Honor Thy Father and Mother

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 28


   Some take the responsibility of being a parent lightly. As a child, know this, if it was not for the spark of love in creating you, sometimes lust, you would not exist.  Only when two humans join as one in the flesh to create life by free will, it is the Almighty that injects the spirit of life into the zygote. All of this is by design. With this, your parents become the care givers of not only your life, but your soul.

   Could you survive without their love and care in your early years? They supported you as a child by choice, where you could have been abandoned. Please do not choose the latter as your life would have imploded in a downward spiral without love or you be dead.

   Make no mistake; it is not about supporting a parent that commits sins against you like incest and physical abuse. This is about just respecting your parents that gave you physical life so that the Almighty could instill your soul or spiritual essence into your present body. Some parents may not have your best interests due to lack of a plan, but hold until you are of age as an adult and then move out. Never disrespect your parents for they are you. You can disagree, but there is a line you do not cross as to lower them in the eyes of others. This should stay within the family and if you need help sorting this out then ask Jesus, He will respond and guide you. This is the Word of God.

   Just remember that all have a mother and father on earth, but you also have a mother, Mary and a father, the Almighty in Heaven, reach out.


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