All That is Hidden Shall be Revealed

The Book of Truth


Written May 19


   The end of times has been foretold in the prophecies of Daniel and John in which, few of you realize, these are the present times. The elite have prepared well to take advantage of this world and the safety of your loved ones is in jeopardy. It is only through these warnings provided by Jesus from a select few sources should you listen to. Accept no one at this point who has not been established before Dec. 2010. Believe nothing where background info could be added to the web as this person was unknown. Believe no one who asks you to stop praying the Rosary or respecting the Eucharist as the body of our Savior Jesus Christ. Believe no one who tells you that which is against the Laws of God are now justified as a human right. You know when you serve in this army you are proud of His name Jesus, and obey the Laws of the Father, but walk away if confronted negativity.

   Those who are hardened in an opinion and more important their souls are not changed by words spoken as some new revelation. This you must understand or you will lose them to time. It is facts that count, can you show them Jesus and His presence? Belief comes from the heart were the decision is true without doubt completely removed. This is what forges a true believer. This is when doubt, becomes I know. This is what you must achieve at all costs, but if they push back it is only the seed you plant and walk away. The warning will solidify that which you have planted. This is the mission. This is your mission.

   It has been promised that you would receive help and that day is upon you. As the Almighty has now allowed His miracles to been seen by the world in the near future so prepare for the conversion of many, but also expect push back from the dark one in the world arena.

   Now a promise to the elite, I have asked the Father to reveal that which has been hidden from the world at an accelerated pace so that mankind can be shown the Truth. It is here you have an opportunity to change as you are being warned that the veil of deceit shall be lifted. All shall see your actions for what they are. All shall see what you have kept hidden for centuries. All shall know your intent towards others in this world. “What has been hidden shall be seen”, as this is the Word of God.

   Change with true remorse, recite the Crusade Prayer Seal of Protection everyday to protect you and your family then the threat of death from the dark side will lessen. Without this protection after conversion as a traitor to satan and his dark army, you will be easy prey and example to others for that try and leave. Flounder on the fence and you will fall as no decision is the same continuing the status quo. You have 2 choices either you are with us or against us.

   Know this; the darkest secrets will appear in place that all will have access too. What was stolen from the world, which you think is safely stored away will be found and you will check your vault and a fake or nothing shall be there. It has been written that what was hidden shall be known. Now you can play the game of musical chairs on the dark side as the weaker fall before you, but in this game there is only one winner, the dark one. Not one of you should expect mercy in the end as a tool. He enslaves all of God’s children, but you still believe the lies.

   All attempts will be made to rescue even the darkest souls as you are still children of God, but deluded where the trance of wealth and power seduces you. When you die, this does change. While you are at that next sacrificial Masonic ceremony do ever wonder why the spirits of the darkest that have died never communicate with this world. It is only your leader that you hear of the promises and the glory that lies beyond. He lies. There are many testimonials that has seen God’s version heaven where are your testimonials of satan’s promised world? Exactly what type of world is where the best murders, thieves, dictators, rapists, liars, cheats are, where all know nothing, but being number one? You kill children in your ceremonies to pay homage, step back and look at yourselves.

   Prepare for change as this world will never be the same.


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