The Human Tragedy



Written July 31


   On Earth, lives are lost through the deeds of men and it is only when many are affected in a supposed safe area that the cries of outrage occur. Many ask where is God when human tragedy occurs, but seems for many, this is the only time you look for Him.

   You have been told the powers of good and evil can access the human mind. In the case of evil, the mind with a link to the soul can be overrun or possessed with suggestions, but in the case of good you have to ask for help and this is given if it fits into Godís plan. All evil thoughts (the voices in the head) are spawned from satan and his dark angels. The common theme in all tragic events, the human mind due to despair, hopelessness, a need for self attention leaves an opening for suggestions to be made, the point that they seem like their idea, in here lays the danger of a lost soul.

   Let it be known that your human mind has free will and with this free will granted by the Almighty means that He cannot interfere with your choice. The thought of another way, thus avoiding violence or hurting another is Him. But the deed of killing is just a suggestion from satan, the human mind with its free will must make the choice to pull the trigger.

   Why does not God interfere in some horrific crimes? His does, guns jam, with many shot; the bullets just seem to miss vital organs, and thus fewer die. In Colorado, tear gas left helpless humans in the line of fire of a semiautomatic weapon with over a hundred rounds at near point blank range. This is where divine intervention saved many, here is where many need to concentrate, in a terrible event, it could have been worse, so just know there is a God. Many here were saved from death that would have cut short their mission on earth and caused added grief with loved ones. This through the prayers of loved ones in that theater was not allowed to continue.

   Remember, the crime was the free will of a human listening to the dark side. This is what you need to realize exists. This is what you need to fear, due to lack of knowledge. This is where prayer in isles saved many in Aurora. You asked why wasnít the innocent spared? You as humans must request intervention with your free will; it is not given to blanket cover the act of injustice towards another. You shaped your society and have allowed the laws of Moses handed down from God to be diluted. When those you have raised, instilled moral values, and educated run amuck; you point the finger of blame everywhere, but at the reflection in the mirror. Do not thousands get killed unjustly in other countries daily, yet few of you notice or choose to change things? Millions floated down rivers in Africa dead during an ethnic war, where were the real cries from humanity, instead of the token coverage? There is no museum for those 6 million.

   The influence is not only in heinous crimes, but in the houses of worship for our Lord Jesus Christ. Look at the church that refused to allow the sacrament of marriage to be performed in a church that worships Him. We are all Godís children, but the controlling elders of the church saw that race made a person not equal to them. This did not come from God; as the influence was dark spewing hate, pride and putting another down to elevate self. The elders in that church were listening to the voice of satan, but all thought the decision was part of their character, thus presenting what they though was the correct image for the church in the eyes of men in their community. They were so wrong. This is the invisible force. Recognize it, so you can move forward.

   The problem here is that all demand proof, and proof you will get at the warning. Just know this; the other side in this battle will state it was just a bad dream and present paid experts twist events. They will play on your emotions of fear, where your doubt may be influenced to change undoing what you learned during that event. It is your choice, to listen to their lying words or believe what your eyes saw and mind experienced. This is your future. This is the salvation of your soul. Let no man influence that which you know as the truth.


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