I am Young and was Just Told the World may End

Now What?

The Book of Truth



Written Oct 23


   Some of youth of today look at those who control this world with distain. Destruction of their future world is now in the name of profit justified as scientists ignore climate change, evidence now seen by the world. Although, the true cause of global changes has yet to be told to the world as of this date. Laws for the good of the people and the nation stone walled. You are being told to educate yourselves, but costs now put many 200 thousand dollars in debt at graduation with degrees offering few “real” jobs paying above $40,000 available.

   Leadership like the House, to guide this nation now falls short of true guidance as internal agendas focus not on the people, but of the dark side. Events in the media twisted to maintain a docile population in the event of an emergency. This is not the future your country promised you. This is not the reason you chose to rise above others that saw education as a waste of money and time. This is not the reason you spent years to get a degree only to find the leaders in Congress have held you back with their pathetic policies that leave you unemployed. Is this how you see the leadership of this nation guiding you and your future families? This is why you vote.

   Now shortly either by a tepid announcement from the administration of a threat from space or earth changes will confirm what the weak, your politicians that did not not tell you. This will be downplayed with sense of false hope from your president, NASA or some other organization deemed to be most effective push the agenda of the elite, and your world will change. Now let’s address hope as there is false hope and there is the Truth.

   False hope is being addressed by a politician and states in similar words, "we have no absolute answers, but there will be a change". Self reliance and preparation is in the best interest of the nation, oh you are on your own. Are these old men going to rebuild this nation on their pack of lies or on your young backs? More important are their words enough to guide you? They have known this since the late 1940’s to early 50’s, but you are only now learning of events and they will be stretched out over years instead of a few weeks. They have been lied too. Their version would have them hide with little notice as most of you would be dead.

   Their choice is to educate the public through media shows where what was hidden is now exposed as their only choice. They are revealing the truth, but the most advanced knowledge is still hidden as you just expect disclosure. The goal here is to elevate new spokesmen already planted in the shows you watch for you to follow. On the inside, those with the knowledge of the worlds outside of this earth will choose who you listen too. One only has to look at the recent increase of shows leaking info when disclosure comes. This is not by accident.

   Now for the astute, you start to think. The last war was really to steal Iraqi oil and Afghan gas by occupation. In chaos there is opportunity for those who plan ahead with knowledge. The mortgage crisis was to put the world in a position to where the people stripped of their wealth either by the financial meltdown or austerity. Again this was by design. Enough of this background, let’s talk about the youth of the world and what you have to offer in a time of distress.

   As only a messenger of Jesus, you are being offered true hope. This will become evident as society falls into disarray. I will tell there is another world beyond what you see as this, the earth. It is here that has both good and evil, but this is the time of the dark side and all that you know will be destroyed and rebuilt in glory. What we will try and prevent is the seduction of the dark side which offers you false promises here, but destroys your soul and future. All you who doubt these words will be in fear when the comet approaches earth. All of you will expect to die, but this is just a warning and with courage most of you will live. You will see your life flash in front of you and you will know Jesus. From this point you will know you have a soul and there is something greater. Let no man take this from you.

   The establishment will tell you in the naive ways of the world that sin no longer exists. This is a trap for the weak and for many of you, the words you have dreamed of, the pleasures of life and lust for your taking with no accountability. Does this sound like a world you want to live in knowing the dark side will eventually bite all of you except the elite in the ass? Disease, abandonment, lies and the next best thing becomes available, think about it? Thousands of years of a moral structure and now it does not count! Abominations of the flesh and greed are now allowed as sin is forgiven by God, so you are now your own keeper?  They are lying. Confused yes, but I expect you to rise above the ashes of what is left of civilization.

   When you are told the world may end, your elders will be in shock. It is here where you call in faith, Jesus please guide me as those in government have few clues. Many will say they represent God or are as you were told of the false prophets. Jesus is reaching out to you who do not know Him or even think He exists. Look around at the chaos and choose another path.

   You ask why go to school or maintain a job? This is your test. This is where you will not fail. This is where you rise above all when faced with danger you decide to look towards the future. Some of you will be tempted to spend all of your money on the “pleasures of life”. Some of you will choose to engage and love all beings of this world out of lust, party until the end. All on earth fantasize about this in some fashion, but we all grow up. Some will just choose to wither and die. You have a choice, maintain your morals, continue your jobs and education to the end for this is what God and His Son Jesus wants. Your path has consequences.

   What is dark wants confusion and the theme of no hope or God as how would He allow you to go through this fate? The dark side wants the break down of family structure of love as you compromise those older men with power and wealth with sex, know this, you as the very young are breaking up families, destroying all by those hoping to survive. But will you be abandoned for someone better? All that occurs in the end times is to cloud your mind that what is called sin; will this save your ass? The Truth, you will lose your eternal life with God. Children you will be shown signs, heed them as I only the messenger of the Holy Trinity, I am only planting a seed. All that is pleasure will be presented. All that you see in the world has been compromised and you will need to opt out.

   Much that is presented is to deceive you. Morals never change for it is your life on that is on the line. Politicians have destroyed this world, but we refuse to let them take you, the innocent, down with them as there is more to come, from your Jesus. Trust needs to be earned; call on Him when you are frightened, feel hurt or abandoned as this is just a start.

   Science fiction tells you of other worlds and beings that transcend visible matter, a power that created the universe, this is God. All life started with Him, but you as His special child need to accept Him with love of your own free will and this promise, nothing offered you on this earth will be greater that what you will receive from God. This is a promise among the many lies. The Almighty speaks, “Go forth My children as a seed to spread and multiply the Truth of My Son, Jesus. You My innocent will gather the wheat of My harvest, which shall come upon this earth before the Second Coming.”

   Look deep into this message and you shall know.


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