Current Events in Iran Jan. 2012


Written Jan. 15 2012

Updated Feb 23 2012

   Recently in the news an Iranian scientist was  killed, the taunts within the straits and the rise in gas prices around the world due to self imposed sanctions, what is truly going on behind what is presented to you through the media?

   With recent setbacks handed to those on the dark side, the spiritual battle for Earth has reached a new level of deceit in the Middle East. The hit on on the Iranian scientist has all the markings of a US backed Mossad hit on the surface, but look deeper. Those behind this, pushed for a first strike against by Israel as a rogue group against Iranian nuclear facilities. With that choice, they were threaten with the loss of key world wide bunkers for protection during the Earth changes. A message was sent, as a particular bunker was hit in Mexico. In return, they backed off and formulated a new plan.

  The order for the hit on the scientist originated in Europe, hidden behind the many layers in the banking industry, knowing when coverage exploded in the media, it would be seen as sanctioned by the Israeli and US governments, which is wasn't. The goal to was to escalate hate among those who advised both sides. What the world does not know, is that the radioactive signature of weapons grade uranium can be detected and tracked from space by US satellites even with heavy shielding. Obama well aware of this, is conservative in his approach, a wise decision. So the game goes on, as the Iranian president is played, and ultimately giving into the radical elements of his government with no choice. They now claim the US allegedly killed one of scientists and are calling for revenge. It does not take much to bait hate in the Middle East and all know 1 scientist here or there does not stop a program were hundreds are involved. So he had to sign off on the aggression in the straits. Those behind the NWO knew this would be the predictable reaction with centuries of research regarding confrontations.

   Now for Ahmadinejad, just who is in charge in your country, you or your soldiers. Chasing behind US military ships like children playing tag, is that the trait of a leader in charge. I expected more from you, what is it going to be? Are you trying to provoke an incident? Call them off, as they will only get so close before they are fired upon, as there will no repeat USS Cole. The NWO is playing you for the fool and you will gain nothing for these actions. As you are looking in the wrong place for those responsible. Their goal is to destabilize the area knowing any nuclear hit will escalate destroying Israel for filling the 3rd WW prophecy and you, unknowingly will  help them achieve this with your current actions.

   Again Ahmadinejad, what should you be doing. First let in inspectors and install a monitoring system. Leave the straits as a choice, instead of the rhetoric that the sanctions worked. Invest in sea water to fresh water plants and hydroponics as all countries will cut off food exports and oil will not be a bargaining chip. It is about being smart and delivering for your nation.

    Now does Iran have a nuclear program, yes. Are their some elements in the government who would like to acquire a weapon, yes. But, if they really wanted one, they could buy one, end of story. Western Europe built the facilities and provided key parts for the centrifuges and got paid. No one complained when the money changed hands. The goal here is to get Iran to provoke the West. Now these entities are convincing Israel to strike first for their survival. If Iran could make a nuclear device it would be a crude bomb or two at most, Israel has hundreds of high yield compact versions. What be the delivery system, due to weight, no missile could carry the payload. Remember the weight and size of the bomb in the Enola Gay? This line of research is doomed as Iran has been told, the Uranium on hand will never be allowed to weapons grade purity for the safety of the World and this demand does not come from the West.

   As for the Illuminati and bankers, we know it is not about preventing access to a nuclear weapon as you have tried to plant many in the Middle East. It won't take much, to research those American soldiers who died of radiation poisoning in West German hospitals. Again you state sanctions in the name of peace for Israel, when your goal is to destroy her. All the while, you let the consumers pay for your decision and the money through speculation and higher pump prices, well, flows to you.

   It is you in the media that has the greatest power to change our world and through your efforts some of the Earth changes have been lessen, thank you. Our country has its problems, but it will not be solved with a great division. It is not about being Republican or Democrat. It is not about who's rich or poor. It is not about label of black or white. We are all God's children. It is about America and what is best for all the people. When are we as nation going to grow past this? Are we children in the bodies of adults? Each and everyone in the great nation needs to truly look at your convictions, beliefs and actions towards another.

Update Feb. 23

   Ahmadinejad, why must I take time out of my busy schedule to correct your pride? You know better, but like I of the past, you get caught up in the achievements, of joining the nuclear club. Let the world know. With the achievement, comes responsibility to mankind, have you considered that factor yet?  Been there, done that, it is time for you to move on. What you face, would make the Israelis seem like your friends. You are the pawn. You are the excuse, the NWO will use to start a middle eastern nuclear war. What you see as a source of energy, others see it as a threat, though unfounded. It wouldn't take much for your country to buy a nuke with all those that hate the west. Realize, the media paints a different picture. If you are a true man of peace, drop the arrogance, allow inspections and show the world who you truly are, if not. You will be responsible for bringing death to ten of millions in your region. Is that what you want? Iran reduced to a sheet of radioactive glass. That which is the antichrist sways those who advise you. On this playing field you can't even enter the stadium. Make the choice now, before the world makes one for you.

Grant out

For the Faithful, Mary the Mother of Salvation wants pray the Rosary to avert war in Iran.

My Holy Rosary can, when recited by saying all the mysteries in one prayer, prevents war children.


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