Jesus Asks!


Written Jan 17


   Jesus speaks, “My beloved children, oh how I can not wait to show what love is, as this is a Gift from your Father. The Essence of Love is pure, unlimited and spreads like wildfire once given or reciprocated. That feeling which fills the gut of your soul is a part of the Almighty’s spirit within you, your Father. There is no ecstasy greater within the universe. I ask you, do you not love your children? When you find your true mate do you not love them with passion that burns in your soul?  I have that same love for My children, you only on a scale far greater than your human minds can imagine. I ask you with concern why do you think love and hate are just human emotions? They are not, they are given to in response to your calls. One embraces the other festers and builds with rage. Know this, My Father is the source of all love and without Him there is no love. Hate is the dark one’s anger towards the human race, but you are the tool again know this. Is this what you want, to be used as a tool to raise anger and hate in others through you actions and reactions? Is this the way of My children? Rise above it My child. Mankind has many things to learn in a short time. I am here to guide you along that straight and narrow path so I can bring you home. Reflect on these Words My beloved.”


Bible Reference:


1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 6


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