Inspiration for the Clergy



Written Oct 6


   You as the clergy have made a vow to the Lord. You are to stand up for His Name and Church, The Roman Catholic Church seated at the Vatican. You are His messengers, which are to spread of His Word across the globe. In this time of change when our Lord now needs us the most will you hide in the shadows? You have said, “I never would you forsake the Lord when challenged and His Church persecuted” in the end times. So where are you as scandals of sex abuse rock the Church? Men, weak men created those atrocities not the Church and what it stands for. You know the dark one uses the few to destroy the many that belong to Christ. Where are the brave who preach the Word with humility knowing the sins of their peers? The Lord wants to know if you don’t stand up for Him then who? Jesus speaks, “I weep to see so many of beloved sacred servants abandon Me when confronted. You are no different than those who abandon Me in the Garden out of fear. I need each and every one of you to rescue all. Doubts, speak to me, I will give the graces to strengthen your resolve and walk tall with courage in My Name, I love you, your Jesus.”


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