Holy Week Remember

The Third Blood Moon Ushers in Revelations



Written Mar 30


   Again we are here another year to celebrate Holy Week that started on Palm Sunday to where all celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. All cheered as He proceeded through town and all laid leafs and palms. The celebration was quickly forgotten less than a week later, but how? Jealousy raised due the seduction of the dark one to a new level of hatred by the Jewish priests, the Pharisees exploded and they called for His death. How dare they worship a common man and challenge our authority as we are the closest to God the Father in their arrogance. They searched for a traitor offering silver through their underground. One of Jesus’ chosen apostles Judas sold Him out for what, the metal that His Father, God Almighty created? Shortly as another controls the Catholic Church or what is left of it, all that is related to the true God and Jesus shall be removed. And you sacred servants shall be the first to be divided as prophesied and less than 50% will stand up for your Lord Jesus Christ. They will cower like Judas accepting the changes in the doctrine of the Church, the body of Christ. It has been written.

   Remember how Jesus in His reverence spoke to His apostles on Holy Thursday. He spoke of betrayal, hope and as He blessed the table by breaking the bread as His Body and drinking the wine as His Blood, it was all would remember His sacrifice He made for this world. He died for your sins. Now He was captured by the words of one of His own and those who praised Him. The next day all were assembled in front of Pilate. They were hand picked to deliver a message and the people confused and heard the decision followed in fear as His apostle who denied Him after being told in advance at the Last Supper.

   You sacred servants will be told a new message, that which is not from your Lord. He has given you a blueprint that does not change with time for any reason no matter if it comes from Rome. Those in the Vatican, in the Curia and other strategic places including the highest have been seduced by the dark side, not bought by greed and money as they have been given riches and power. It is their job to destroy and crucify the Church of our Lord once again and replace it with another. What you sacred servants need to realize is that the public will still see the Catholic Church as one embracing all. You need to see this with a discerning eye; humanism is the work of the dark one. The Laws of God will be changed subtly. The plot is to morph that of the Church which represents the Body of Christ. Escalating quickly, once in the public eye, the Church will be crucified again like Jesus on Good Friday and seen as dead. Again as prophesied in three days it will rise and in turn, and destroy death which is represented by the dark side. This is the Truth. Now some words from your Teacher.

   Jesus speaks, “My sacred servants those so loyal, those with no fear of the future or death as you are mine. We are about to enter the prophesied times as the 3rd Blood Moon occurs at or near the remembrance of My resurrection on Easter from death. I expect every one of you who vowed an allegiance to fight for Me when you took you vows in My Church no matter what the odds. I am your God. I am your Savior. I am the light. Without Me, you are nothing. I speak to those weak of faith. I ask why? If you believed in Me. I inspired you to lead My flock and now with worldly wants, desires and influence that which My Father created you want to bail? You say the lessons of the past written in the Bible do not relate to today, but events in life will tell a different story shortly. You believed in a life after and now you have doubts? I told you of his time and it is now. Lose your trust and you are just like Judas. Heed My words.

   The chastisements were delayed to create doubt as My Father God Almighty wants only those who truly believe in Him, no matter the words of your governments and rich. Do you want to be like those who condemn Me Jesus Son of God because of the words of The Pharisees who were supposed to welcome Me in any form? Never deny Me. Never agree to the changes of My Word. Never desert My flock by agreeing to preach that which does not come from Me. I am your Savior. I am your light. I am your only path. Your Jesus I love all you and hope you never abandon Me. If you do your salvation is dependant upon the prayers of others who may save your sorry ass.”

   Let’s all sacred servants reflect on what faces the world and that the souls of all humans no matter what their sins, you were your God given task. Now I am not telling what to do, but if I was given a job by Jesus, I would think twice about quitting. There will no doubt after at or shortly after the Easter Blood Moon the world is on the cusp of change. You we have heard this before and this is true. Just be thankful that the prayers of many have shortened these events. For when you see the destruction meant to break the lies, influence and stranglehold over your lives for if this world was to continued as planned few of your grandchildren would be alive in 20 years. This is the Truth.


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