The Great Floods

Signs of the End Times



Update Aug 21 2014


    The time of the Great Floods is now upon us as it has started for those of you who can see. What you have to look at is the intensity as seen in Bayshore, L.I. and Arizona in the US. Around the world the news reports heavy monsoons in South East Asia, but are truly epic. Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and soon Singapore will be permanently flooded. Europe and the UK also have seen epic floods as this is just the start. Again the incidences are one here and there all seemly within the patterns of weather extremes. Watch as this escalates to where vast areas of countries are flooded and in some cases disappear beneath the waves. Events are now like a slow drip as this part of the Chastisements moves forward it will eventually flow like an open faucet.


Written Dec. 30 2012


   As many expect the earthquakes to capture mankindís attention during this time of change which started in the latter part of December 2012, the beast has risen and now walks the earth locked in its final incarnated human form. It will be great floods that captivate the attention of hapless humans as great quakes strike what seems unusual locations in escalating occurrences can still be explained away.

   This country and others to a slightly lesser degree will be inundated by floods in certain areas only the heavens can send to change mankind. It will be the magnitude of those affected that will be different this time, where help shall be stretched thinly due to the vast areas submerged.  We as a race have come to a pinnacle point in our civilization to where only disasters lost of wealth and shelter will get us to think about what is important, each other.

   This nation was sent the concrete slab instead of the brick to change its current path, only to see hate, fraud, abuse of those who do not have and a government whose underlying agenda increases wealth and protection for the rich. Still America as a country that should be one nation under God is deeply divided. As the influence of the dark side over politicians increases, laws are promoted that replace the Laws of God as tolerance for others. This is part of the veil of deceit.

   As the continents shift and stretch the eastern seaboard, the peninsula of Florida and the Mississippi valley will sink and expand. Many will be focused on imploding buildings, ruptured utility lines, collapsing bridges and an exponential rise in sink holes. All of this is a clue that the water table is rising. With the arrival of what seems like incessant monsoon rains in the US will flood in certain areas to unprecedented levels. This is why the republicans wanted to end FEMA as this would have been your life line. Unemployed insurance ended, why?

   In a disaster with no reserves, loss of home on a national level vs. a local area where moving or relatives present an option, once removed it is game over. But no; you can not believe this. Really just ask all those republicans that lived in Rockaway Point, Long Beach, Oceanside in New York and the New Jersey Shore, ask them, who when they lost it all was there real help for all. Not from insurance companies who are trying pushed checks out a year, ask Katrina victims some waited years.

    Do you know FEMA pays only $31,000 in some cases when your flooded home is totaled? Do you know your finished basement is not considered an insured part of your home? In general, they cover the water heater, furnace, circuit breaker box, switches and outlets not the wires? Do you know your hurricane insurance is null and void when the storm is down graded to a tropical storm even though the built up storm surge from out to sea was created by the hurricane? Welcome to the world of deceit, so read the fine print. Many insurance companies deceive the public, but some do what they say, it is up to you to do the research.

   Sometimes in order to save a life you have to take it all away. Only then, when those who are clouded in their real purpose of life, blinded by power, wealth and pleasure lose it all, do they see what is important. If intervention did not occur at this time period billions would have died and the path this country would have lead to failure as so many super powers of the time have fallen. History has shown us. You as a nation are so arrogant when you look in the mirror refuse to see the rags you are wearing, but it is still the best country in the world, it is your politicians that have betrayed you.

   The waters will fall from the heavens like the tears of Jesus for mankind. Watch as cities and nations fall. Know this, all that is evil will be washed away in the end and now it shall begin. As nations flood, how will mankind respond to help their brothers and sisters? Who will pray to mitigate the rains? How many of you will realize what is important in life? Most of all, how many of you will call on Jesus with your hand extended for help as a believer or wander aimlessly for help?

   You are the descendants of Adam and Eve banished here for their original sin on this hell world ruled by Satan. This is why genetics can link modern humans to other pre-species related to humans. This is why the Bible refers to several thousand years as you and your existence on earth is this time period. Did the earth exist before this? Yes, but this knowledge was not necessary for the people of that time. Only now with your limited knowledge do you challenge the Holy Word.

   You now are being giving chance to return to your former inheritance. Take heed, as you have free will. Few of you want to change your life unless forced, for some that day has come. Beware of the Floods for this is a sign of the end times.


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