Hell: Is it a Myth

The Book of Truth


Written Oct 2

Updated Sept 21


   Most of on earth hear the stories of the afterlife, but few believe there is a Hell. God promised He would not destroy the earth again and He is merciful. Now I ask all of you to think as this area of knowledge would be considered insane. No one of you would dare give insight in this realm as they would be a target of ridicule or worse, heresy. You have two choices here, either, I am crazy and this is nonsense, if so this will be discounted. If there is pressure against this, the Book of Truth then, I am speaking the Truth and heed the warning for only a few on this earth would speak up and stand strong against what will come. It is one thing to talk nonsense; it is another to go against the New World Order, the CIA and the Israelis. This is a death sentence when there are details that may remove doubt. I thank God always for my protection, as I fear no man.

   All of this is true, but you the sacred servants entrusted by Jesus have failed to deliver the message to the faithful. There is a punishment for your inactions as most people assume most go to heaven, but the true number of souls lost to those saved at presently stands at 33 to 1. This is not my number, but Jesus’ as he judges. Have you prepared the faithful for when the Lord comes as a thief in the night?  No, you think the Second Coming is so far in the future. You were told to watch for the signs and they are here, but denial is a bitch. When you face Jesus, your excuses will come. As I hear them they say, I loved you with tears flowing, shivering in shame, and Jesus says, “You hated my children when you despised another because of income, religion, or race. You used women for your lusts as objects as they loved you. You murdered. Feel their pain as you wither with emotions of hate, anger and fear overwhelms you. This is how you hurt my children. This is why I, Jesus am casting you aside.”

   Most Catholics sit in church and day dream when the sermons like the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is read for reflection. It speaks of Hell to warn all, but no one listens even to the prophets and that is true today. It is written, but few of you listen. I was granted a gift to see the tortured souls as they withered in pain beyond your imagination. Let’s give you some insight.

   As I waft above the lake of fire, I cannot believe what I see. Is this a dream or what this is real? I hear screams of terror, but muted pleas of save me as their mouth is stuffed with vile spiritual matter that would disgust even the most ruthless. My soul is wrench as I feel their pain as I am in their environment. I cannot breathe as what seems like stagnant air is short and constricts what is suppose to be my lungs, but I am of spirit. The stench of the dead as I convulse wanting to throw up, but I have no physical form. Out of body in a spiritual manifestation, you still have all the senses and then some. Hearing is sharp. You can hear the thoughts of others crying out. Pain can be shared if you accept it granting mercy. Vision is in a 360 degree spherical directional format difficult for a human to adapt to in a short time period. Suddenly life on earth is put in perspective as a short learning stint.

   This is the invisible world you pray about in the creed, unless you are just mumbling meaningless words during Mass, if so then either just leave or reflect in humility. The burning sensation was unbearable, but I do not have skin, what is this? Unspeakable horror as I gaze upon the weak who were deceived, are abused beyond belief. They seem like they were downing pushed down offering support from the misery by those trapped there for eons as they stand upon them pushing them into the depths. Spiritual orifices were being exploited in most vile unusual in ways outside of description beyond the threshold the strongest as they wept in fear. Cries of save me Jesus, save me, I am sorry rang in what seem to be my ear as I past over, but they were beyond help. Tears rolled down my face knowing that this could be the fate of many on this world. The spiritual essence transcends all levels of existence and is beyond human comprehension. Time is infinite when you cross over and you are responsible for your actions. When you down play the existence Hell you help the dark side exploits that which does not seem real. With no fear of Hell then risks are taken as the point of punishment seems unreal. Sacred Servants you had a job, to bring the children of God home. It is not your job to change the interpretation of Words of the Almighty written in the Bible. The Almighty is perfect and His Words do not change over time.

   As I write this, few will believe this, but all of you believe in ghosts, wizards, witches, dragons and the movies that show you hell and this is fiction. In this universe you as mankind have little knowledge of the invisible world. Near death experiences give you a clue as they have passed over the veil and returned only to give you insight, but you must make a decision.

   Your world has intercession where the two worlds mix as you interpret this as ghosts, bright spots of lights or dark wafting particles depending upon orientation. Let’s look at life first. All intelligent life is a unique combination of spiritual essence created by the Almighty and incarnates in a body placed on a world or evolves from the natural bio mass as occurs in many parts of the universe. The spiritual essence when life is conceived migrates from a cellular mass to the brain stem by the Almighty and this is the symbiotic relationship of spirit and flesh which is sentient life.

   On earth, you as children of God were placed here in exile for the sin of the your first several thousand years ago in exile as there is no missing link. The indigenous species seen as pre human were allowed to die out. The intelligent non native species was removed to provide a balanced spiritual learning arena. Their influence corrupted the Mayan and Romans, built the pyramids, which some have been found to be over 20,000 years old and their cities flooded. They were the mythical gods in your history, but they are no concern of yours, focus on the future.

   Dependent upon your lesson, in an environment, where you no matter what your trials, you are suppose to rise above given your God given talents. Remember the lesson in the Bible of those given and returned only what they were given? If you are born into wealth, put into the best schools, power pushes you to lead a nation means nothing unless you change the world. Look at Gandhi born in a caste not British royalty, but it was his vision, his courage that freed a nation against the Empire. This is a man who delivered more than what was given. Sacred servants can you say this?

   The life that has passed on, once crossing the veil is confused. Shock as they see their physical body lifeless, but waft above only to realize they are free. No pain, knowledge of the universe and you understand the meaning of life. Suddenly you realize your time on earth was a test, but not one schooled you and now I am responsible for my actions that this world said is right. This is not fair. Our priests said all get to go to heaven and God is all forgiving. I sense something is wrong as I do not want to face Jesus so I retreat to the never world where the physical world of earth and the spiritual at some points merge.

   Many are told of the wafting mist as this is the evil side and usually represents a very dark being. Few of you have the gift to see the invisible world, if would view a room or area flooded with thousands of dark wafting specs that look like transparent dull gray ash that float about. Those of the light will flash as a brilliant flash of white neon the size of an ant that floats by. The color varies from shades of white, but slight blue infused to brilliant white and if you get the rare chance of seeing a deep red know that you have blessed by a visit from Jesus.

    The point, I do not want one of lost due to confusion. Prepare for the worst as hell does exist and you will be prepared. This is all I ask. There are many things in this universe you do not understand, but in order to save all, I need a little help. Keep an open mind and when we meet there will be tears of joy.

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