The Book of Truth


Written Jan. 30  

   As the world changes around your culture, many of you will face many challenges with the coming earth changes and chastisements, but this can be lessen if you consider another option. Your nation of India will be shown signs, there will be a feeling of enlightenment as if a veil that has clouded your vision of spirituality and your meaning on earth shall be lifted. For once there will be clarity to something better, but you must seek out that path that gives you direction. There will be rumors of prayer groups hidden among the population out of apprehension of rejection, but as you seek knowledge you shall have no fear. You ask; what if this group is a trap to flush me out, how will I know? You will be guided by an inner voice, mediate in prayer and you shall be directed. Trust is ingrained with that which is God your creator, not man.

    It is these prayers groups that will save the many who are hesitant or feared change in your varied cultures. It will be these prayer groups that will mitigate or lessen the sinking of the Indian sub continent giving precious time for millions to survive. It will be the prayer group that you join, which will enlighten others to the realm of on one God, the creator of all life. Through education, you will build upon the ethics and morals which is a part of Hinduism and learn the Truth. You will move beyond self and new age religions ascribing to advancing that which is man to that of god where the focus is on one Deity, the Almighty.

   You will learn about Jesus who is God that walked as man after your faith was established by many unknown writers to save each every one of you. This is what you will learn. This is what you will delicately convey to your friends and family. This is now how you will live with new wisdom and insight to the world around you, but you toss all that you were taught and approach this new path with and open and devoted mind until you turn the first page of the Bible and read the Holy Word.

   You will never look back as you will know with conviction, that Jesus loves each and everyone of you from the lowest of the caste to royalty as all of you are His equal children. Think about this? Leave the confusion, crime and abuse of the slums behind. Leave the superficial life style promoted in the west behind. Leave the greed and back stabbing lurking in every corner among the elite behind. As your lands flood, He offers you a better future as many in the world look upon your land in disbelief, grab His hand to pull you above what mankind  cannot provide or in most cases will not, He will.

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