The False Prophet Insults Jesus

Holy Thursday Ceremony at the Vatican


Written Mar 29


   A remembrance of the washing of the feet, which occurred at the Last Supper was disgraced last night and insulted, made to shame our Lord as young prisoners, not as men, those of another religion and a woman, which pope Benedict decreed was to be all male deacons. The ceremony is suppose to represent the apostles in a sacred ceremony, is this you best representation as you led over a billion souls. It is on thing to embrace, but their are the rules set in stone by the Almighty and His Son, which you changed. You are seen as a representative of our Lord, but are false and do not have the authority to change this. Take notice sacred servants. You false prophet as you hide behind the words of humility and changed this ceremony for the disfranchised on the surface, had a covert agenda you went against that of the Lord. Jesus is in pain at the display in Rome and the Almighty is angry. Now, matter how you spin it the press the insiders know the truth as the public is confused with these words for you are seen as holy. This façade will break down shortly. Remember you were told there would be a gesture, but that changed to an event.

   Francis knowing that satan is real as you have seen the apparitions in Masonic worship, don’t lie, exactly what concept in your mind thinks that you will be on the winning side? The Almighty destroys the world to eliminate evil and you on the illegitimate seat of Peter are at risk, satan tempts all with lies and you know this. Presently you have a better chance of winning the lottery than passing through the gates of Heaven. But you think there is an alternate.

   Many will know a warning for mankind is coming as Good Friday closes, just what the Almighty has in store for mankind. This Holy Day signifies that our Lord Jesus died for your sins. I do not know what will happen, but all will know the source. If an announcement is made, it will be too little, too late as they allow the elite to cash out during a planned rise in the stock market, sell into strength.

   For all of you reading this in disbelief, in the battle of the souls during the end times states, most are fooled. This has been written. The point, just watch events unfold and then, ask yourself why, the Truth is here!


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