Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 17


   Jesus speaks, “Sacred servants never look down upon another for all are My children. You above all should see them is I see them with love and compassion. I was sent to serve mankind and present him with the Living Word. I ask, do you look after souls of you faithful as I did when I walk among you? Those who don’t, I ask why? You where to gather My sheep and hold them until I come again, yet most of you left the gate open so they wander. Your faith is weak. When you took your vows your love for Me was strong, now in later years I want you to renew that love. I want you to talk to me. Confess to Me. Love me again with all of your heart and soul. Most of all lead My children home during your most difficult time facing you in the Church.”

   As the turmoil engulfs the Church shortly, many of the faithful will be confused and lost like the sheep without a shepherd. Will you be that shepherd?


Bible Reference:


Isaiah 13: 13 – 14

Matthew 9: 36


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