Urgent Message for the People of Ireland


Written Feb. 20 2012

   People of Ireland, a dark cloud of deceit is descending upon your Catholic country, a nation still favored by God in spite of the loss of faithful. The empire that divided your nation by settling large numbers of protestants in the north to align with British rule in the future was well planned since the 1600s. Thus key industries with ties to England would be able to funnel profits out the country, but maintain an influence as native.

    This long term planning centuries in the making is nothing new, but a gullible public is taught only to observe the present and near term future. This is their strength. The empire that has enslaved millions, colonized countries under the guise of civilizing only to rape resources and labor. More important they have divided your country as part of a long term plan. When protestants settled in your country, it should have been about assimilation into a Catholic country, by respecting each other's faiths. But a separation occurred in Ireland, on your land, within your country, a Catholic nation under God, not England. The British had no right to separate the north from Ireland to protect the interests of those who settled there. This your country and the media should tell the truth. Did America allow British interests in the southern part of the US separate, no. Now is not about war or terrorism, but having your voice heard around the world.

   We know that the deaths of many in the early part of the twentieth century in the fight to free Ireland were said to be protestant, but most were Catholic. The media twisted the truth to achieve sympathy in the outside world. Terrorists they were called as they were only trying to get back their country. Does the theme sound familiar? Now the empire and a group of nations are trying to strip you of your faith and it is time to stand up for what you believe in, God and His Law, the prohibits abortion.

   No group of nations under the guise of humans rights shall force your independent nation, Ireland to allow abortion under any circumstances. Where was the empire when 6 million perish in Rwanda, millions in Cambodia and those in need in Sudan? Oh they were not people, civilized in the eyes of the house of lords. England is suppose to be conservative, yet they back abortion. Where are you conservatives in the the United States, I hear silence from you Santorum and your Catholic. Romney, well he lies so much, we don't know what position he supports. Oh yes, the one that will get him elected.

   Life when conceived is sacred, and no man or woman has the right to terminate that which is created by God. For everyone of you started this way by His Hand and would you have wanted a court of man's law to terminate your existence? Would Helen Keller wanted not to to be born? Or is the perceived shame along with the work and extra love needed of having a child with mental or physical problems the true reason? You do not have the right to terminate a child created from rape? If you think so, then confront those that were born, those created from incest and raised by the grandmother as her own. Ask them. Look at their lives, their hopes and dreams. They are just like yours. You need to stop with your selfish self imposed shame. You were a victim. Yes many rapes victims suffer, but do not allow your fears to destroy more. Let go of your fears. God gives you only what you can handle, if you can't, still births and miscarriages may occur as a natural process through His Will. Although, you cannot wish for this. Trust Him, not man's law.

   Your faith, Ireland, is based on the belief in God, Jesus His Son who died for the world and Mary, the Mother of Salvation who pleads for your country. It is not about what you see in the Catholic Church as abuses, which are a just small part  for they are just men, who like you, sins. Lets not cast the stone of weakness upon another, when many a night after leaving the pub, what was your intentions? It is about standing up for your faith and life of those who have yet to walk the earth. Not one of would sit idly by if St. Patrick called on you. Now Mary, Mother of God is asking you to stand firm at all costs and do not allow abortion to take place on Irish soil. We are counting on you, faithful to honor what is forged in your hearts, the Laws of God, the Father Almighty.

Mary, Mother of Salvation needs all the faithful especially those in Ireland to offer this prayer

O Mother of Salvation
Pray for your children in Ireland to prevent
The wicked act of abortion from being inflicted upon us
Protect this holy nation from sinking deeper into despair
From the darkness which covers our country

Rid us of the evil one who wants to destroy your children yet to be born
Pray that those leaders will have the courage to listen to those who love your Son
So that they will follow the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Do this for Mary, the mother God. Do this for St. Patrick. Do this for Ireland and the Father, God Almighty.

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012