What does it mean to be intertwined with the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Book Of Truth




Written Aug 18



   Many of you, the faithful and more important, because of your needed guidance you the devoted sacred servants have been perplexed by the strong calling from Jesus, in which He wants you to intertwined with His Sacred Heart by choice. Yet this calling is so subtle. So lets shed some light on this special spiritual union for those you with little understanding.

   This is more that what is presented on the surface, your prayers, your devotion and those who have been blinded by faith, which is a good thing. Now there are doubts, fears and questions abound. Will I change? How will my family react if they detect a change? How will this affect my love life and other basic wants? I am concerned that I will lose myself in this merger. Will others notice? Most important, will I have the courage to stand up in the name of Jesus when confronted by many or will I run like many of those in the pass as a coward. Heretic, your beliefs are blasphemous, all will confront you and the influence of the evil will put in your mind doubts and temptations for you to choose another path. It is here that the brave stand. You were told this was a lonely, straight and narrow path and few will listen to your words. Be prepared.

   So now your questions will be addressed. You will not change on a level that can be perceived as a human, what you will feel is a new level of love as you start to see His children as He does. You will also start to experience the pain of souls on earth when they are hurt, but only to the amount you can take. Second, your family plain and simple will be too preoccupied with the changes in the world to notice you. They will say at first so they read the Bible for now you will be ignored. Third, your love life creating that true connection without God? You can not truly know how to love without Him. What you think is passion is lust and what is attraction is present as what you cannot have unless, inspired from the dark one. What will you give up to have it as it shines? What happens after the baby or babies? What happens when you grow older and gain weight if you do not know love, what cements the relationship when it shines no more? God is love and only emanates from Him with this union your life will only get better. Fourth, when you merge, you are surprised. Has it occurred? Is He part of me? The merger is on the spiritual level as if you are aware of that part of your existence. Fifth, others will only notice when that which is Jesus is removed from society and I expect you to stand firm. Courage comes from within and if you doubt call out in His name, and even more call out to Mary and she will put your request in front of Her Son that you will persevere.

   As human, you will examine the pro and cons with your human intelligence unable to comprehend the benefits of being one with Christ. It is a symbiotic relationship with your soul and that which is God is joined in a mystical spiritual union. Many will consider when asked, but few have joined. As hard as it is to except, the key you must submit your free will to Jesus.

   With free will you can choose the light or dark side as you go through your trials of life. When you submit, you choose only Jesus. Does this mean you cannot sin? No, because the dark one will tempt you even more.

   All who submit to Christ; ascend in varying degrees as a human when you become closer, but you do not see a change. Your dreams give you a clue, but your experiences you will not be able to share with another as then you will be labeled. Your choices in life are guided to benefit you and more important others. This is the union at work. As you walk about life each and every action you take, you will question. Would Jesus accept my behavior?

   You will look at the world different and will not know why. Rape will cut to your heart. Murder will bring an intense reaction of sorrow as if you can feel the pain of the deceased. On the other hand when you see simple love as couples and families walk by or interact and you will smile and know the love of Jesus as it is present in them.

   It is this connection that will get you through the trials ahead and many of them painful. When you see the sorrow of the world, you will have hope where the normal person sees none. You will not falter. You will have no fear, because God is Almighty and nothing in this universe is greater, nothing. When you are in union with Jesus your spirit is mingling with His spirit that is pure and perfect, the only path is for you and your spirit to improve at your pace.

   Jesus speaks, I hope this brief explanation answers many of your questions, if not consult with me tonight or any night with your concerns and they will be answered to bring you closer to Me. I love you very much faithful, know that is your tears and love for Me that makes all this worth it, your Jesus and Savior.


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