is what your Lord expects from you once you know. I need you always be prepared as if it is your last day on earth. I need you to move from faith to I know this is the Truth. Let no one stand in your way. Fear and lack of courage is the enemy traits when you walk in God's army. Can you do this for yourself? Can you do this for your Creator, the Almighty? Can you do this for Jesus?


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