The Book of Truth



Written Jan 20


   All of you at some point in your lives will be faced with fear and despair, with this many of you will only have what is based on faith. I hope I am rescued. I hope there is a hospital near that can save me and my child. Am I just going to die here along? I hope God will save me, but few of you truly believe. Tell your wife God is going to save as oppose to the humans that just passed you rushing to someone that which is perceived as more important to this world. Everyone one of you looks to your peers to save your lives and few call on the Creator. It is only when faced with death, do you consider calling out to God for help when all is lost. Father asks just once why donít you call on His Son for help when trouble starts? Your faith dictates a higher power, but you trust man to guide your future. You have been told there in Revelations millions will perish during earth changes and genocides yet to come, but it is in mankindís hand through prayers that can soften the chastisement.

   Presently if we donít come together, half the population in America will be stripped of all wealth and what seems safe. All of you, with your partisan views will be looking for the help. Remember how you felt, the poor do not deserve as they are drain on society as are you now. Letís review what drives division in America.

    It is time for the truth. Social Security paid for by minorities, as a certain race of men collect just over 4 years of benefits for a lifetime of contributions. The largest entitlement programs returns to the majority is in form of Medicare and Medicaid. It is no secret that 91% of assisted living care caters to elder white woman as some families divests their parents of assets in timely manner and past the cost of this care to the government. Yes, republicans it is your grandmothers that you will cut care to.

   Entitlements are to help the needy, not a path for the savvy to strip the wealth of their parents and then dump them on social programs paid by the government. Look at the pattern of transfer of assets excise by family members before the grace period. You speak of welfare and some do take advantage, but many need help. Welfare is mostly children and still white America leads the roles by percentage. This should not be a point of racial divide. Yes, black America as a percentage of their population is far greater, but many are never offered a true level playing field as with prejudice, lack of education, blocks put in place to damper advancement through the old boy network are in place or there is a catch. Your ancestors destroyed the theme of the family as husbands were stripped away as sometimes in lust your predecessors wanted his mate? Explain just how light skinned black people became a significant part of the population when interracial marriage was taboo?

    There are many challenges that face this nation and for the most part the majority has healed and sees past color. Yet there is a constant element of deceit presented as to point blame or deflect it by factions in the media. Many of you donít realize you are all under attack, but you believe it is just the poor. Donít you realize that America is bankrupt and you will never as middle class been seen as successful. You refuse to believe that the elite have written you off and if there was some one else to address our needs and lead this country we would be on track. They stole your 401s. They want to change the election system. They want to strip your rights. They want you to pay for their wars and mistakes with your money under the guise of protecting freedom. Yet in this country they did not want to even help disaster victims and you still donít see the hand writing on the wall. But, let it be known there are some in this nation that have not progressed past the early 20th century. It is no secret as we as nation celebrate Martin Luther King Day and the sacrifices he personally took to advance the black race, but some, behind closed doors refer to this day as nig_er day, disgusting as if your secret words are beyond my ears, but this is not how the majority of America thinks.

   As the end times deliver a many disasters to destroy that which is evil, it will be republican America that will seek help. The government you wanted smaller has disappeared as in your rural communities are too hard and expensive to get to. The population mostly elderly and what is seen by those elected as low skilled are expendable behind closed republican doors, but they will confiscate your farms when famine strikes. Watch as what you wanted to dispense on others shall come to haunt you.

   Most in America know there is a rescue as most disasters are local, but the earth changes will destroy areas greater than some states in what seems completely. No country can rescue tens of millions within a short time period where lost of life is contained. Precious weeks to months will pass as bodies rot in place due to simple injuries that cannot be rescued or cared for. Everyone has to die sometime until Jesus comes; the point, is it going to be about being the survivor at the cost of all others? Or shall you call out to Jesus and ask for His mercy, forgiveness and in atonement accept His offer of protection?

   Do not let fear cloud your judgment. Do not let fear take the belief that life goes on after death. Do not let fear make you give up your belief in God and Hope as carnage unfolds around. Have you call His name, Jesus in true remorse or just want to live?

   If you want to just live, it will be at a cost. Will you murder or rape to be part of the crowd or seek another path risking they may kill you in the most gruesome way as an example to others. Crimes truly disgusting, beyond almost all tolerance of any one who has some good shall be tested. Cannibalism of the young and vulnerable when food is scarce may occur in isolated areas. Killing for sport with law enforcement is lapse when outsiders are just looking for help. In the ashes of the destruction that which is truly evil will infect many. Is this want you want for your future? I donít as this is an extreme and with current prayer may happen at no greater rate than present crime of opportunity. What we donít want is to slip to the security of a third world despot nation.

   Now for the elite, government leaders and some in media you know I speak the truth. It is friends and family that you fear as the public mostly is in the dark. The date unknown, but is set and know this, everyday you can consider as normal, consider it as a blessing as you can count on the days of turmoil as being shorten. It is fine that you have doubts as this story is old, but it is the truth. Events shortly will leave no doubt and it is here I expect you to step up for others as I over the years have for you.

   The Almighty protected the Jews when they left Egypt and with your hope and faith you shall be delivered. Ask for the seal of protection after absolution of your sins and turn the mindset of fear into hope even though see all around you fall. Remind yourselves, I know I will live, I know I am protected and when He comes I shall give thanks. Along the way you will promise to care for your soul as you care for your body. Make this pact with your Lord and the truth will move you from I hope to I know.

   As the army of the Lord grows, those on the dark side shall fall. Use the lessons to inspire you and recruit others to join to save mankind. If you are unwilling to save yourselves then who will? More important, why should you be saved if you are unwilling to do what is needed to protect those you love? You have a plan. You have a Savior. More important at this time He offers you hope, accept His gift of mercy and lets win this war with the maximum amount of souls we can save. Say His name, Jesus and know it is He that encompasses all that is Hope that will be within you.


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