Honoring the Sabbath

The Book of Truth


Written Sept 23


   We have all been taught about faith in our early years. You must go to church every Sunday, pray and you will not go to hell. As a young Catholic or Christian disciple theses were the words we heard at church, school and home. Then the reality of the world embraced us and values that were so solid when faced with real life, the principles that seemed set in stone are now being doubted. As a child, you see divorce, hate towards another inspired sometime from our parents as they talk about others with distain. When at school some of you are spit upon and bullied and you are supposed to believe in their words? You hear, it is survival of the fittest. In time you see the world for what it is and finally you come home through a spouse or some other life altering change as you review your life, you compromised only to be used.

   The Almighty prefers a path where you choose Him out adversity as you have come full circle. Where you appreciate honoring Jesus on the Sabbath. Where when you receive the sacrament of the Eucharist and the spirit of our Lord floods your soul and you smile in peace.

   You have lived through the sins and sadly for all, we have committed them as they flash by in your mind. Are you proud?  No one has abstained from sin that walked this earth except, Jesus and His mother Mary as we are man. When you have strayed as all of humanity has, you need to confess in humility during the sacrament of confession. It is a gift from God, use it. No man can stay free of sin for long, but this is not an excuse to take repeated advantage of another.

   The Almighty speaks, I have sent my Son to die for your injustices to your bother and sisters. To this day, and since He has walked our earth, He still suffers. My commandments were revealed to you through Moses was to honor your God and My Son one day during your earthly time frame of a week. I the Almighty gave you life. I gave you free will to choose. I want you to come home to Me and respect My day and the sacraments I give you. This is all to save you. Cherish the Sabbath; cherish My Son your Lord Jesus. Cherish that I want all of you to share in My prepared paradise with Me. Do not let My Sons death be in vain. It is My plan to give you far beyond what your leaders cannot. They lie. I project love. The proof My Son died for you, they wont.


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