First Impressions of Hell for the Naive Soul


Written Nov. 6


   After death most even with their religious up bringing are stunned at the unearthly state of being transformed into a living soul with no physical body. The preacher and priests did not prepare me for this. It seemed their words were just a myth to keep me on the right path and the Bible, spiritual guidance. I thought I was a good Christian. Yes I advanced in business by stepping on some people, cheated to get a degree and lied on my resume, so what, this the business world, everybody does it. For those who do not believe in God or an afterlife, they are stunned and are hoping they are not called on their deeds done on earth. Lets look at some examples deeds on earth that you will get called on.

   On the business trip my secretary responded to my flirts so I hit it, little did I know I would fall in love and leave my faithful wife and children. Then she left me anyway when she had to work to keep the relationship, nothing like the carefree dating life. My regrets were too late and too little as I destroyed a family and many friendships out of a selfish need of lust that dried up. It is one thing to want it from afar and another to commit to it on a daily basis. What was once a thrill, now is stale. So she said next and kicked me to the curb.

   When the others came to our church, they were different. Our Christian values are not the same and you are going to fault me for this? Why should I let those sinners soil your church? Jesus told me, I judged and when you turn another from Me you have turned on Me.

   Ok maybe some of my deals bankrupted hard working people, but they will find another job or home. In the business world it is dog eat dog, this is what I was taught. This is how you get ahead. Jesus told me, was I fair to those who worked for me? I had no answer. He asked, did I use influence and power to gain an unfair advantage that hurt others? I had no answer. Then I just drifted away into darkness.

   Many when faced with the transition resort to their earth senses, but things are now different. There is clarity about your state of being. What seems like your head you test as your translucent hand passes through it. With your mind spinning you now think what Jesus will say to me as you now know, He is real and exists? Suddenly your life flashes around you from the time you were a responsible person for your actions to the day you die.

    I see myself and am feeling joy and pains of life! The joys I know as I was giving, but the pain. What is this, now I am seeing the people I turned away from our church, what is this feeling? I was happy when I left my wife for my new love, what is this gut wrenching feeling in my soul. Why are there tears behind my children’s eyes? Oh that family went into despair as they lost everything from a business deal, how was I suppose to know. Then a voice sounds and a pure white light shines bright, it hurts to look.

    I know it is Jesus that is speaking. “I shine in every soul of mankind, everyone no matter how dark and so does My Father and the Holy Spirit. When you mistreated others for lust, greed, cheating and most of all refused worship to Me and My Father because of your earthly prejudices. You have seen your life, are you proud? Ask Me and tell the truth, did you stand up for the principles of I, your Jesus stand for? I died for your sins to save you from hell and after knowing this you slap My face by treating others with utter disrespect and distain. How many times have you heard the gospel by treating others with kindness you showed Me kindness. Do these words fall upon your deaf ears?  Leaving your family and responsibility under the excuse of love when you know it was just a 30 second thrill of lust. I sure you would take that back now knowing your decision is eternal. You made many choices and it was not Me.”

   I began to tremble as I heard the Lord’s words in judgment and knew they were final. In my mind there is the unknown as the dark force began pushing me away. I pleaded with Jesus save Me, He replied on earth I could have. I thought you came to free us from original sin as these are the words in the Bible. Jesus speaks, “While on earth did you once initiate a conversation with Me? Did you once call on Me to help you or did you listen to the words of men?” My head hung low.

   Jesus speaks, “I told you I was the new covenant and that my death would free you from original sin, but I also said obey My Father. All who are to be saved must believe in Me as their Savior. My death also gave humanity the gift of immortality, this is written.”

   The Almighty speaks, “Mankind must make no mistake; you are accountable for all of your sins while on earth and especially that they are committed against My children. Jesus gave you 2 golden rules, I and only I am your God, you are to put no others before Me and do unto others as you would do to yourself, yet these words still hold you to the Ten Commandments. Absolution of the sin through Baptism does not give you a free pass in this life with the sacrament of Confession. You never know when you will die.”

   Exactly, what does the words straight and narrow path mean to you? That few with lives based upon material things and wealth will enter the new world that is the Kingdom of God.  The problem is that many take the Almighty as all forgiving and He is, but you must have true remorse first, a mind set to stop repeating the same mistakes or sin. Most of all, grow spiritually to where your soul becomes one with Jesus first, and then the Almighty. Even more important is to seek forgiveness while on earth by calling on your lord, Jesus. Many get caught here as death is a fleeting moment, catching most wandering souls by surprise.

   Now back to that naïve soul. You say this is so wrong, where was my guidance. Why did I follow peer pressure? Why didn’t my parish priest move me from faith to the truth? A soul, what is it? How was I supposed to know it really exists and was not an abstract term in the Bible? I thought if all agreed, it was right in the name of tolerance of others, the majority ruled. Oh I was so mistaken, as the Almighty, established a set rules to follow. I as part of the human race tried modified the commandments to fit the times as acceptance by others even though I was unsure of the rights. How little did I know?

    As I floated with others they were disturbed, frightened wanted to share their life experiences. She said as her translucent appearance was quickly losing its glimmer of light and turning dark. I was drunk and he looked so good, he whispered every word I wanted to hear as his breath upon my skin sent chills through all of my senses. The lust built up so intensely, I ripped my own clothes off as he kissed my neck. I told him to put the condom on as melted in his arms and he did. He rocked me once, twice and the third he took it off. It felt so good. Now I am pregnant and I don’t even remember his name so I got an abortion. It was legal in man’s world.

   In the Almighty’s eyes you destroyed a life He divinely created, Jesus told me in judgment. I saw that I cut short a new life as a result of a bad choice. I was shown the life of this child had it lived and the changes and happiness they brought to so many. I fell to Jesus’ feet and begged for forgiveness in tears. I was told I was there for you to save you in your time of need, did you call My name? I said no and at that point, the darkness claimed me and dragged me here.

   I was just hanging with the boys and thought lets spice up the party. So I put on the pornography, we watched and how did I know one of the guys would attack a young girl. Another cheats on his wife as he considers her no longer attractive due to a perceived media perception of what a woman should look like. What seems like harmless fun when taken to the next level destroys a family. When I faced Jesus, He showed me the countless souls loss, as actresses in the industry got older; she resorted to prostitution to make ends meet. It was your purchases that fueled the temptation of money. What you saw as a private purchase that you assumed hurts no one, destroyed lives as women were lured into an industry with your money. If there is no market, there is no need for porn actresses and actors. Some died of aids as condoms don’t sell DVDs or VODs. I was shown the lives of others have I not been hooked on porn.  I too wept at the feet of Jesus and begged forgiveness and He told me, I needed to make that change while I was on earth. Then I was pulled away and now I am here with you.

   I was a politician on earth, my decisions affected millions. I wanted to change the country with a new vision. My advisors told me to allow business to thrive and the country would. They stole trillions and I just watched. They told me to allow a war to start to maintain the military complex as strength rules, but it bankrupted the country, now what?

   Jesus scolded me as I was place in charge and made responsible for His children. I wasted trillions, sacrificed thousands of lives for money and strategic resources, so that others would covertly gain. He told me when given a chance to lead, I failed to care for others.

   I was just a Christian father trying to take care of my children teaching them the dangers of associating with them. How can you have friends that are lazy I told my kids. They are moochers taking our hard earned money. They don’t even look like us and God does not want us associating with those heathens. They are all drug dealers and cause all the crime. I saw a few of “them” enter my church, not here I said to the pastor. Not here! They were sent away. Little did I know hate festered in me and my children and my wife, just agreed. I did not see them as Christian people. When my children ran businesses, they did not hire or trust them. They were the butt of jokes at family gatherings and the hate spread among the friends. I was shown all of this through Jesus’ eyes. How was I supposed to know we are all children of the Father? I had to pay the price of my kids’ hate and pride, because it was through me, that they learned. The resultant abuses that they carried out against others festered and escalated to violence.

   Jesus told me, “I gave you children to be raised in My name and you showed them hate and pride. I sent My children to your church so you could show them the way to Me and you turned them away out of fear, why? Those ideas that you acted out did not come from Me. Those ideas were of the dark one and even with all your faith, you did not listen the kindness I sent you. You chose the other when tested and so you have made your choice.” Now I am here.

   What is that smell? Wait a minute, I can smell, I can feel, I can see and hear! This is the other side. No wonder those that crossed did not want to come back. Now there seems to be floor beneath me, what the hell is pushing me, I want to go back to Jesus.

    As I peer into the distance, I see a wall with an opening, that smell what is that? Wait a second, now I am feeling heat, but there are no traditional heat sources. What is this? As I approach the opening, it looks like a gate, what is that creature at the opening? Look the eyes they shift swiftly, no it can’t be, I am now being told in my conscience, this is my master and he is satan. Bow before me, he states. I feel a weigh forcing me down, but I am a translucent soul with no physical mass how is this so?

   The gates open and as far as I can see a glowing lake with embers bobbing about, but the flames seem supernatural in origin, not like on earth. They are like thin veils wafting, but the movement so unearthly it almost seems they are attracted the burning souls. But then there are fires that expand almost spherical, so I asked why?

   On earth there is an atmosphere, which compresses from all sides with the weakest point at the top, thus dictating the flow of flame if heat was absent. Wafting is basically controlled by containment if solid matter is introduced; push back due to compression as the flow of air constantly changes.

   Down there, the only pressure comes from the souls stacking on top of each to reach the surface. With all souls made of the same substance created by the Almighty, what you perceive as weight and pressure is relative. It looks like they are drowning, yes you are correct. It is like being trampled by hundreds as you fight to breathe stale air gasping for every breath. As if you are drowning over and over again, but you never die, just continue to suffer. The newcomers are always on the bottom.

   Then we seem to shift down towards the surface for a closer look, but our perspective location does not change, is almost as if the view was magnified strange, but fear builds. What is that? I thought they were embers popping up on the surface and then sinking. Look they are souls, but have a burnt red tinge on their translucent surface. They are withering in pain. Look, that is half human half beast how is this so, I asked?  To gain favor with the beast, many over the eons of time distort their God given spiritual shapes and start to imitate the beast in varying degrees. This is the source of the abominations seen in hell. This is who you will now learn to imitate. With vision that now encompasses a 360 degree spherical view I see the translucent surfaces of many souls around me starting to shiver in extreme fear. Look isn’t that …. the billionaire, I see he is just another coward without his money and favors. Hey dictator, you look like the people you tortured and killed; weak! Just how did control that country?

      Suddenly in my frontal view I caught a strange movement of the surface of the lake of fire. The view was drawn close as if I willed it, so cool. What is that? I received no answer. Why do they glow and wither in pain?

   The supernatural fires projected upon all souls who refused the will of God, shall experience a pain of fire. Similar to that when you were on earth and you sat in front of an intense fireplace in the home, but more in your backyard. You feel the heat singe to the point you move back, down there you just burn. The point, it burns intensely in proportion to the blackness of the soul. The brighter the soul, the more the fires of hell is reflected away. In this place it continues. But in purgatory the same fires burn away sin over time until the soul is cleansed.

   Suddenly there were no more answers, just an eerie silence as I gazed out about the lake of fire, then unexpectedly, I was being pushed. What are these dark, cloud-like beings? Why are laughing so sinister like. Is this is just a dream, it will go away?

   What happened to the floor, why am I floating down towards the fire, it smells? Why does my skin seem to crawl, but I am dead, so how is possible? Thousands are floating down around me as far as I can see. Dark embers that glow more as the approach what seems the surface of the fiery lake. As they touch the surface, there is agony on their faces. Look they are being snatched under while trembling in fear! I know my grand life on earth is not worth an eternity of this, where is God when I need him?

    Then in the distance, there was a blinding light, it hurts. But it is emanating a sense of peace within me. I feel like I am being drawn as I fall.  I want to go towards the light and the souls around are trying to move upwards. Wait, what is that strange disturbance on the surface of the lake? It seems to bubble, glowing brightly. The souls seem to rise up to meet the light. As it approaches dipping low over the lake, the light moving fast crisscrossed about the surface. As its direction changes significantly from head on approach to moving to a side to side, I saw a tail, which was growing. Souls from hell were being snatched by the light. When it passed me, I was captured pulled in with such a force, I knew its source was from God. He saved me! Emotions overwhelmed me for I saw the surface of hell.

    Millions of souls were taken in that sweep, but billions are still there. Out of the blue, a new realm appeared, there were millions of distressed souls, but they seemed at peace. I welcomed it as I was told prayers on earth saved my ass and here you are being given a new chance, but you must atone for sins in life and be purified to walk on the sacred hallowed grounds of the Promised Land. I felt severe burning in what seemed like my core, but what amazed me over time my translucent shape started to lose it blackness and small glimmers of light appeared over time that dragged endlessly.

   Then I saw souls that just disappeared, I asked the Almighty where did they go? They were saved by the many prayers coming from the living on earth as they took on the suffering you should have when you were on earth. It is great to have friends of faith that care.

   I have been allowed to tell you this story to change the path of mankind for, it is the truth. All of us here in what is called Purgatory need your prayers and are so grateful to have a second chance. We need your prayers to rescue those left behind. Yes we have sinned and not one of you, can say you have not.

    Know this, most fail by a large margin. Help us and when we make it, your guidance will be reinforcing more. Faith is, that there is something greater than what we perceive in life and when it feels good and advances the common good of mankind, you need to deliver. Every one of you faithful would give anything to have walked with Jesus in His day. Today when He is alive in spirit and stands next you, can you walk with Him? Jesus asks you to share His suffering and more important prayers are needed to save the lost.

   If the soul never dies, then no matter what sin influenced by the dark one does not matter when forgiven. If a dark influence was lifted from your child who destroyed the lives of others and they loved you forever, forgiveness would be the least you would put forth. This is the goal of the Almighty, for He is the father of every one of you on earth. I need each and every one of you to deliver the lost souls back to the Almighty. Jesus told you He would leave His 99 sheep to find 1 lost one. This is what’s at stake.

   Those who were lost were deceived and now I need you to step up and provide the prayers necessary to facilitate a rescue. They are your ancestors, maybe even a lost recent family member or friend.  Make it personal everyone knows a bad seed lets turn them and the joy on their face when you meet them will overwhelm with tears of joy, for you made that difference. Can you do this for family, friends and that stranger? Can you do this for Jesus as to share His cross? Can you do it for Father, The Almighty who gave you life and provided this opportunity to save mankind? Take that step and dedicate a few minutes saying these prayers. The point is to start, be consistent and say them from the heart. If you feel the spirit take on more, but only what you can handle everyday.

   The Almighty speaks,” I gave you eternal life and through the death of My Beloved Son, sin is to be eliminated at His second coming. You were told that you have a soul that never dies, but no, you chose to listen to the voices of men that lie. You have chosen to believe in them by their acquisition of earthly wealth on the backs of others. This is not My way. You are My children and you have been given guidance through My Son. You will have a warning to save you from the fate of hell. Come home to Me. Do not follow the souls that have been lost to satan and now have to be rescued, although all will not be given a second chance unless each every one takes the time to pray and accept suffering like your Lord to save others. Trust Me, your Father for I have prepared a glorious place for you and your families, where not one of you will want for anything. Review your actions against others, you know when you have sinned or initiated an injustice. In order for you to grow you must seek the forgiveness of Jesus, for He is your judge. Ashamed, why, He knows your thoughts in advance; what He expects is remorse and a choice to change instead of allowing an event to now become a pattern of life. This is when you become lost.”

   If you truly care for Jesus and the Father, God Almighty, You need to step up to save all. Can you do this to save souls, more important, can you do this for Jesus? This is the will of Father, make it so.


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