Insight into Hate

The Book of Truth


Written April 26


   Every human on earth knows what hate is when expressed towards others. A blind anger comes forth in your mind, but sometimes you do not know why or can justify your actions. Many times this rage is to maintain a class, a religion, a tradition, family honor, equals really they are just beneath me or they rubbed you the wrong way. The few ask yourselves why the emotion is so strong, yet in many of occasions were hate escalates, you were not a direct part of the experience.

   In America many were hated, the Blacks, the Indians, the Irish and many more which I choose not mention, but today all are respected as human and equals. In the case of the innocent where there was no contact except in enraged talk, now is a target of opportunity, terror beyond your imagination only realized if you were in their place; reflect on it. Let’s give insight as a gift from our Lord.

   In order to move to the next spiritual level on earth, you have to understand that, which hate is. More important when it is presented and your life is not on the line, the phrase of Jesus is to, “turn the other cheek” should come to mind. The soul is indestructible in the universe. The goal is to remove that which is evil as it is influence. Once the dark influence is removed the soul is pure. This is the objective. This is why forgiveness and acceptance is so important, as you have atoned for another’s injustice. This is how you ascend spiritually.

   Oh you ask, this sounds just words that are from the medieval times, have not we progressed as a race? Jesus speaks, “The Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John in the Bible were given to you as a guide for you in these End Times. All that was written shall be repeated again. Remember My Apostles, which drove out evil spirits from many, more than what was written. This was a fact.  If it was done in the days I walked the earth, why do you not think these same evil spirits exist in men and women today? This is the invisible.

   This is what you must accept that exists to protect yourselves. If you do not think there is an enemy, then you are vulnerable. The dark one is planning to become Me. “he” will mimic all that I did when I walked the earth. Heal the blind, the deaf by spitting on the eyes and ears like Me, appear to walk on water, feed the multitudes, preach in the houses of prayer to the amazement of the people, but will not pray the Hail Mary or hold the Crucifix with your Jesus. In the end, others under his control will suggest he is the Christ. Your clue, is if you are sent by God, then why remove the Crucifix with your picture?  Why remove the Trinity of God? Why remove the celebration of the Eucharist to remember Jesus under the claim you are here now, let’s forget what was written? Christ, God incarnated in man was humble in heart and hated by all. You, the antichrist on the other hand will be adored by all in a world that changed the Laws of God. All of which is false as I, Jesus Lord and Savior of the children of God will never walk this earth again until the Second coming. Heed these words spoken to you for I will only come from the clouds. Anything else is a lie. I tell you this as to see not one of My precious children lost.  I Love you, your Savior and Lord, Jesus.”

    On earth, as children of God with free will, this allows you to be influenced by the forces of dark and light, but this knowledge of how it works has been hidden from you by the elite. Many of you are familiar with the gift of telepathy where communication between two beings can engage each other by pure thought. When the Almighty spoke to Moses, His voice was like thunder in his mind. When the children of Fatima and Bernadette heard Mary in their minds, no one else did, thus the distrust. Few on earth can use this between each other, but that which is of the heavens and hell can be heard as your thoughts.  The problem is that many are not able to differentiate between influence of that which is dark and their own thoughts. While those enlighten, know they are talking to the Holy Spirit or Mary at first as guidance. There is a difference.

   The influence is placed into your mind from outside of your reality. Now before you doubt, many of you believe in God. He is real and cannot be seen, but He truly exists and guides you. How many times has one so evil confessed and said the voices in my head made me do it? They were telling the Truth, but society wrote them off as crazy. How many times has one said God talked to me and made changes both small and great? Evil can and does interfere with free will, but that which is God does not.

   As a human you must realize in order to ascend, you must look at the greater picture. Your world reeks, many follow the pursuit to advance in life and this is acceptable. What you should not do, is destroy your morals or hurt others deliberately in order to acquire worldly goods. More important put these worldly goods in front of your Almighty Father.

   The temptation is carefully crafted as you can attain this if you succumb to that. For those with little control, it is the easy path of crime as the idea that you are ahead of all around you. But it is about maximizing results as the spoils go to the soul that brings in millions of souls. They are given the cunning skills from the dark side to rise above all others. With the acceptance of sin you are inviting a dark influence to reside within, thus darkening your soul. There comes a point to where so many are within the soul is infested and free will of the human is compromised. Most would never believe dark spirits are harbored in their conscience. It is this denial that allows evil to exist on earth.

    The cunning are educated in the best schools, finances in place from the family or opportunity created. There is collusion and all know who shall rise in the financial industry and with this, you control the politicians, ultimately governments. You have been told of the temptations of worldly goods or the choice something greater. You have been told to choose between that which you can see and feel and that of the spirit. You look at the world and see strife, war and a lack of faith. These are the signs of hate. And now, these signs will intensify in the End Times.

   This world is the temporary dominion of the dark one for a few more years. The sad part, few of you believe this entity exists and his power. Banished to this world, you are children of God, but due to the original sin of the first Adam and Eve, this is home as you know no better. Look at it as you were born in prison, to you, the outside world does not exist.  

   Hate is instilled to divide and confuse, where your doubts and questions lead you to assume a decision in anger or worse outrage. This is the goal, where instead of a cool headed decision blind rage ensues, causing harm to all you think you are protecting. It is the emotion of hate and anger that feeds the dark one as this is his source of energy. In return your free will is infested to where your decisions may not be your own. Conversely different than the source of energy given to humans by the Almighty, which is love. It is here your free will has been taken advantage of, where you are confronted with deep emotion of hate and an opportunity presents itself and you must make a choice.

    Many fail here, but from now on you won’t. You as a person are a receptacle feeding on many inputs both worldly and spiritual. The earthly body dies, but the spirit does not. Ideas flood your mind, but few of you never considered it is from an outside source. You hear the rumors; voices told me to do this and almost all discount the words, as they are crazy. This has been hidden from mankind although the masons have rituals to enhance this power.

   Consider yourself a child as you grow where all is innocent words from your parents spin your opinions and morals. All their words are your foundation with out question as they are your parents. If they hate, so you do. If they love, so you do. Although when you become an adult it is you that choose.

   Now let’s take this to the next level into a realm you can not see or touch as it is hidden. This is why you were given a spiritual guide, the Bible. This is why Jesus died for your sins and errors in life, for you on the most part are still fooled. This is why a warning is being given to you, thus preventing further losses of souls.

   The key is again is to take these words as a seed, but be aware. When you realize the Truth is here, then act on it. It will be your duty to save others as you were given a chance. All of this is only because Jesus loves you; it is He and only He that inspire these words. This is the Word of God.

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