The Hypocrisy of Religion

The Book of Truth


Written Oct 12


  There is must confusion as to the concept or belief in God. Many relate the extremists and mans beliefs to paint a picture that encompasses all beliefs. When you look at in injustices created against those that cannot protect themselves and the group shouts out, God is great. Know this; these actions of hate and the words validating the crime are inspired from the dark one. The Almighty set this commandment in stone and delivered by Moses to the Jews and the world, thou shall not kill.

   The Bible has many examples of that which is now against the will of God as you were shown through Jesus, when He gave you new set rules to abide by. He also told you that your choices must come by free will.

   You who have listen, but pick and choose what to parts that agrees with your current state of mind, need to make a choice. I am telling you the truth, now I am proud that many of you have accepted parts, but still there is work to be done. The Bible does not state death to those who do not honor a commandment on a literal level; again free will is your choice on how you will live your life. It implies your soul may die. Which few of you realize does exist. This will change shortly.

   The Almighty speaks, I sent My prophets into your world with a set of rules to bring you home to Me, your Father. Along this path is much deceit from the one I cast out of Heaven. Like a parent who has been there and cares for His children, I give what you need so that you are not lost. Do you not respect your mothers and fathers on their day? Do you not expect devotion at some point from your children for your sacrifices? I, the Almighty gave you life through your parents and all I ask is respect on the Sabbath. I need you to reflect on the words you just read.


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