The Book of Truth




Written Sept 23


    If there has ever been a sin that has been glamorized in your eyes as humans, it is greed. It has been spun in many ways, as being a great businessman, a pillar of society, a politician with an agenda, a dictator, a mobster, drug cartel leaders, and those that take advantage of the system, like suing. The almighty dollar or acquisition of wealth is about how you acquire it and second place, how much you have as the determinant of greed.

    Countries destroyed and impoverish as its leaders live off the sweat of their countrymen’s backs and the resources of the land. Corporate leaders who bleed the equity of their workers that built the company no matter who is the leader are squeezed for more profits. When you fail and thousands pay the price and you are paid with your golden parachute benefits. The Old Boy’s circuit and this is greed. When you make excuses that you are making a company leaner and cutting waste. It is the workers that lose for your business errors. I guess the fat on your pay check escaped your audit. This is greed.

   Many at one time in their lives said, I would help someone in need if I made it and did you? So what did you do for America? Hide your income overseas so you can keep more? If the average American did what you are doing we wouldn’t have a country or tax revenue. This is greed.

   In America, you here if you lower tax rates the rich will invest. Really, the rich are looking for return on investment where the perspective is global and how they can bend government to believe this at the expense of the citizens. This is greed.

   As a small business man you are expected to come up with a written plan, provide equity and given no guarantees. This is business. The rich want you to cut their taxes with no plan and you hope they start a job. This is greed.

   This is a sin in the Almighty’s eyes and with good reason as the few are preying upon the weak and it will stop now. The Almighty speaks, “I the Almighty see and knows all and I will not let my children continue to fall as you sin in the pursuit of greed. This is the word of God.”


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