Jesus Asks!


 Written Jan 17

   Jesus speaks, “So many of you My beloved faithful treasure Me, but do you follow My ways? I ask you how many times have you sinned before you found Me and still do? Once you found Me, why do some of you put yourselves above others and judge them? You say they drink. So did many of you before you found Me. They are not Christians, so were you before you were saved. I ask you, is this How I would behave among men and sinners? I spent time and ate with the tax collectors and sinners as an example to follow, not to chastise, do you?”

   When you exclude another because of your faith, this is not from God who is love. This is the influence of hate, arrogance and pride, which comes from another source. Rise above this, children of God.

Bible Reference:

Mark 2: 15 - 17

Matthew 7: 3 - 5

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