Jesus Asks!



Written Jan 17


   My Children why do you torment yourselves with that which belongs to God? I hear your prayers, but also hear your complaints. You ask why is it fair that I live what I think is a good Christian life only to know you will forgive that heathen on his or her death bed?

   If your child who hated you all your life was crying on their death bed please forgive me for my past with tears in their eyes as they look at you for your compassion, love and true forgiveness before they pass would you walk away and say no? Jesus speaks, I am your God with mercy and love beyond your comprehension. You are My children and I want all of Mine who are lost even at the last second. Yes I am proud of all of you that adhere to the Laws of God, but also of the ones who come home at the last second. Never let earthly pride and envy come between you and Gods plan as My child rise above it.


Bible Reference:


Luke 15:1 - 32


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