Insight into Sin

Easter Message from Jesus

The Book of Truth



Written Easter 2014


   This world has little understanding of the repercussions of sin as it is beyond the physical realm and human conscience. In order to build up a defense to what you may face look deeper into the words you read. So many today are being led to believe there are no penalties after death and the lake of fire, just a myth to keep the faithful in line even as your priests or sacred servants sometimes doubt in secret. You have the preacher on the pulpit taking about the threat of hell, yet it is this diffused message which pushes more away than drawing in to the Truth. Fear is never the message of Jesus.

   So many examples were given to the world in the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments by the prophets and Jesus. So few of you today, take the initiative to listen to the lessons of life, as they repeat. This is History. Your human intelligence has replaced that, which is God. Yet you fail in your scientific explanations, death befalls your medicines, and you continue to pat your selves with each degree or honor achieved in the eyes of men. Guess what, the universe does not care, like some of you don’t care about your fellow man.

   You speak of change, but it is your actions or lack of that perpetuates this way of life on earth as an additional sliver is taken over time as to not cause concern until power has been solidified. Deceit is subtle. Deceit is made to look like the truth. Deceit fools the common man as this is how the elite remains in control, by allowing you to think you are in control with your laws, which they write and commerce which they control under the guise of a free market. This is the Truth. Only man can change the destiny of his brother and this by choice.

   When humans were first created by the Almighty as no life form in the universe, none has that right; there was only one law, not to eat of the Tree of Life. The breaking of this law of the Almighty caused banishment to earth out of the Garden of Eden, to where death now is now a part of life. You ask, Adam and Eve had two sons and I know what you are thinking? They mated with the ambient population that was present on earth. This is why it was written the ages rapidly decreased. From Adam and Eve who was now mortal due to their Original Sin as that which is genetics of the children of God was diluted and immortality now resulted in death. Scientists will never find a link to present day Homo sapiens and early humanoids that were previously on this planet. This is the Truth. It is the Original Sin from the parents of all mankind and that has stamped each soul. This is part of your faith. This is the reason for the sacrament of Baptism to break the grip the dark one holds over the human race was granted as a gift to wipe away this sin. When Moses returned after 40 days from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, the Jews he delivered from Egypt was worshiping idols instead of God. They were divided, like they will be divided in the End Times. Those who stood with the Almighty and those who worshiped the idol, the latter were destroyed for sin. The others forced to wander for 40 years so that the few chosen saw the Promised Land.

   Pride and arrogance fueled the hate and anger of the Pharisees as their fear of change had Christ executed, the sin of murder. So blinded with the influence of the dark one who possessed their souls of the living and now totally in death, they could not accept or hear the Truth. You say they are the high priests of the God of Abraham. Yes this is the truth, but the words the spoke, the actions they took to a murderer was preferred rather than accept the Truth. The Pharisees even bribed the guards standing at the tomb, to hold their tongues to what they have seen. You were told to look at the fruits of their actions. Was the mob that shouted crucify him have knowledge of the Laws of the Torah or were they manipulated for effect?

   Only because of the prayers of Jesus to Father while nailed to the cross were the responsible Jews of that time spared and only their temple destroyed by a great quake. The anger of the Almighty was great as even most of His son’s disciples ran like cowards; it was His love for the Jews that He allowed them to crucify Him. This why the chosen race has not heard His voice and will suffer a second Holocaust at the hand’s of the New World Order led by the antichrist until they call out the name of the Messiah, Jesus, who will deliver them from Armageddon.  Be careful chosen race as your leaders push you into war and will be betrayed by the EU as they betray who now.

   Sin is the catalyst which moves the light of God present in every innocent soul of the children of God to splotching at first and if no remorse is taken to forgive, it spirals into total darkness. Once captured, the infestation is to a point where the grip and control satan has over the being is binding. At first his influence is subtle and your actions are always justified in your eyes. The temptation is of money, greed, lust and power.

   When Jesus died for our sins, it was to balance the evil done from that day until the 2nd coming and because of this mankind was freed from death. This was the will of the Father through the Covenant He has with His children. The Son of God is atoning for each of your sins as we speak, a burden even for the Son of God that is over whelming, but He does it out of love for you. But shortly sin will run rampant in the End Times, escalating at an exponential rate and these times are upon us now.

   This was known and shown to Him by satan as He prayed in the garden before He was captured. Jesus knew satan would rule the earth in the dark times. So with the failure of today’s sacred servant to explain how sin affects the Lord and that the final battle is fool the population of earth that sin is not important, but replaced with human rights by their own choice as injustices plague the oppressed. This is the plan.

   So in order to win the battle of the Souls for Our Lord you must think how satan would fool the world, so that the maximum amount of souls are lost from God to him while increasing the burden of pain and suffering to Jesus through the expansion of sin?

   First order of importance is to move those who worship satan under the guise of some so called Christian groups and Masonic groups into sleeper positions of power in government, banking and the Vatican. This is standard CIA and KGB tactics and you think the prince of darkness is going to play by the rules? How naive! In Governments, the people see independent leaders, but their powers are linked positions although they seem in opposition, but to the world’s ignorance answers to one voice. The US will never admit the A bomb secrets were given to Russia. How did they engineer the centrifuges, acquired the amount of uranium, replicate the trigger for critical mass? The first thing you know about the US, no one group has all the secrets. The timeline betrays the cover story.

   Control of both sides with engineered war and public riots saps money, lives and property in the end the people weary of war will surrender their rights under the control one who will provide peace. The speed of what seems like skirmishes will escalate swiftly as peace is not the goal amid all the posturing by politicians. They will lie to the world until the world is brought to its knees in the Great War where nuclear weapons will strike all great countries including the US as the cities has pre selected and agreed by both sides. This will not last long, but millions will innocently perish.

   The Banks now in control of your economies and interest rates will allow certain entities to put a stranglehold over the populations of the world to where discord and crime can be ratcheted up by tightening the availability of capital for investment. Where has the order in our financial systems gone? Some many control, but no one leads, they will cry out. The Ebola outbreak has been curtailed to the frustration of the NWO, it should have infected millions, and again this was the plan.

   In the Catholic Church, the goal would be to minimize the importance of sin through small gestures of acceptance over the next year as time is short. Present human rights as for the good of all. While preaching piety, just distribution of wealth and care for the poor all to present a just façade as the world will believe. Replace the Liturgy with soft words of love, but change the Word of God. It is here, if no sacred servant leads you to the dangers of putting man before God, then who? Few will realize the subtle changes, beware.

   The faithful with little knowledge of the scriptures will not challenge the Vatican or new doctrine and red book. The increase of sin and reduction of morals are key factors in the battle of souls as this is the big picture. But the world will look at the small immediate picture presented to them by design. Reduction of prayer and relaxing established sins based on breaking the Commandments, this will seem minor when embracing all that did not believe. Most will see this as the greater good. The true goal is to increase sin as you accept a choice presented to you by the Catholic Church that God will forgive all and we will all go to Heaven as He loves us. This will be a lie.  Sin is forgiven only if you ask for it with atonement and believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior. This is the only way to the Father, for it was written. And now you in the Church, because the world thinks you can change the Word that has stood for over 2000 years, you will fool none of the harden faithful, for we know you will not win. Although winning is not your goal, but only to capture the foolish souls in the carnage of ignorance.

   Most will welcome the new changes in the Church and see these ecumenical changes as the Church moving forward as this is a release. Many will look no further even though you were told the dark one has infiltrated the inner Church as warned in the 3rd letter of Fatima. A new Liturgy and order in the Mass, removal of the Hail Mary and eventually the Eucharist itself changed from he body of Jesus to the communion of mankind are all slated to come in the near future. Speak out sacred servants and you will be forced out or worse.  Few, when this occurs for the changes will come in small steps dress up as love for another, some will have the nerve to speak up. By then the antichrist will be in control of the church (when the Eucharist is removed) and politics and the world under one and persecution of the Christians and Jews shall begin. The world will rejoice as these two witnesses  are crushed and left for dead for everyone to see, but in 3 days like Jesus does today Easter, they will rise again. Now transformed with the power of God, they will destroy the army of satan at Armageddon. The Truth is here, but presently it is hard to swallow. Just remember everyday you waste coming to the Truth, the deeper hole you will need to climb out of.


Jesus speaks, “I want you My children to reflect on this day. The day I promised mankind I would rise on the 3rd day from My Crucifixion and I kept My promise. This is My Covenant with you. I the Son of the Almighty became flesh like you. I walked in your shoes as physical man, but God in spirit. I did all of this out of My love for you. When I walk the earth you praise Me on Palm Sunday, turned on Me by denying Me and then you asked for My execution. With this I conquered sin and death for you, but I still suffer for your sins today. Now you will carry My Cross on earth. You have been praised as the true Church of the Lord, for the Catholic Church is My Body.

   This will now change as you My faithful will be persecuted like I was. You My faithful will then be crucified and the true body of the Church, My body will be dead for all the world to see as a shallow replacement of faith that of the false prophet and antichrist is in place of My Word. The Chastisements will rain down on earth and what the My chosen people experienced destruction of their temple will be minor to what will befall the earth. In three days My Church will rise from the dead for the world to witness. This is promise. This is My covenant with you.

   You will need to trust only Me as the world suffers greatly as she is cleansed. Know this; My enemies that hide in My house. My Father will expose and crush you as you try and steal souls from Me. You will discount sin as your new theme, but today in My Mass on Easter most recited to reject sin, such hypocrisy. No authority has been given to those who lead the Catholic Church to change My Word. But you, who answer to another, will fool and deceive My faithful.

   This will be allowed to separate the wheat from the chafe. Your master holds no power over Me, I still love you and will try in every way to break his grip on you. Some of you are against Me, but it will try and save anyway. Look at your life as influence by drugs only when you hit bottom and all is taken away do you look for other option. I will be there to lift you. I will be there hold you. I will be there to save you from death, death of your soul which is eternal. Easter is not about pagan practices of the Easter bunny to divert attention away from the Risen Christ. It is fine to please your children, but also let them know the true meaning of Easter. This is you priority today. So at the dinner table during Grace reflect on the true meaning of Easter.”


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