The Growth of Atheism



Written April 16


   As mankind expands his horizons to unlocking, what seem to be the secrets of the universe, the belief of a divine presence the source of all life are quickly being discounted. A growing number within mankind now harbors a deep belief, that he is his own master. He has conquered this planet and is toying with technology to expand into the universe. What is right or wrong is now based upon tolerance of others choices and basic humanism. The key is, mankind evolved as a process of countless unique random occurrences of life derived from the start of the universe, the big bang. Simplistic organisms started from basic atoms morphed into mankind presently walking about the earth today. The spark of intelligent life just began as no unseen deity could have created this.

    Involuntary functions necessary for life, complex communication based on an array of nerves. The ability to transmit sound and light of specific wavelengths present in the universe. Absorption and excretion of ambient molecular structures into the cellular structure, thus provides growth and energy. This is the basis of atheism as none of this is by design.

   Those who contemplate the idea of no god, tend to see Mankind as mini gods in control of our own destiny. Where human nature and tolerance dictates our beliefs in what is wrong or right with society. We question, if there is a god, then why is there misery on earth? If the church built by Jesus it is so holy, then why do those ordain by a God, abuse children? Disasters, wars and pestilence, no real god would allow this to happen to mankind. So now what becomes important is to focus on self, as many who once believed in a god also believed in fairy tails and the choice is to evolve. The supernatural, angels, souls, the devil, ghosts, wizards all part of an invisible realm that cannot be proven so part of mankind moves on.


   Mankind was given the greatest gift, free will to do with each as they please in most parts without interference even from God. Free will means, we as an intelligent species set the rules and either abide or reject that which affects others. We dispense justice and share resources or withhold and hoard leading to mankind’s wealth. Misery is inflicted upon others as resources are held instead of being shared fairly. This is a choice. Look at the cost of finance and utilities to run a household.


   With free will men have choices when presented with an opportunity to abuse. Priests are men first. Does not the same happen in some households as fathers are men first? This is the truth. As long as evil is a choice for mankind, wars and famine will continue. It is only through the eyes of those who suffer tragedies, does mankind step up to love his brother. For out of an injustice, springs love and action to help another. This is the ultimate goal for mankind. Suffering, builds hope, binding all that are affected as one. There is no rich or poor, white or black, crude or refined. It is just people who help each other to survive. This is what God teaches mankind and this is by design.


   Do not let technology fool you even as God’s chosen we are still infants in this universe. Look at our mistakes as genocide has killed millions and the “just”, watched. Do not believe intelligence did not know. They chose to ignore.

   Many think, that they have a grasp on the basics of the universe, but know little to nothing. You assume if you cannot see an entity or soul, it does not exist as it cannot be measured. Thoughts, you do not know what there are compose of, but your Black Ops programs spends trillions on the little intel your special personal can deliver through telepathy. You see an atom and break it down to several basic parts, but there are thousands of unique sub atomic particles yet undiscovered, each with a symbiotic relationship with nature.

   How is it, that life on this world is a delicate balance between 2 different primary gases oxygen and carbon dioxide? How is it, a pair different life forms, determines the creation of life? If life was random, would not singular self sustaining maintain an edge? Consider water, liquid it flows changing the environment, evaporates to condense as rain, freezes but allows life to be sustained below its surface.  Hot and cold, light and dark, wind and calm, with death, the ashes bring life. What we have here is the cycle of life.


   Millions of complex processes on the most myopic level, all symbiotic in nature. Random, I think not, as many complex processes had to be in place at once for the creation and sustaining of life. For this is the creation of God, the Almighty. It is only those who cannot see beyond what they can touch or sense, that discount that which is invisible to mankind, the work of God.

   All life has a purpose, although many of you are still stuck on your carnal conquests of the opposite sex and accumulation of earthly wealth. You are supposed to make decisions that affect the good for all. You are supposed to help your brother instead of hoarding that which you cannot take upon death. You are supposed to change this earth to where the weakest are lifted by choice. Have you done this with your free will or condemned God for not intervening?

   So now in these end times He will intervene, since few on earth have the courage to stand up to that which is evil. Apathy does not count. I cannot make a difference does not count. You cannot stand on two chairs, this does not count. Make a decision; you were put on earth to live by a set of choices. First to acknowledge by free will is there a God and does He love me. Second, when I leave a mark on mankind, did I make a change for the better no matter how small or follow public opinion and concentrated on self? This is your choice Atheists, start now and come home or take your chances at the warning, where your only hope will be the prayers of others.


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